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Cell Max vs. Orange Piccolo: Who Is Stronger In Dragon Ball Manga

In the most recent Dragon Ball Super Chapter, we witness the awakening of one of the strongest villains in the series. Along with that, we also saw the birth of the Orange Piccolo form.

Immediately, the question arises: Who is the most robust character in a battle of Cell Max vs. Orange Piccolo? If you ask this question to any Dragon Ball fan, the answer would be unanimously in favor of Cell Max.

How is Cell Max so powerful? How do the events of Cell Max vs. Orange Piccolo happen in the manga? These are some of the questions we will tackle today, along with the in-detail comparison of these characters.

I. Cell Max

Cell Max

Cell Max was a bio-android created as an upgrade from the original Cell design by Dr. Gero. Dr. Hedo made many modifications, resulting in this super-powerful android’s birth. 

However, he wasn’t released in the wild by Dr. Hedo. Magenta awakened Cell Max when he wasn’t even completed. This means we only saw his imperfect form in the movie and the manga series. 

And after he was released, we witnessed his sheer power and destructive force. He can be called the most robust android and one of the strongest villains in the Dragon Ball Super manga series

Power and Abilities

  • His raw strength and attributes are entirely different as he quickly overpowered most of the characters fighting him. 
  • Cell Max can fly swiftly and avoid most of the energy-based attacks. 
  • He can also use Ki Blast, and his move is more robust. 
  • His Mouth Energy Wave packs a great punch as he releases a large blast of energy. 
  • Cell Max can also use a rapid-fire version of this ability, which is used against multiple opponents. 
  • He can fire Eye Lasers and use Disaster Rays in all directions from his eyes and armor. 
  • His most potent ability is Explosive Scream, and this is a very highly condensed version of an energy blast. 
  • Cell Max can further absorb energy from the atmosphere to make this move even more powerful. 
  • He can also use Unforgivable!, but a less powerful version of that move. 
  • This is not as powerful as Cell’s original move, and his head needs to get destroyed to activate it. 
  • He uses Ki energy and creates a Max Barrier, a wide-range barrier spell. 


  • He has no flaws in his strength but a fatal flaw. 
  • He was released early by Magenta and couldn’t gain intelligence
  • This made him a mindless ravager who only kept causing destruction. 
  • He has a fatal weakness in his core, but destroying it takes a lot of power.

II. Orange Piccolo

Orange Piccolo 

Orange Piccolo is Piccolo’s most potent form after Shenron has awakened all of his power. It is an even evolved form of Piccolo’s Potential Awakened form and is way more potent than any of his other forms. 

When he struggled in his Potential Awakened form in his fight against Gamma, he quickly overpowered Gamma 2 after shifting into his Orange Piccolo form. He gets a whole appearance change and a stronger aura all around him. 

Power and Abilities

  • He has a similar ability in this new form and retains all his original abilities. 
  • Piccolo can use his Great Namekian to boost his skills and power. 
  • But this doesn’t increase his power by a large margin. 
  • He has regenerative abilities and can also recover some of his lost limbs. 
  • He has a decisive move known as the Hyper Explosion Demon Wave, which creates an explosion with a considerable radius. 
  • His signature move is Special Beam Cannon, which also packs a powerful punch. 
  • Piccolo’s Hellzone Grenade is a massive explosive move surrounding his enemy in a barrage of explosions. 
  • He also has a weaker form, called a Light Grenade, with lesser explosive force. 


  • His weakness is his many moves requiring a lot of Ki
  • Most of his moves can also be dodged easily by flying characters. 
  • Since they also pack a lot of explosive force, it will weaken his morale in battle when his moves are avoided. 

III. Cell Max vs. Orange Piccolo

Cell Max vs Orange Piccolo: Comparisons

We already saw both of their battle in the Dragon Ball Super: Superhero movie, how he faced against Cell Max. He quickly got overpowered, even if he could fight on par with Cell Max for a short duration.

Even his Great Namekian enhancement wasn’t enough to match Cell Max’s sheer strength and power, this is enough to answer who is the most robust character in a battle of Cell Max vs. Orange Piccolo.

We have a more detailed comparison of their abilities in the corner below.

1) Based on Strength 

This attribute is an easy win for the most robust Android Cell Max. He had easily overpowered Gamma 1, Gamma 2, Potential Unleashed Gohan, and Orange Piccolo while fighting against all of them simultaneously.

Orange Piccolo also has good raw strength, but more is needed to match Cell Max’s power.

2) Based on Durability 

Yet again, this is a win for the Android Cell Max. His skin was so firm it took too many moves from Gamma 1,2 and the others to try and break the weak point on his head. Gamma 2 had to sacrifice his life to destroy his left arm.

Piccolo’s durability is nothing when compared to these feats of Cell Max.

3) Based on Abilities

Piccolo has many different abilities compared to the powerful Cell Max. But, Cell Max has moves for offense and defense, which will let him fight for longer in his battles. Cell Max would take the win in this category, too.

Meanwhile, Piccolo only has attack-focused abilities, which consume more of his Ki and strength.

4) Based on Regenerative Abilities

This would be the one category where Piccolo would destroy Cell Max. Cell Max has no regenerative abilities compared to the original Cell and some other androids.

Piccolo does have regenerative abilities and could also recover his lost limbs. This gives him more advantage in some of his battles.

5) Overall Comparison 

If we look at both characters’ overall abilities and powers, it is an easy win for Cell Max. Cell Max also overpowered Orange Piccolo during their fight, even when facing multiple opponents.

These are all of our detailed comparisons of Cell Max vs. Orange Piccolo. Check some of our other particular articles based on comparisons over here.

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