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(One Piece) Vegapunk: Wiki, Abilities, Past Relations & Seven Bodies (Every Detail Updated)

Vegapunk has asked Luffy to take him off Egghead Island after predicting the trouble he’s gotten himself in. Luffy obviously agrees, and this means that Vegapunk and his Satellites will be sailing the Straw Hat Pirates at the end of this arc. 

Vegapunk in One Piece has always been a legendary and mysterious character ever since the show’s early days. The genius scientist has been behind a lot of important inventions like the Pacifista

It is only in the recent arc of One Piece, the Egghead Arc, that we get to meet the renowned inventor. But there are still a lot of questions about him that need answering. In this article, we’ll be discussing exactly that: who is Vegapunk?

We’ll also be talking about his abilities and his six Satellites, as well as the connections he has to some of the crucial characters of the series. The direction Egghead Arc is taking, it’s evident that he’ll play a central role in the upcoming saga as he’ll be joining the Straw Hats for the time being. So, without further ado, let’s get into the character of Dr. Vegapunk in One Piece.

Vegapunk in One Piece Wiki

Japanese Nameベガパンク
AffiliationsStraw Hat Pirates

Marines (SSG) (former)

MADS (former)

BirthdayAugust 9
Devil FruitNomi Nomi no Mi
AbilityUnlimited amount of brain storage
Hair ColorWhite (not confirmed)
Eye ColorBlack (not confirmed)

Vegapunk is the world’s most brilliant scientist who used to work in the Special Science Group (SSG) department of the Marines. He is the mind behind many important inventions, two of the most crucial being the Seraphim and the Pacifistas.

Before joining the Marines, Vegapunk used to be part of the underground scientific group MADS, along with Vinsmoke Judge, Caesar Clown, Queen, and most possibly Miss Buckingham Stussy. In the group, while his teammates worked on mass-destruction weapons, Vegapunk had a more peaceful vision in mind. His ultimate goal in life is to provide the world with endless energy.

As the story progresses, it is clear that Vegapunk is a very well-connected man and knows several important characters in the series. His connection with Professor Clover led him to visit Ohara after its destruction, where he read books about Elbaf

Vegapunk was born on Karakuri Island, which is famous for its high technology. At the battle on Sabaody Archipelago, Kuma sent Franky to that island where he learned high-tech carpentry and science. 

Always tech-savvy and a born prodigy, Vegapunk’s inventions are said to be 500 years ahead of the current technology in the One Piece world and are only getting better with time. Not only science, but Vegapunk is also very knowledgeable about the truth of the world, his ever-growing information bank making him the smartest man in the world.

Since Vegapunk has come to know too much about the world 800 years ago, the World Government deems him dangerous. As they do every time someone comes too close to the truth, they send CP0 to kill the man. Even Kizaru and one of the Elders are on their way to Egghead Island to deal with the researcher.

Vegapunk: Six Satellites


Because of his extremely busy schedule, the genius scientist has created six clones of himself, each one carrying a different personality trait from his. These clones are called Satellites, while the main body is called the Stella. The Satellites are numbered from 1 to 6, with the Stella being 0, and are the following: Shaka, Lilith, Edison, Pythagoras, Atlas, and York. They embody good, evil, thinking, wisdom, violence, and greed, respectively.

Vegapunk, along with his Satellites and researchers, live on Egghead Island, which is a World Government research facility. He has asked Luffy to take him off Egghead Island after predicting the trouble he’s gotten himself in. Luffy obviously agrees, and this means that Vegapunk and his Satellites will be sailing the Straw Hat Pirates at the end of this arc.

Vegapunk: Devil Fruit Powers and Abilities

Nomi Nomi no Mi: Though Vegapunk has always been a genius since birth, his true potential is unlocked after he eats the Nomi Nomi no Mi. This is a Paramecia Fruit that gives him unending memory storage and also causes his head to grow to unusual proportions because of this.

It is thanks to the Devil Fruit that Vegapunk can collect a large amount of information by himself and through his Satellites and can store them in his brain. Currently, his brain has grown to such a huge size that the upper egg of Egghead Island is made up of his brain.

This egg is called Punk Records and stores every Piece of memory of the scientist. The antenna on Vegapunk’s head connects his mind to Punk Records.

Inventions: As the leading scientist in the world, Vegapunk has contributed to numerous inventions and is behind plenty of research. Some of his most crucial research has to be the mystery behind the Devil Fruits, the Pacifistas and Seraphim, his Satellites, and cloning, among many others.

Vegapunk’s research on the Devil Fruits and gigantification inspired his former teammate Caesar’s research on children and the SMILE Devil Fruit on Punk Hazard. He also co-discovered the Lineage Factory with Vinsmoke Judge.

Every Past Relations of Vegapunk

Despite being secluded in research on Egghead Island, Vegapunk has connections to some of the most influential people in One Piece. And after the Egghead Arc, he’ll make more since he’ll be joining the Straw Hats. Before that, let’s check out the crucial past relationships of Vegapunk.

1) Monkey D. Dragon

Monkey D. Dragon

Though it’s still unclear how they came to know each other, Vegapunk and Monkey D. Dragon are well acquainted. Dragon, younger and the leader of the rebel army, asked Vegapunk to join them and help them with his inventions. But Vegapunk declined his offer and continued his employment under the Marines.



Vegapunk used to be in an illegal research group called MADS, along with proficient scientists like Caesar Clown, Vinsmoke Judge, and Queen. However, the group was arrested, and Vegapunk was scouted by the Marines and became a researcher for them.

During his time in MADS, his relationship with his fellow scientists wasn’t particularly good since they worked on destructive weapons. Vegapunk focused on more peaceful inventions, and they sneered at him for doing so.

3) Stussy


In a shocking twist, Stussy turns out to be a clone of Miss Buckingham Stussy, who now goes by Bakkin. She was created by Vegapunk and has been loyal to the scientist since then.

Stussy joined the Marines and went on to become a CP0 agent, all the while working with him. When the World Government orders Vegapunk’s death, Stussy shows her true allegiance and takes out her teammates, Lucci and Kaku.

4) Bartholomew Kuma

Bartholomew Kuma

One of the most heartbreaking tragedies of One Piece is the dehumanization of the former Shichibukai and undercover revolutionary Bartholomew Kuma.

It is widely known that his condition is caused by Vegapunk, and now it’s revealed that Kuma had a good relationship with the scientist and his condition was by his own will. Vegapunk preserved the man’s memories out of respect and is looking to cure him.

5) Miss Buckingham Stussy (Bakkin)


Miss Buckingham Stussy, who is currently known as Miss Bakkin, was presumably the fifth member of MADS. She claims to be the former lover of Whitebeard and the mother of his son, Weevil. Vegapunk made a clone of her, Stussy, which further approves the theory of her being the fifth member. Bakkin also claims to Marco that Vegapunk knows the truth of Weevil’s birth and that Weevil is really Whitebeard’s son.

6) Clover


Both geniuses and scholars, Vegapunk and Clover, used to be very good friends and respected each other. Professor Clover, the director of the Ohara Library and a renowned archaeologist, was one of few people who knew the truth about the Void Century, earning the wrath of the World Government. After a Buster Call demolished the whole of Ohara Island, Vegapunk visited the ruined place to pay respect to his friend.

7) Saint Jaygarcia Saturn

Saint Jaygarcia Saturn

Saint Jaygarcia Saturn is currently one of the most hyped characters who has only just been introduced. He’s one of the Five Elders and is on his way to Egghead Island along with Kizaru. When Kizaru asked him if he knew Vegapunk, Saturn’s answer was positive, though he admits that it was a long time ago. Though their exact connection hasn’t been justified yet, it soon will.

8) Jewelry Bonney

Jewlry Bonney

Jewelry Bonney has a grudge against Vegapunk since she thinks Vegapunk is responsible for her father, Kuma’s condition. But Vegapunk is understanding towards her and doesn’t take offense to her multiple attacks on him. Despite her unfriendly attitude towards him, Vegapunk tells Luffy he wants to give her something, which turns out to be Kuma’s preserved memories. He later shows it to her.

9) Sentomaru


Sentomaru once served as Vegapunk’s bodyguard before becoming a Marine officer himself. He lives on Egghead Island along with the scientists and has control over the Pacifistas and Seraphim. Vegapunk had saved him as a child, and since then, he feels indebted to the man. His loyalty to Vegapunk is great enough to choose the scientist over the Marines. He’s informal towards the man and calls him “Old Man Punk.”

10) Fujitora


Vegapunk seems to have a good relationship with the Marine AdmiralFujitora. He told Fujitora about his new invention that could abolish the Shichibukai system, which turned out to be the Seraphim. Fujitora also very reasonably respects the scientist.

All Seven Bodies of Vegapunk Ranked by Abilities

Vegapunk’s true strength lies in his intelligence rather than physical power. He, along with his Satellites, are geniuses with great mental capacities. But obviously, every aspect of their intelligence hasn’t been explored yet. Still, let’s see how they rank based on their abilities before we see the true extent of their powers.

7) York


York the Greed is Vegapunk’s clone that features his trait of greed. She’s a young woman who spends all her time sleeping or eating, so her abilities are not known yet. But given she’s a clone of Vegapunk, she must be very smart.

6) Edison


Vegapunk no. 03 is Edison. He’s very small, similar to Chopper, and a brilliant scientist. Edison embodies the “Thinker” and is the one who has the most interactions with the Seraphim. It is only by his commands that the Seraphim stop attacking Zoro, Lilith, and others.

5) Pythagoras


Pythagoras is another one of Vegapunk’s clones, number 04. He is the “Wise.” The huge robot-like being is also working on the Seraphim and collects data from their fights. Like the rest of the Vegapunks, he’s also very knowledgeable about the whole Egghead Island.

4) Lilith


Lilith is the first Vegapunk clone that we meet. She’s number 02 and embodies the “Evil.” Lilith is another brilliant researcher and has plenty of new and interesting inventions up her sleeves. But she can be impulsive and slow to act, judging by how she freezes upon being attacked by the Seraphim.

3) Atlas


Atlas represents the violence of Vegapunk’s personality. She is the number 05 and looks like a huge little girl, which completely contrasts her aggressive and violent nature. Atlas works with the inventions very well and puts up a good fight but can’t hold out to Lucci.

2) Shaka


Shaka is Vegapunk 01 and is the “Good.” He’s a chief researcher at the SSG, like the rest of the Vegapunks, and looks after a lot of things. He’s also very knowledgeable about Vegapunk’s past, indicating that he must be older than the rest of the clones. But his true abilities are still a mystery.

1) Vegapunk


The most important and brilliant of all Vegapunks is the Stella, or the real body. He’s an old man with a huge apple head and a large tongue that is always out. Because of his Devil Fruit, there is no shortage of his knowledge, and he’s been behind countless inventions that nobody can even come closer to him in intelligence.

And that is all about Vegapunk in One Piece. The ever-elusive figure is now under the spotlight and will definitely prove to be one of the best characters of One Piece in the upcoming arc. We’ll have to wait for it as Oda builds the character to its full potential.

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