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Katsuki Bakugo: Power and Abilities and Future Role in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular manga and series of modern times and a part of it is thanks to its brilliant cast of characters. But the character who resonates with the viewers most and has become the most popular character in the series is none other than one Katsuki Bakugo. In this article, we’ll discuss Bakugo, his power and abilities, and his future role in My Hero Academia.

We’ll be talking about a few stuff in this article that happens further along in the manga and hasn’t been adapted to the anime yet. So, before we begin our discussion on Bakugo, we’ll issue a spoiler alert for our readers.

Now with that out of the way, let’s talk about the power of Katsuki Bakugo in My Hero Academia:

Who Is Katsuki Bakugo in My Hero Academia?

Who Is Katsuki Bakugo in My Hero Academia?

Katsuki Bakugo is the deuteragonist of My Hero Academia. He’s the childhood friend and bully of Izuku Midoriya who affectionately calls him “Kacchan.” His official Hero Name is Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight. Bakugo enrolls in the prestigious U.A. Academy Hero Course after performing marvelously in the entrance test. 

Throughout the majority of the story, Bakugo acts as a bitter bully towards Deku after witnessing the growth and determination of Deku all the while working to be stronger himself.

After being kidnapped by the League of Villains which ultimately leads to All Might’s final battle of his Hero career in Kamina, Bakugo’s self-confidence suffers a great deal.

Bakugo is the most popular character in My Hero Academia, having earned the top spot consecutively in every popularity poll except the first one.

This is not only because of his powers but also because of the great character development he goes through in the story. His bond with Deku and his respect towards All Might act as the heart of his character.

Katsuki Bakugo: Quirk, Powers, and Abilities in My Hero Academia

Katsuki Bakugo: Quirk, Powers, and Abilities in My Hero Academia

Bakugo is one of the strongest students in his generation, his abilities and proficiency are far above that of an average student. He not only possesses an extremely powerful Quirk but he is also very smart and in-tune with his body and surroundings to use it to its maximum potential. 

Bakugo is also very fast, thanks to using his Quirk smartly, and his techniques can rival the proficiency of a Pro Hero. The only downside he has is his inability to cooperate with others. However, even that changes as the story progresses and he learns to trust and respect his peers.

Quirk: Explosion

Quirk: Explosion

Bakugo’s Quirk Explosion is a particularly strong Quirk with versatile uses. It allows his palms to secrete pure nitroglycerin as sweat, making it highly explosive. He can combust his sweat on command and create powerful explosions. The more sweat he secretes, the stronger the explosions become.

However, like every Quirk, it’s an ability of the body and has limitations. If Bakugo uses too much of his Quirk, his forearms begin to ache. Thus, the longer and more intensely he uses Explosion, the more strain is caused to his body. To make his Quirk more efficient, he uses the following support gears: Grenadier Bracers, improvised grenades, knee pads, and a suppressive heavy mobile unit called Strafe Panzer.

Bakugo is very proficient in using his Quirk to the point that many believe his proficiency over it rivals that of even Pro Heroes. He is very smart and has a lot of control over Explosion, thus he can use the Quirk in various ways other than just to create explosions.

Bakugo uses the explosions created by his palms to propel himself in the air to gain momentum. He can also use his Quirk for defensive purposes. But the greatest strength of Explosion is its raw offensive power. It’ll be a sight to see when this already devastating Quirk is awakened.

In the second film, titled My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising, Deku passes One For All to Bakugo during their fight against Nine. However, the Quirk later goes back to Deku. Thus, Bakugo becomes the only person in My Hero Academia to wield One For All for such a short time.

In My Hero Academia, Bakugo uses the following techniques with his explosive Quirk:

  • Stun Grenade
  • Howitzer Impact
  • AP Shot
  • Explode-A-Pult
  • Land Mine Blast
  • Cluster (Blasting Speed Turbo: Cluster, Howitzer Impact: Cluster)

Future Role in My Hero Academia

Future Role in My Hero Academia

In the Final War Arc, Bakugo’s future looks bleak when he seemingly dies during Shigaraki’s fight against him and other Heroes. After being fatally hit in the chest by Shigaraki, Bakugo’s heart stops, causing his heart to stop and him lying lifeless on the ground. However, Edgeshot is determined to save the young Hero as the other Heroes guard Bakugo’s lifeless body.

It’s recently revealed, much to the immense joy and surprise of fans, that Bakugo is indeed alive and ready for action. Near the end of All Might’s fight against All For One when the former is about to be killed by the Villain, Bakugo finally arrives. Using Deku to gain momentum, he saves his idol from All For One.

It is then revealed how Bakugo has survived his seeming death. Edgeshot has succeeded in keeping him alive, using his own body to keep together Bakugo’s torn organs. However, he confirms that Bakugo’s heart has indeed stopped and it’s the boy’s own Quirk that has started his heart once again.

Edgeshot also reveals that Bakugo’s body is far from healed and is not ready for battle at all, he is in immense pain. But the abrasive Hero relays his gratitude to those who have saved him and upon receiving the gauntlet of his namesake from All Might, announces to All For One that he is the “final boss.”

It seems like while Deku will be having the ultimate fight against Shigaraki, the responsibility of defeating All For One will be on Bakugo. Their fight is about to start and it’s clear that Bakugo will prove to be a difficult, if not the final, adversary for All For One.


This is where the discussion on Katsuki Bakugo and his power abilities and future role in My Hero Academia ends. The hype is already very high over the upcoming Bakugo vs. All For One fight and given the history of the manga, the fight won’t disappoint the readers. Fans are very eager to see Bakugo back in action after thinking of him dead for so many chapters and we, at Otakus’ Notes, are there with them.

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