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Top 30 Hottest Female Characters in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun (2024 Updated)

Last updated on January 16th, 2024 at 06:58 am

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Osamu Nishi. Since its release in 2017, it has become a fan favorite and garnered a massive fanbase. 

Owing to its popularity, it received an anime adaptation in 2019, and the second season aired in April 2021. This series is one to read with its amazingly hilarious characters and intricate storyline entangled in a deep web of fantasy and suspense.

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun revolves around the life adventures of a human boy – Iruma Suzuki, in the treacherous Netherworld.

Since childhood, Iruma had to fend for himself courtesy of his good-for-nothing parents. While working at one of his many part-time jobs, he is abducted by a demon who brings him to the demon world. 

Scared for his life, Iruma gets the shock of a lifetime when the demon asks Iruma to be his grandson. Owing to no choice at all, Iruma agrees and is enrolled in the Babyls Demon School. Thus, from here, he starts his adventures in the demon world.

This world of demons has a wide array of characters and some hotter ones, too. Here, we compiled a list of the Top 30 Hottest Characters (Female) in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun. Let’s discuss them! 

Spoilers Alert: Since this list is based on the manga series, some characters are yet to be revealed in the anime series.

Top 30 Hottest Female Characters in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun

30. Amy Ami 

Amy Ami

She is the mother of Amy Kirio and also the head of the Amy household. Amy’s household is one of the prominent families of the demon world known for their high magical affinities.

With her emerald eyes and dark green hair, she was a true beauty in her youth. She appeared in the manga when Kirio told Iruma about his childhood and how his mother sent him to the correctional institutions due to his lack of magical affinity.

29. Haruno


Haruno is a student at Babyls Demon School who can’t stop fangirling over Asmodeus. Her pink eyes sparkle when she lays her eyes on Asmodeus. She is introduced in chapter 18, where she, along with friends, rushes over to meet Asmodeus in the cafeteria and simultaneously ambushes Iruma on their way.

28. Lady Vepar


She is one of the teachers at the prestigious Babyls Demon School and has powerful water manipulation abilities. She has a timid personality and often keeps on apologizing, even for silly things.

Vepar is somewhat close to the legendary animal in classic folklore Kappa, with a beak and huge wings.

27. Marbas Mar

Marbas Mar

She is the manager of the famous Akudol Kuromu – the secret identity of Kerori. With her somewhat strict and diligent personality, she believes in seizing every opportunity. Her bright yellow eyes and can-do attitude are enough to make our hearts flutter.

26. Miki


One of the Six Fingers working under Baal, Miki, was first introduced as a staff member at Walter Park. She worked with the third finger, Hyudarian, in a clothing shop and helped Clara’s group find suitable outfits.

Like the other fingers, she is extremely loyal and didn’t hesitate to unleash magical beasts to cause havoc at the park. She has long maroon hair, which she puts up in two ponytails, and her glasses enhance her pretty features.

25. Astaroth Smoke

Astaroth Smoke

Astaroth Smoke is one of the Student Council Members at Babyls. She works directly under Ameri and often appears alongside her while carrying out her duties. She is one of the very few people who seems to be aware of Ameri’s affection for Iruma.

The top half of Astaroth’s face is usually hidden, but it is quite obvious that she is an attractive young woman. She has short pink hair and often wears purple lipstick that compliments her light purple skin.

24. Eiko Oni

Eiko Oni

She is a student at Babyls Demon School who secretly admires Iruma. With long blonde hair and a beaming smile, she is the crush of many students.

Ever since Iruma saved her during his battle with Asmodeus, she has been head over heels for Iruma. She is a shy person who tries to muster the courage to talk to Iruma but often fails. Like a love-struck girl, she keeps on following Iruma with hopes of talking to him one day.

23. Lady Levi

Lady Levi

As part of the Three Greats in the Thirteen Crowns, Lady Levi is one of the most influential demons in the Netherworld. She is the principal of Levialon Academy and is currently at the highest rank, Rank 10 [Yodh].

Lady Levi may be just as old as Sullivan, but her beautiful features are still visible. She is confident (maybe a tad egoistical) and often proclaims herself to be young.

22. Uzu


Uzu is one of the new freshmen at Babyls. She is Marianne’s security demon and was on Camui’s team during the Heartbreaker exam.

Uzu has sharp, foxlike features. Her bangs usually cover the right side of her face. She seems to be a rational and calm demon who goes along with all of Marianne’s antics and is always proud of her achievements.

21. Merize


Merize, Ameri’s mother, was mentioned quite recently in the series. Iruma’s heartfelt attitude towards Ameri and his simple wish for her to always keep on smiling reminded Henri of Merize.

Although she wasn’t shown completely, Henri’s flashbacks revealed Merize to be a long-haired, soft-featured woman whose smile is as dazzling as the sun. It is quite obvious that she was an incredibly beautiful woman, and Henri loved her very much.

20. Barbatos Bachiko


No one would have thought that Bachiko would grow into such a well-liked character when she was first introduced. Not to mention, her bond with Iruma as his master is unlike any other. She is one of the new Thirteen Crowns and is currently the vice-head of the Bachiko clan.

Don’t let her petite stature fool you because Bachiko’s personality is anything but small. She has long pink hair, which she often ties in two ponytails. Her attitude makes sense when you take her amazing skills into account. She is one of the best (if not THE best) archers in the Netherworld.

It is hard not to fall in love with her classic smug expression.

19. Sabnock Silvia

Sabnock Silvia

Younger sister of Sabro, Sabnock Silvia joined Babyls during the Heartbreaker arc. The siblings are incredibly close, and it seems that Sabro dotes on her a lot. She has Sabro’s optimistic and boisterous personality. She has a sort of enthusiastic adorableness and looks quite similar to her brother.

Silvia became part of Azz’s team, along with Zepar Zeze, during the Heartbreaker test. She courageously fought during the test and skillfully worked together with the other two to gain victory.

18. Clara Valac

Clara Valac

Clara may be a somewhat unconventional choice for this list, but truth be told, she is just too adorable not to give a place. Not to mention, she and Elizabetta were personally tutored by Raim during the Harvest Festival. Raim may have thought it was hopeless to train Clara to turn on the charm to her advantage, but she was proven wrong. Clara’s cuteness was so great that even Raim was mesmerized.

Clara is part of the main trio of the anime. She only liked Iruma in the beginning but started warming up to Azz eventually, though they still fight like cats and dogs sometimes.

17. Paimon


She is one of the members of the Thirteen Crowns – the governing body of the Netherworld comprising of powerful and influential demons.

Paimon is known as the Lord of the Principal Spirit. Beneath her girlish charms lies a feisty woman who often ends up bickering with her fellow members. She is a short-tempered demon who often picks up a fight with Directorial Chief- Amaymon.

16. Shax Shakky

Shax Shakky

Lied’s sister may be a bit superficial, but so what? Shax Shakky fully makes an appearance in the series when Iruma goes to Lied’s house to hang out, which is when he meets her. The Shax siblings barely get along, as Lied is always embarrassed about her sister’s antics and what she will do next. In fact, he tried his best not to let her interact with Iruma.

In terms of looks, Shakky is quite similar to her brother, which means she is quite good-looking. However, it seems that she is desperate for a lover, which is why she often attends devi mixers, to no avail as of yet.

15. Ampsey Nafra

Ampsey Nafra

A first-year Rank 3 [Gimmel] student, Nafra is part of the Student Council. She was saved by Iruma during the Harvest Festival, after which they became good friends. Most people actually don’t know that she is a cute girl since she hides her true appearance under a cloaked hood.

Nafra is close to Ameri as well and follows her since Ameri leads the Council. She joined Clara, Ameri, and Elizabeth’s Girls’ party since Ameri recruited her due to Crocell’s absence. Despite her drastic wardrobe change after the party, Iruma realized it was Nafra at once, prompting her to get embarrassed and start using the clock again.

14. Zepar Palalaika

Zepar Palalaika

The Zepar clan consists of demons who feed on “love,” so it is no surprise that everyone in the family is a stunner. The eldest daughter, Zepar Palalaika, is the Magical Beasts Circus’s Starlet and often receives thousands of fan mails and gifts.

Palalaika has sharp eyes and two-toned hair. She tucks in two roses near her horns and is often seen in a tutu dress due to the nature of her work.

13. Pheené Marianne

Pheené Marianne

Pheene Marianne is a new first-year at Babyls. She was one of the chosen freshmen for the Heartbreaker exam and was in Camui’s group long with her security devil Uzu. Freaked out by Camui’s perverted nature, she joined Azz’s group to fulfill the S.O.S operation.

Marianne is a hardcore hot guy fanatic and is a true admirer of beauty. She herself has a dignified air around her. She has long dark hair, which she ties in a ponytail with a scarf.

Marianne’s not just an admirer of outside beauty. Seeing Camui’s courage to protect them against Momonoki touched her, and she stayed behind with him when he was injured.

12. Gyari


Gyari is an Akudol who is popular for her immense energy and lively personality. With a strong voice and flashy performances, she is a young idol star as popular as Kuromu.

She specializes in Rock Music and has a spoilt-brat kind of personality. She is obsessed with Kuromu and wants to make Kuromu her wife.

11. Crocell Kerori

Crocell Kerori

She is one of the students of Misfits’ Class and has strong affinities towards ice magic. She is a shy girl, but when she adorns her Akudol costume, she is a bold and confident woman.

Kerori is the famous idol Kuromu and has kept this identity hidden. Underneath all the shy cover, she is a short-tempered girl who hates when someone steals her limelight.

10. Princess Shura

Princess Shura

Shura is undoubtedly one of the most important figures in the story. Part of the illustrious clan that existed even before the demons, Shura is a deity that oversees the Netherworld.

Shura is incredibly pretty and always surrounded by an elegant aura despite her eyes being covered most of the time. After Baal “saved” her from Behemolt, she sadly fell into his trap and is currently really enchanted with him. Due to her position, anyone being coveted by her definitely has an unfair advantage over others.

9. Morax Momonoki

Morax Momonoki

She is one of the teachers at the Babyls Demon School and specializes in transformation magic. Usually, she is a calm and composed person, but she loses her calm around Kalego sensei.

She has a huge crush on Kalego sensei, and a faint red tint spreads her face when she talks to him. She finds the familiar form of Kalego sensei cute and wants to play with its soft fur.

8. Zepar Zera

Zepar Zera

There was never any doubt about the head of the Zepar family being good-looking. Zepar Zera is the legendary rock singer of the Netherworld and has an unlimited of fans, which she is always grateful for.

As the mother of Zeze and his siblings, she honed their best qualities in the pursuit of popularity. Also, as is mandatory for their clan, she taught the kids high-level spells from an early age.

Zera has long hair and bangs that cover the left of her face. Like the rest of her family, she has sharp features and two beautiful horns growing on either side of her head.

7. Azazel Ameri

Azazel Ameri

She is the President of the Student Council at Babyls High School. She has a strong, intimidating presence and is a strict disciplinarian. Despite her tough exterior, she is a hard-core romantic and a sucker for romance novels.

She tries to hide her vulnerable, sweet side from everyone; however, she loses her calm when Iruma is around. She is secretly in love with Iruma.

6. Belzebuth Zebubra

Belzebuth Zebubra

Considering her outfit and mask at the Deviculum (which, in Mephisto’s words, made her look like a “bug”), no one would have even thought of how much of a stunner Zebubra would turn out to be. With a slender body and perfect features, she can easily said to be one of the hottest characters in Iruma-kun.

Zebubra is also quite strong. After all, she was a former candidate for the crowns. She is capable of exploding whatever she touches and was able to easily take down the Krakens when they attacked the beach. Her personality my be imperious but she is also quite charming at the same time.

5. Wicked Irumi

Wicked Irumi

We may be reaching out a tiiiinnny bit with this one here. After all, Wicked Irumi is the wicked phase of Iruma’s alter ego, Akudol Irumi. It’s basically Iruma cross-dressing during the Evidol Games arc, where he helps Kerori beat Gyari in the battle of rock music.

Iruma has helped Kerori on stage before, and his Akudol person is cute enough. But his wicked Akudol phase is simply out of the world. The wicked Irumi has a bold and intimidating presence. Her gaze is enough to make anyone’s heart flutter. Iruma became the star of the show after their jaw-dropping performance at the tournament, creating a line of followers in his wake.

4. Ix Elizabetta 

Ix Elizabetta 

She is one of the students in Misfits’ Class. She is a highly calm and composed girl with the right amount of looks that make every boy drawn to her. In short, she is the hottest female in Iruma kun.

She ranked very high on Raim sensei’s Eroscope, which helps her to measure the sexiness quotient of a person. The ability, Full Love Gauge, attracts men to her smell and will be compelled to try and gain her favor.

3. Shiida


Shiida is one of the members of Six Fingers – an organization under the direct command of Baal. She is introduced during the Walter Park arc, where she disguises herself as a fellow employee later to attack the park.

She is a fiery and lively person whose personality is enough to intimidate even grownups.

2. Raim


She is one of the professors at the Babyls Demon School and teaches all-girls-only seduction classes. A succubus by nature, she is a powerful demon that enchants people by her looks and uses them according to her whims and fancies.

With her looks and witty personality, she is what a man desires. Her ability- Ero Scope, lets her measure the sensual levels of other beings. Not only is hot, but she is also a very beautiful character in Iruma kun.

1. Asmodeus Amaryllis

Asmodeus Amaryllis

She is a powerful succubus and one of the Thirteen Crowns. She has a lively personality and is quite a doting mother to Asmodeus Alice.

Her abilities allow her to perceive future events through certain feelings. Men in her presence lose control and are immediately drawn to her.

This was our list of the Top 20 Hottest Female Characters in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun. As the series progresses, one can only look forward to what new additions will be added to this list. Stay tuned!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- Who is Iruma-kun’s girlfriend?

Ans- Currently, Iruma does not have a girlfriend. Nevertheless, many girls cannot escape his charms like Ameri and Eiko.

Q2- Does Iruma like Clara?

Ans- Iruma cares for Clara as a friend as she is part of his entourage along with Asmodeus.

Q3- Who is the most beautiful girl in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun?

Ans- Without a doubt, the most beautiful girl in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun is Elizabetta.

Q4- Is Iruma is love with Ameri?

Ans- Iruma has a soft corner for Ameri and has started to develop feelings for her, which he isn’t aware of.

Q5- Who has a crush on Iruma?

Ans- Currently, Ameri and Eiko both have a crush on Iruma.

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