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Updated | Top 20+ Strongest Characters in Seven Deadly Sins (Ranked 2022)

This article is updated based on new information.

Seven Deadly Sins is a Japanese manga series created by Nakaba Suzuki. It has been serialized from October 2012 to March 2020 during which its popularity spread far and wide.

In Seven Deadly Sins, we go along the journey of seven knights who were disbanded after being framed. They were regrouped by a Goddess named Elizabeth after which they set on to clear their names. 

Throughout the series, we have seen many powerful characters not only from the group of Seven Deadly Sins but also from the group of the Ten Commandments.

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The most exciting part of the series was that each character developed in their form and thereby increased their power level as the series progressed.

Today we are going to rank the top 20+ strongest characters in Seven Deadly Sins based on their estimated power level

Note: Here, we are not taking the characters of “Four Knights of the Apocalypse”; we will cover them in a different article. So, you can read the ranking of all the strongest characters in Nanatsu no Taizai.

21) Sariel


Estimate Power Level = 100000

Sariel is one of the four archangels who is equally powerful to Tarmiel, his partner. He is nearly 5000 years old and has the appearance of a child. Sariel fought plenty of fights with Tarmiel and Ludociel against the demon clan.

Being an archangel is very powerful and has the grace of a Tornado, which means he can form powerful winds. Not only this, he has extremely powerful healing abilities.

To defeat the four archangels, Monspeet and Derieri used the Indura form by sacrificing their heart. Sariel did his best but was overwhelmingly defeated by them.

Later on, he was saved by Elizabeth and decided to follow her on Ludociel. His powerful attack is the formation of powerful winds that can shred anything or anyone into pieces. 

20) Tarmiel

Estimate Power Level = 100000

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Seven Deadly Sins

Tarmiel was part of the Four Archangels belonging to the Goddess Clan. His insane level of endurance was proved by the fact that he was able to withstand 54 of Derieri’s Combo Star hits and remained unaffected by them.

Tarmiel also had healing properties by which he could regenerate himself at a fast rate. His main technique was Ark that allowed him to create light particles.

19) Cusack

Estimate Power Level = 168000   

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Seven Deadly Sins

Cusack was one of the two highest-ranked demons in the Demon Clan. He was initially a part of the “Original Demon” along with Chandler.

His task was to train Zeldris as was assigned by the Demon King. He was powerful enough to rival his student Zeldris and exceptional with his speed and strength.

His inherent move was Resonant which allowed him to link with anyone through their eyesight. 

18) Chandler

Estimate Power Level = 173000

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Seven Deadly Sins

Chandler was also one of two high-ranked demons in the Demon clan. He was created by the Demon King after splitting up the “Original Demon” into two.

He was also assigned the task to train Meliodas. He was powerful enough to take up nine spots in the Ten Commandments by himself.

We saw his prominence when he was able to take on Gowther and King’s Celestial Arrow and recover quickly. His main ability was Full Counter that allowed him to reflect any magic aimed at him.  

17) Elizabeth (Goddess)

Estimate Power Level = 186000

Most Powerful Members of Seven Deadly Sins Ranked

Elizabeth was the daughter of the ruler of the Goddess Clan, Supreme Deity. She had the main technique of the Goddess Clan, Ark that allowed her to create light particles.

We got a glimpse of her power when she was able to draw out the miasma from the Commandment Melascula. After awakening her powers as a Goddess, she got a surge in her power level raising it to 186000.

16) Estarossa (Four Commandments)

Official Power Level = 200000

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Seven Deadly Sins

Estarossa was actually Mael whose memory was altered by Gowther, Demon to make him a member of the Ten Commandments.

Initially, he absorbed the commandment of Purity using the ability of Admonition which made him an extremely powerful demon.

Later he absorbed the Commandments of Truth and Reticence and was given the Commandment of Love additionally by the Demon King. This let him achieve a total power level of 200000.

15) Ludociel

Official Power Level = 201000

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Seven Deadly Sins

Ludociel led the Four Archangels belonging to the Goddess Clan. Being the leader, he was quite powerful and his mere presence was enough to startle others.

His inherent ability was Ark that allowed him to disintegrate darkness with light particles. The Supreme Deity granted him the Grace known as Flash which made him move at hyper speed. 

14) Derieri (Indura Form)

Estimate Power Level = 208000

Derieri Seven Deadly Sins

Derieri was a powerful warrior of the Demon Clan and belonged to the Ten Commandments as the Purity. Her innate power was Combo Star which allowed her to continue attacking without interruption by creating a chain of attacks.

After transforming herself into the Indura Form, she gained a massive power boost taking her power level to that of 208000

13) Monspeet (Indura Form)

Estimate Power Level = 212000

Monspeet Seven Deadly Sins

Monspeet also served as an elite warrior of the Demon Clan and worked directly under the Demon King. He was part of the Ten Commandments as the Reticence.

His sensory capabilities allowed him to detect groups of enemies from far away. Monspeet transformed himself into the beast of destruction Indura by sacrificing six of his seven hearts.

This led him to acquire incredible power and strength raising his power level to that of 212000.   

12) Merlin (True Power)

Estimate Power Level = 220000

Most Powerful Members of Seven Deadly Sins Ranked

Merlin was another one of the members of the Seven Deadly Sins. She was known to be the best mage in the land of Britannia.

Her Sacred Treasure, the Morning Star Aldan worked well in combination with her inherent ability, Infinity. It allowed her to cast spells that went beyond time and lasted infinitely.

We got a demonstration of her power when during the Battle of Camelot, she was able to defeat the two highest-ranked devils Chandler and Cusack. 

11) Zeldris (With Ominous Nebula)


Estimate Power Level = 225000

Zeldris was the younger son of the Demon King and the leader of the Ten Commandments. He served directly under his father and also acted as his representative.

He was an extremely powerful demon with great combat skills. His inherent power was Ominous Nebula which raised his power level to a maximum of 225000.

Using this power, he could create a vortex, thereby, attracting all enemies nearby it and slicing them with lightning reflexes if they happened to make contact.

10) The Original Demon, Sinner

Estimate Power Level = 341000

Original Demon Seven Deadly Sins

Sinner was a demon created by the Demon King long ago. He was trusted by the Demon King and was allowed to rule over the Underworld.

However, the Original Demon rebelled against the Demon King and tried to take the throne himself. As a result, he was punished and his body and soul were further divided into two demons, Chandler and Cusack.

During the Holy War, Chandler and Cusack fused together to form the Original Demon again who played an instrumental role in stopping the war.

9) King (Full Grown Wings)


Estimate Power Level =416000

King was another one of the members of Seven Deadly Sins. Although his power was not as great as Ban and Meliodas, he was not lagging far behind.

The Fairy King’s Forest and the Fairy Realm were under his protection. His Sacred Treasure, the Spirit Spear Chastiefol worked great in synchronization with his inherent power, Disaster.

After he was able to achieve his Full Grown Wings, it raised his power level to 416000 and also allowed him to fully access the power of the Sacred Tree and his Sacred Treasure. 

8) Mael (With Sunshine)


Estimate Power Level = 480000

Mael belonged to the group of the Four Archangels of the Goddess Clan.

During the Holy War, his memory was altered by the Demon King and he was given a new identity as one of the members of the Ten Commandments with a new name of Estarossa.

Being a member of the Four Archangels, he was exceptionally strong and was next to the Supreme Deity in terms of power.

Mael could dominate opponents with the techniques made by his ability, Sunshine which was also responsible for him achieving a great power level. 

7) Ban (With Sacred Treasure Release & after purgatory)


Estimate Power Level = 675000

Ban was one of the Top 3 members of Seven Deadly Sins. The Holy Rod Courechouse was his Sacred Treasure.

Its special power “Super Concentration” raised his physical and mental capabilities to the extreme which ultimately helped him to reach his maximum power level of 675000.

His most significant power growth occurred after he trained in the harsh conditions of Purgatory. He fought against the hellish creatures living there all while resisting the extreme temperatures of the place.

His star asset is his ability Snatch which allowed him to steal the physical objects and abilities of others.

6) Escanor (The One Ultimate)

Estimate Power Level = 798000

seven deadly sins

Escanor was one of the members of the Seven Deadly Sins and was next to Meliodas in terms of power. He was known as the “Strongest Holy Knight” throughout Liones and his Sacred Treasure was his Divine Axe, Rhitta.

His inherent power, Sunshine allowed him to acquire great power during the day but it starts decreasing at night. Escanor’s greatest ability was “The One” which he achieved during the peak of his power at noon.

He was even able to exceed this and achieve a new form ” The One Ultimate” taking his power level to 798000.   

5) Gowther (Demon)

Estimate Power Level = 179000+

Gowther Demon Seven Deadly Sins

Being an elite member of the Demon Clan and a powerful mage, Gowther was quite a strong character. He worked directly under the Demon King and was Selflessness of the Ten Commandments.

However, due to his refusal to take part in any fights, he was imprisoned in the Demon Prison for five hundred years. His inherent power was Invasion that allowed him to trap his enemies within their own memories.

Although he was pretty low in his power level, he had stored enough magic power to manipulate everyone’s memories to end the Holy war and was feared by the Demon King himself. This is what places him so high up on the list.

4) Supreme Deity

Estimate Power Level = 550000+

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Seven Deadly Sins

The Supreme Deity was the only one equal to the initial power level of the Demon King. She was the only one who was capable of taking on the Demon King at that time.

She created the Goddess Clan and also ruled over it. Being the most powerful Goddess in the series, she possessed immense strength which was indicated by the fact that she had ten wings.

We got a glimpse of her power when she totally dominated and defeated Meliodas during the Holy War

3) Demon King (While possessing Britania)

Demon King

Estimate Power Level = 800000

The Demon King is the main antagonist of Seven Deadly Sins. He has always been a fearful character and was later revealed to be the father of Meliodas who had put a curse on him.

He was the ruler of the Demon Clan and was also the creator of the Ten Commandments. He was always on the lookout to increase his power and even didn’t spare his sons.

His maximum power level resulted from absorbing the land of Britannia infused with the Ten Commandments

2) Meliodas (True Magic Form)


Estimate Power Level = 1000000

Meliodas is the elder son of the Demon King. He had the best character growth in the series in terms of power level and various forms.

He continuously exceeded his own potential and went on to become one of the top 3 strongest characters in the series. His most powerful form was his True Magic Form in which he attained a monstrous power level of 100000.

This form was so overwhelming that he could easily dominate his opponents and impose himself over them.

1) King Arthur (Chaos Awakened)

Estimate Power Level = 1000000+

seven deadly sins

King Arthur ruled over Camelot and held the legendary sword, Excalibur. He was chosen to be the host of Chaos that was an insanely powerful entity.

It was the creator of the world and also made god-like beings like the Supreme Deity and the Demon King. Thus, it was above all characters in the series and no one even comes close to it.

After King Arthur awakened Chaos within himself he practically rose above every being. He even possessed the power to create new worlds and life making him the Supreme Entity.

He was also able to defeat Cath Palug who stole a fragment of his power and used it to bend time and space.

Honorable Mention

Cath Palug

The mysterious creature which was born from the Mother of Chaos. It is powerful enough to be categorized in the top tier. The last beast appeared in the final chapters in the greed of Chaos’ power.

However, it got defeated by King Arthur in the end. Its power level is still unknown which is why it’s difficult to place it on the list.Below we have ranked all members of Ten Commandments from the beginning including Calmndios and Zeno.

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This concludes our ranking of the top 20 strongest characters in Seven Deadly Sins. Arthur leads the pack among everyone due to the power of Chaos within himself with Meliodas being next to him.

The Demon King has also climbed the ladder of power quite significantly in the series and managed to rank third. Overall, there have been very few surprises on this list.

We will be back with another top 10 articles soon. Till then, fans can watch the Seven Deadly Sins anime on Netflix or read the manga.

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