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Iruma-kun Chapter 311 Spoilers-Prediction & Release Date

The aftermath of the Deviculum has left things in disarray. The Thirteen Crowns have no option other than to discuss the situation and try to bring everything back on track. Everyone gathers for the meeting on the 665th floor. Everyone except the two newbies and Baal, who is with Princess Shura.

Henri informs everyone that they are keeping Behemoth locked away. Sullivan once again points out the attention they are getting from the excited demons about the newly appointed demons. The empty demon king seat has also created a buzz, no thanks to Baal’s devious plans.

Amaymon is the first to speak up angrily. The Netherworld created by Derkila is so precious and unique. Just how can anyone think of replacing him? Astaroh reminds him that they have to consider the public’s will.

But should they really put Bachiko in that seat, as Baal suggested? They also cannot dismiss Shura’s proclamation.

As they talk, a lightning arrow comes crashing down, interrupting the meeting. To it is a letter attached from the president of the Barbatos clan.

The letter contains understandable concerns from the clan leader. He isn’t angry at the crown members for not choosing Bachiko as one of the new members. He accepts if they think she is still not mature enough. However, what he cannot accept is them using Bachiko as Derkila’s replacement which will obviously put too much burden on her.

His words betray his anger as he tells the crowns firmly that he and the other two heroes (Vepar and Furfur) will decide on Bachiko’s fate themselves and convey it to them.

All the thirteen crowns are shaken by the letter. They cannot just go against the three heroes’ alliance, lest they want a horrendous war to break out in the Netherworld. Belial recognizes that they will have to appease the great leader’s wrath. However, they are not confident they can undertake such a feat, and Sullivan tells them to remain cautious for now.

Meanwhile, we see a rather scared Iruma (and Robin) sitting in front of the very angry Barbatos leader. Let’s discuss future possibilities.


Iruma kun Chapter 311 Spoilers-Prediction

It seems that Robin took Iruma with him to appease the elder’s anger. Iruma’s innocent and friendly personality may just work its charm on him. Although even the thirteen crowns are afraid of him, so it wouldn’t be an easy job.


The question is… Is Bachiko aware of this reckless plan, or is it all Robin’s doing? It doesn’t seem likely that Bachiko, who is rather level-headed and fond of Iruma, has a part in this. On top of that, she is aware of Iruma’s identity as a human, so it seems even more improbable that she will put Iruma in danger.

Maybe Robin, impressed by Iruma’s socializing and archery skills, hatched this plan on his own (which will also explain its recklessness).

Whatever it may be, Iruma is probably the best person to talk to the president right now and appease his anger. He has a way of getting people to listen and be on his side. Also, he has nothing but undying support for Bachiko, which is likely to touch the heart of the clan president.

Iruma’s skills with a bow are sure to impress him, but it may reveal Iruma’s demdol secret. After all, he is the Barbatos Clan’s President so he is sure to recognize his bow. This can be the last nail to get him to calm down.

It is not wrong to say that the fate of the Netherworld rests on Iruma’s shoulders, even if he isn’t aware of it. We are extremely excited to see what Nishi-sensei has in store for us next!

Iruma Kun Chapter 311 Release Date

Weekly Shounen Champion will be releasing Chapter 311 of Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun! on Thursday, August 3, 2023. English scanlations are a few chapters behind and will take a while to catch up.

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