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MHA: Bakugo vs Todoroki: Who wins | Based on Current Power Level

Last updated on February 22nd, 2022 at 12:24 pm

If Midoriya Izuku holds the trump card of the protagonist of the series, Bakugo Katsuki and Todoroki Shoto are ultimately the primary show stealers. In the first arcs of My Hero Academia, the two were introduced as the formidable competitors of Deku, showcasing their capabilities alongside him. Their performance had assessed them to be even stronger than him.

Deku, Shoto, and Katsuki are considered the top 3 powerful Pro Heroes of Class 1-A. Their powers have been compared time-to-time, directing many ongoing debates and discussions. Indubitably, Deku has taken the lead since the Paranormal Liberation Arc, and we are yet to find out whether Katsuki and Shoto will advance and enter the same league.

The two were put against each other only once (U.A. Sports Festival), and the fight’s result was in favor of the former, but it could not settle the score between them. Is Bakugo stronger than Todoroki or vice-versa? We are still hung up on this dubiety.

Note- This article contains the knowledge of My Hero Academia manga.

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Who is Bakugo? (MHA)

Image Source: snazzyfluff.fandom

Bakugo Katsuki is the deuteragonist of the series whose character introduction was inferred to be – protagonist’s childhood friend-turned-bully.

His hero name is “Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight,” and his quirk is called Explosion. Just like his quirk, he has a blustering personality.

An admirer of All Might’s strength, he aspires to surpass him and become the number one hero. Since he treated Deku ruthlessly, he was in every sense recognized by the audience as an antagonist. Interestingly enough, later on, he eventually gained the best character development in the show.

What is Bakugo’s Quirk? Awakening, Advantages & Current Level-

Bakugo: Explosion
Image Source: pngitem

Bakugo’s quirk is called Explosion and is suitable for close-range combat. His palm sweat contains nitroglycerin which allows him to make blasts or explosions.

This opens for him the possibilities of various forms of attack patterns. He can propel forward like a rocket, burn or blast something and much more.

Katsuki’s quirk’s current level is that which can be expected of any pro hero. From his earlier state, he has evolved greatly, enhancing his speed and offense ability. During the Paranormal Liberation Arc, he unlocked attacks like Cluster and AP Machine Gun.

Abilities of Bakugo-

  • 1) Physical Strength –

Bakugo fights Deku and tackles him down
Image Source: Netflix

Bakugo is physically well-trained. This means, besides his quirk, he is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. His support equipment, such as gauntlets, are heavy armaments. Using them returns strong blowback, which Deku was facing problem handling.

  • 2) Strategic –

Bakugo’s ability to plan his attacks by evaluating the quirks of his enemies has been improving. In the Joint Training Battle match with Class 1-B, his strategy led his team to victory in the least amount of time. He is a keen observer and quick with deduction and reasoning. Such as only with a few hints, Bakugo was certain about the secret between All Might and Izuku.

  • 3) Speed and agility –

Katsuki’s quirk allows him to move in any direction by blasting the sweat on his palms. Merging with these patterns of attack, his movements are agile and quick.

  • 4) Durability –

When Bakugo had taken the injury from Shigaraki’s awakened quirk, his body was fatally damaged. Yet his indomitable will to fight and never show weakness didn’t allow him to rest easy. Also, during his exam with Deku, he was beaten up by All Might, but in his desperation to win, he kept putting up a fight.

What is Bakugo’s Quirk’s Weakness?

Katsuki’s quirk’s characteristics may sound just ‘explosive,’ but it has its own limitations in winter.

  • Unfavorable Winter –

During cold weather, no one sweats unless they are dressed more than what is required. This is exactly what creates an obstacle for Bakugo’s quirk as his body does not produce sweat as actively as throughout summers.

But he doesn’t allow this to stop him and has his own ways to deal with it – such as moving around more and using his gauntlets effectively.

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Who is Todoroki? (MHA)

Shoto Todoroki
Image Source: myheroacademia.fandom

Todoroki Shoto is one of the students of Class 1-A, and his hero name is Shoto. Like Bakugo Katsuki, he too is Deku’s classmate and friend.

His family background had introduced him as No. 2 Hero: Endeavor’s (now No. 1) youngest son. He had a tragic childhood because of his father’s strict wishes. His mother’s psychological condition had led her to pour boiling water on his left eye, and he still carries a burnt scar with him.

His goal was to become the topmost hero only depending on his right side (Ice quirk), in order to prove Endeavor’s arrogance wrong. But during multiple battles, he realized that only using Ice Quirk would lead to less output. Later on, he discovers that if he uses both his Ice and Fire quirk, then he will become more powerful. 

Since healing from his trauma mildly, he has been using his left side and is striving to become stronger wholly and fairly.

What is Todoroki’s quirk? Advantages & Current Level-

Todoroki: Half-Cold Half-Hot
Image Source: wallpaper.dog

Todoroki’s quirk is called Half-Cold Half-Hot. Just as the name suggests, his body has two quirks. While his right side is ice-dominant, the left side produces fire.

First and foremost, his quirk in its nature itself has advantageous properties. Shoto has two modes of weaponizing his offense and wall a defense- he can switch to fire or ice.

At the beginning of the series, Shoto is highly dependent on his Ice quirk. But now, he has considerably improved in using Fire quirk. His firepower is growing, and he can use Endeavor’s moves like Flashfire Fist. He can merge the characteristics of fire and ice powers to use Flashfreeze Heatwave.

Abilities of Todoroki-

  • 1) Versatility –

Shoto possesses two quirks that provide Todoroki the benefit of options.

  • 2) Speed and agility –

Todoroki is comfortably familiar with his ice quirk, which offers him impressively agile mobility.

  • 3) Durability –

Todoroki receives Dabi's powerful flames
Image Source: Viz

When Shoto fought Dabi, he was hanging by a loose thread being cornered. However, he remained adamant with his endurance and offense.

  • 4) Intelligence –

Todoroki was the second person after Katsuki to notice that All Might and Deku may have close relations. Though not as sharp as Kastsuki, Shoto has had good judgment skills.

What is Todoroki’s Quirk Weakness?

Half-Cold Half-Hot’s weaknesses, based on its capabilities, vary from its usage to possibilities.

  • 1) One at a time –

 This is precisely what Shoto had been facing trouble managing. He has improved drastically for now. Using them together slows him down. Due to this, he focuses on increasing his reaction time as much as possible.

  • 2) Excessive can be fatal –

 Both his firepower and ice are tremendous quirks, but if he overuses even one of them, it can damage his body. Fire can burn his body, and ice would cause frostbite.

  • 3) Quirk control –

 Todoroki’s quirk, when used, has a lot of attack and damage power. Very often, his ice and fire quirk, when produced, covers a large area. He is yet to learn to use it in moderation.

Bakugo vs Todoroki: Power Comparison based on current power level-

  • 1) Based on Strength –

Bakugo is physically more agile and trained in comparison to Todoroki. Alongside his Explosion quirk, it is imperative for him to make his body stronger, and this probably gives Bakugo much better stamina ability. Meanwhile, Shoto’s strength and stamina still have room for development.

  • 2) Based on Speed –

In order to evaluate them based on their ability, we need to take into notice, if Bakugo uses his blasts to fly forward, Shoto uses Ice. Both have learned an effective and relevant method of mobility.

  •  3) Based on Durability –

Bakugo slightly has more endurance level in comparison to Shoto. This is evident from their fight during the Paranormal Liberation Arc.

  • 4) Based on Experience –

Both Katsuki and Shoto’s experience comes from their regular confrontations with villains like the League of Villains. During their rookie phase, they were faced with substantial adverse situations, whether it was Shoto’s encounter with the Hero Killer or Katsuki taken hostage by the League.

Both of them had Endeavor as their Work Studies’ mentor. The two had combated with strong villains like Nine or Chimera in Heroes Rising and faced Shigaraki Tomura and Dabi during the Paranormal Liberation Arc.

  • 5) Based on Quirks –

Shoto and Bakugo’s quirks’ destructive power is more or less similar. The difference may lie in the range and intensity of their attack power. Based on Quirks, Shoto has an advantage over Bakugo.

  • 6) Based on Intelligence –

Shoto is great in terms of intelligence, but in my opinion, Bakugo is more tactical and strategic than him.

  • 7) Based on Advantages –

Shoto exercises more quirk advantages than Katsuki since he can switch between the two according to what the situation asks. Meanwhile, Katsuki’s quirk limits its effectiveness in cold winter.

Bakugo vs Todoroki: Who will win?

If the two were to currently fight, it wouldn’t be wrong to reckon that Katsuki will surely win even though by a small margin. The reason lies in the fact that Shoto is yet to develop his quirk more.

Since their Hero Training with Endeavor, the two have strengthened themselves profoundly. In comparison to Katsuki, Horikoshi Kohei has exposed Shoto to only mild power-ups.

The manga is presently preparing to focus on a major battle show between the heroes and the villains. It doesn’t seem like the two characters, Todoroki Shoto and Katsuki Bakugo, will fight anytime soon around the ongoing arc. But they are sure to evolve further and more. We will have to look forward to what Horikoshi has planned for each of them.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1) Who does Bakugo Katsuki likes?

Ans. Bakugo Katsuki like Ashido Mina.

Q2) Who is Bakugo’s boyfriend?

Ans. Kirishima Eijiro is Bakugo Katsuki’s boyfriend.

Q3) What is Bakugo’s dad’s quirk?

Ans. Bakugo Masaru’s quirk is called Acid Sweat.

Q4) What is Bakugo’s mom’s quirk?

Ans. Bakugo Mitsuki’s quirk is Glycerin.

Q5) Who does Todoroki Shoto have a crush on?

Ans. Todoroki Shoto has a crush on Yaoyorozu Momo.

Q6) Does Todoroki beat Bakugo?

Ans. Bakugo had won the fight against Todoroki in the U. A. Sports Festival.

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