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One Piece: Does Luffy beat Big Mom? Power Comparison Based on Manga

Last updated on February 21st, 2022 at 11:43 pm

One Piece by Eiichiro Oda has been ongoing since 1997. In its 24 years of serialization, it has become the Greatest selling manga of all time, with more than 490 million copies in circulation worldwide.

The grand adventure is set in a vast world containing multiple tribes, species, and what not. The series showcases its themes of Freedom, Corruption, Justice, and much more brilliantly over multiple arcs like Alabasta, Dressrossa, Marineford.

The series started just like any adventure series ever. Comedy all over it with serious moments like those of Mihawk vs. Zoro in Baratie, Luffy destroying Arlong’s base. As the story goes on, it gets more serious as we reach the Timeskip and finally get into the Yonko Saga, with Zou acting as the last island that had legit adventurous aspects of pre-time skip One Piece.

Sanji is abducted, and the Strawhat Pirates face the uphill task of rescuing him and escaping from Whole Cake Island, the Yonko Big Mom’s Territory. They’re successful in doing so, and in the process, Luffy manages to become The Fifth Emperor of the Sea with a 1.5 Billion Berry Bounty on his head.

After this, the Strawhats head on to the secluded land of Wano, the current arc. Wano has long been hinted to be the arc where the current power balance of the world will be toppled, and the Yonkos Big Mom and Kaido may be defeated by the new powers of the world, the Worst Generation or Supernovas in the form of Luffy, Law, and Kidd.

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Does Luffy Beat Big Mom?

Well, the answer is obviously a big No. Luffy cannot defeat Big Mom at his current level. Her crew is way more powerful than the Strawhats, with Luffy barely managing to defeat Big Mom’s First Commander Katakuri.

Presently, Luffy is far more powerful than Katakuri and has challenged Kaido. Still, it’s too early to assume that Luffy can defeat Big Mom in a one-on-one fight. Moreover, we still aren’t aware of many of Big Mom’s powers, and we haven’t even seen her awakening yet.

Luffy confronts Big Mom when she kidnaps Sanji to marry him off to her Daughter Pudding. To rescue Sanji, Luffy reaches Whole Cake Island, where he has to face Third Commander Cracker to reach Big Mom. He defeats him using Gear 4 Tank Man.

Big Mom
Image Source: Korea Portal

We see Big Mom’s backstory, where her real parents abandon her to Elbaf due to her abnormal size. She is taken in by Mother Carmel who houses children from all races and tribes. On her sixth birthday, Mother Carmel and other children hosted a Tea Party.

With tears of joy, she ate the meal. When she finished eating, she notices that all her housemates and Carmel had disappeared. Growing up she vows to create a world where people of all races can live together. This island would later be known as Whole Cake Island.

Luffy Vs Big Mom | One Piece Manga

  • 1) Based on Devil Fruits-

Luffy- He possesses the Gomu Gomu no Mi which is a paramecia type. It gives Luffy rubber properties. The fruit was a heavily protected treasure of the World Government which was stolen by Shanks.

Gomu Gomu no Mi
Image Source: One Piece Wiki

It allows Luffy to stretch, bend, bounce, inflate and twist like rubber. It also makes Luffy’s body almost immune to damage from hand-to-hand combat.

Due to the fruit, Luffy can pump his blood or bones with air, such as in Gear 2 and 3, which allows him to reach greater strength and speed. Stretching allows him to store potential energy and attack opponents with increased speed

Big Mom- She possesses the Soru Soru no Mi. The fruit originally belonged to Mother Carmel, but it was transferred to Big Mom after Carmel’s death. It is a Paramecia-type fruit that allows Big Mom to manipulate human souls.

Soru Soru no Mi
Image Source: Atomix

She draws out the souls of those who fear in her presence and distributes them to objects. These objects gain human-like intelligence and are called “Homies.” 

She can control them willingly and use them to attack opponents. They have a human face and can gain special abilities. The more powerful the soul, the stronger the Homie. She created three Special Homies out of her own insanely strong soul: Napoleon, Prometheus, and Zeus.

Based on devil fruits, no one has any advantages. As it is all about how one can use it. Devil fruit is like a weapon in the One Piece series. No weapon is powerful or worthless; it depends on the user.

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  • 2) Based on Haki-

Luffy- Luffy is one of the very few people in the world who can use all three types of Haki. Having trained with Rayleigh, he mastered Haki easily and can even use advanced versions of them.

He possesses Haoshoku Haki, which is a very rare type, and only those who have qualities of a king are said to have it. While fighting against Kaido, he developed it further and started using its advanced form and even coated it on his attacks which is the highest form of Haki usage shown in the series. This dramatically increased his attack power.

 Luffy Haki
Image Source: One Piece Fandom

He also uses Kenbunshoku Haki, which allows the user to sense the presence of the emotions of others, increasing his ability to dodge attacks. During the fight against Katakuri, he developed this ability even further and is thus able to see a little bit into the future.

Luffy learned Busoshoku Haki and used it during fights to increase his defenses and attack power. He is now able to attack Logia users like Caesar. Gear 4 uses this Haki heavily, even depleting it in a short time. During Wano, he trained further and learned the advanced form wherein he projects his Haki and damages the opponent from inside out.

Big Mom- She can also use all three forms of Haki. Her Haki pool is way too big.

She possesses Haoshoku Haki. When she and Kaido fought at Onigashima, their Haki clash split the sky open. She is also able to use advanced versions and coat the Haki on her weapons which increases her attack power.

 Big Mom Haki
Image Source: Quora

She’s an expert in Busoshoku Haki usage and uses it greatly to improve her defense and attacks. By coating her arm with Haki, she was easily able to block Luffy’s Gear 4 attacks. She can also use its advanced application and project Haki outside her body.

She can also use Kenbunshoku Haki to foresee and dodge attacks.

No doubt, presently, Luffy is beautifully using his all three Haki in an advanced form that even Kaido is facing problems against him. However, in my opinion, Big Mom still has an advantage against Luffy based on Haki’s toughness. 

  • 3. Based on Raw Strength-

Luffy- Luffy has extraordinary physical strength for a man of his size. The harsh training method from Garp caused him to grow stronger. He was easily able to block Doflamingo using his foot.

He uses his Devil Fruit to further increase his physical strength using Gears. In the Wano prison, he was able to lift massive blocks of stone even though he was significantly weakened by Seastone.

Big Mom- She is shown to have had immense strength right from her childhood which can be seen from the fact that she was able to toss a Giant at 5 years of age

She can wreak havoc on towns and destroy ships effortlessly. Katakauri even said that she could destroy Whole Cake Island if no one could stop her. She beat Germa’s superhuman warriors with ease without taking any damage.

If we compare them based on raw strength, Big Mom is far more powerful than Luffy. Luffy is a human kid; on the other hand, Big Mom is a giant kid with superhuman strength since birth. So, there is no comparison between them. 

  • 4. Based on Speed-

Luffy- He has excellent speed and reflexes. He could easily dodge Katakuri’s attacks despite him being able to foresee Luffy’s movements. In chapter 1000, he was easily able to go past Kaido and Big Mom and reach Kinemon. 

Luffy Speed
Image Source: One Piece Fandom

Big Mom- She rides Zeus or Prometheus to fly at extremely high speeds. She has really fast reaction speed as she was able to dodge Gear 4 punches which Doflamingo was unable to. She was able to keep up with Sanji and Reiju who are also very fast. Since she was fighting Kaido with ease, it can be seen that she has high agility and reflexes.

 Big Mom Speed
Image Source: CBR

Based on speed and reflexes, I think Luffy has the upper hand here. Big Mom is a giant; no doubt her speed is also extraordinary. But Luffy has his fruit advantage and light weight body, which grants him super speed and high reflexes.

  • 5) Based on Durability-

Luffy- He can take a considerable amount of damage and still maintain consciousness. He and Katakuri fought for over 9 hours, and he received significant damage but didn’t go down till Katakuri was knocked out. 

During Impel Down, he developed immunity to most poisons after getting poisoned by Magellan. He was able to withstand Kaido’s Raimei Hakkei on the rooftop, which was able to knock him out when they fought earlier, showing that his training in the prison had increased his durability.

Big Mom- She has superhuman durability due to her extremely tough skin, even being compared to an iron balloon by Bege. No weapon can pierce her skin, although it was kind of pierced when Law used his awakening “Kroom.” She was able to withstand Zeus’ thunderbolt, which was enough to knock out Judge. She took a hit from Sunny’s Coup de Burst and was unaffected by it.

However, it is still unknown how Big Mom’s skin is so much hard. But in my view, she always coated her skin with a layer of Busoshoku Haki. Therefore, during the mother Caramel incident, her layer of Haki diminished, and her skin became too soft. But it’s just a theory. Here, Luffy is greater durability than Big Mom. 

  • 6) Based on Experience-

Luffy- Luffy has been using his Devil Fruit from an early age and has good experience of using it in battles now. He came up with the concept of Gears himself, and he’s the only one who could use such a goofy Devil Fruit and make it overpowered.

Luffy Experience
Image Source: WallpaperKart

He makes use of the properties of rubber excellently and strengthens himself. He pumps air into his bones and blood to increase his size and strength.

Big Mom- Big Mom is 68 years old, so obviously, she’s got way more experience than Luffy. Being one of the Yonkos, she has control over a massive fleet and territory. Having been a member of the Strongest Crew in Pirate History, Rocks Pirates, she’s to be feared as one of the strongest Pirates ever seen. 

Big Mom Experience
Image Source: ComicBook

This can be seen from her gigantic Bounty of 4,388,000,000 Berries. She has great experience in battles and works greatly in teams as well, which can be seen from her combined attack with Kaido, which almost eliminated Zoro on the rooftop.

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Luffy Gear 4 (Snake Man) Vs. Big Mom-

Luffy Vs Big Mom
Image Source: Deviantart-Meloncuitus

Luffy used Gear 4 for the first time against Doflamingo in Dressrossa. It was the much-hyped powerup we had been waiting for Luffy to use since the Timeskip. During the fight against Katakuri, Luffy needed something even Stronger to beat him. There he develops himself and comes up with Gear 4 Snake Man. 

Snake Man is slimmer compared to his other Gear 4 forms. It has tremendous offensive abilities as Luffy can change directions of his punches while attacking at afar greater speed. However, this form has a weak defense. Moreover, Luffy gets very weak after using Gear 4 and cant use Haki for 10 minutes.

Luffy vs Big Mom
Image Source: SleepingGeeks

Big Mom, in her rage, is one of the strongest beings in the One Piece world, as we saw during Whole Cake Island. When Mother Carmel’s photo is destroyed by Brook, she goes into rage Mode and almost destroys Whole Cake Island till she is fed the Wedding Cake by Sanji.

Compared to Gear 4 Snake Man, she has far stronger defense and attacks. Moreover, her devil fruit is also awakened, although we haven’t seen it onscreen. In a recent chapter, she also went into a Mother’s rage while fighting Kidd and Law, during which her size increased further.

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Has Luffy Beaten Big Mom?

No, Luffy hasn’t been able to beat Big Mom as we saw during Whole Cake Island. And then, during the rooftop in Onigashima, we witnessed Big Mom use Ocean Sovereignty in a combined attack with Kaido, which almost eliminated everyone on the rooftop if not for Zoro blocking it somehow. This takes place in chapter 1009.

Ocean Sovereignty
Image Source: Twitter-Wodencreativ

When she was in her rage in Whole Cake Island, the Strawhats could do nothing but flee from her as she was way too powerful for Luffy to take on who had been depleted after fighting Katakuri for over 9 hours.

Moreover, no one can fear in the presence of Big Mom, or else they lose their lifespan. This was done perfectly by Jinbei, who was unfazed by her and did not lose his lifespan as he claimed he could not fear her because his captain was going to become the Pirate King. It happens in episode 864.

As we recently, even Kidd’s awakened attacks did nothing to Big Mom because her skin is very tough, and she was able to get back up easily. Law has been the only one who has been able to pierce her with his awakened “Kroom” attack, which made her bleed for the first time in the series.

As we reach the conclusion of the Wano arc, the fights are heating up as we saw in Zoro vs. King and Sanji vs. Queen, which can be arguably said their best fights in the series so far. Now we await the grand fights between the Yonkos and the Supernovas in the form of Law and Kidd vs. Big Mom and Kaido vs. Luffy, which are set to be amongst the best fights in the series. 

Note- We will add another comparison between Luffy and Big Mom in this post once Luffy and Kaido’s fight is over. So that we will get a brief idea of how powerful Luffy has become. 

We hope this informative article helped you understand the series. Fans can read One Piece manga officially from Viz Media or Mangaplus Shueisha. Stay tuned with us for more such articles.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What is the episode number of Luffy Vs Big Mom Pirates? 

Ans. Luffy vs Big Mom Pirates takes place in Episode 809.

Q2. What is the manga chapter of Luffy vs Big Mom and Kaido?

Ans. Luffy vs Big Mom and Kaido takes place in Chapter 1000.

Q3. How many Big Mom’s son has Luffy defeated?

Ans. Luffy has defeated two of Big Mom’s sons in the form of Sweet Commanders Cracker and Katakuri.

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