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(Boruto’s Training Arc) Boruto Chapter 79 Spoilers-Prediction & Release Date

Boruto Chapter 79 spins back to action, as the previous chapter leaves us on a massive cliffhanger. Shikamaru notices that Naruto and Kawaki’s chakras are missing.

He understands that something is amiss, and he comes to understand that Kawaki had something to do with this. Boruto also tries to think of something and runs away, as Eida cannot track him.

Eida knows that Kawaki is aiming to kill Boruto yet again. Sarada thinks she could try and break this cycle, as she does not want to see Boruto die again.

Sarada tries to go even after Shikamaru orders her, and Kawaki appears in front of Boruto. Kawaki starts attacking Boruto fiercely with a volley of attacks as Boruto is on the defense.

Boruto also gets ready to spar with him, as words are not reaching him anymore. The fight between the brothers continues, and suddenly Sarada comes into the fight.

Kawaki even gets to ready to kill her, but Boruto just saves her in the nick of time, and he gets injured. Help arrives on time, as Shikamaru and Mistuki hold down Kawaki with his Jutsu, and Konohamaru and Sasuke also turn up.

Just at the end, we see that the injury to Boruto’s eye was not a normal one. Kawaki senses the presence of Momoshiki taking over Boruto.

But he does the unthinkable and saves Kawaki instead, and wants him to fulfill his goal. And right at the end, Momoshiki appears and says the prophecy is slowly coming true as Boruto will lose everything, and the end is near.

Boruto Chapter 79 Predictions & Raw Scans

Boruto Chapter 79 Predictions & Raw Scans

It seems that Momoshiki’s prophecies are lining up and coming true as time progresses. Kawaki has another chance to now kill Boruto if he manages to escape.

This also might mean that there will be a time skip soon, and we might see a devastated Boruto at the end of it. Momoshiki precisely mentioned that he would lose everything, and this might mean bad things for Naruto fans.

We also still have to know the reason why Momoshiki saved Kawaki instead of killing him. Kawaki is a huge threat to Boruto and Momoshiki, as he wants to kill both of them.

Momoshiki’s intentions and plans are unknown, but it might mean Kawaki has a huge part in it. It also might be the case where Kawaki killing Boruto will be the start of something far more sinister.

Only once we know Momoshiki’s plans can we understand the future of Boruto as well as our favorite characters. We can also expect Naruto to have a big hand in this because of his power and his resolve.

Now, another theory that is currently trending is the beginning of Boruto’s training arc. It will most probably be a time skip where Sasuke and Boruto leave Konoha for training.

Now, Boruto will get his mark, so there is a high possibility of a time-skip. Whereas, Kawaki will also decides to train himself before fighting with Boruto.

Boruto Chapter 79 Release Date

Boruto Chapter 79 Release Date

Boruto Chapter 79 will release on March 19th. Since this is a weekly manga, we have a lot of time to wait before the next chapter starts to arrive.

The raw scans generally release a week before the release of the chapter. We will be updating the raw scans in the article once they start to drop.

With this, we will conclude our article on Boruto Chapter 79 Spoilers and Raw Scans. We hope you like this post. We will be back with other interesting articles. Till then, stay tuned with us and read the articles below.

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