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One Piece Volume 107 SBS – Megathread: All Details

Fans are very excited about the One Piece Volume 107 SBS of One Piece because not only do the volumes gather multiple chapters but they also feature a special Q&A section. In the Q&A section, fans ask all sorts of questions to the author and illustrator, Eiichiro Oda

The fun fact is that Oda always answers the questions, no matter how introspective or wacky the questions are. Thanks to the Q&A section, the volumes contain extra information that cannot be included in the weekly chapters. 

One Piece Volume 107 SBS is all set to be released on November 2, 2023, in Japan. The title of this volume is “The Hero of Legend”, named after Chapter 1080 which features Garp arriving on Hachinosu to rescue Koby from the Blackbeard Pirates

This volume covers a lot of important incidents, including Shaka’s murder and the reveal of the traitor on Egghead Island, the fight between Red Hair Pirates and Kid Pirates, how Sabo was accused of the murder of Nefertari Cobra, and how Garp and the SWORD team went to Hachinosu to rescue Koby.

The last chapter of the volume, Chapter 1088, features Garp being defeated by Kuzan and staying on Hachinosu as Koby and the SWORD team escape.

In this article, we’ll see which chapters are included in One Piece Volume 107 SBS and the various information provided by Oda in the Q&A section.

One Piece Volume 107 SBS Chapters

One Piece Volume 107 SBS Chapters

One Piece Volume 107 SBS will also cover 11 chapters. starting right after where the previous volume left off. The chapters that this volume SBS covers are the following:

  • Chapter 1077: Should Have Noticed Sooner
  • Chapter 1078: Escape Limit
  • Chapter 1079: The Emperor’s Crew, The Red Hair Pirates
  • Chapter 1080: The Hero of Legend
  • Chapter 1081: Tenth Ship Captain of the Blackbeard Pirates, Kuzan
  • Chapter 1082: Let’s Go and Take It!!
  • Chapter 1083: The Truth of That Day
  • Chapter 1084: The Attempted Murder of a Celestial Dragon
  • Chapter 1085: The Death of Nefertari Cobra
  • Chapter 1086: The Five Elders
  • Chapter 1087: Battleship Bags
  • Chapter 1088: Final Lesson 

One Piece Volume 107 SBS – Megathread: All Details

I. Eiichiro Oda’s Comment

Eiichiro Oda’s Comment

One Piece Volume 107 SBS will be the first volume released after the worldwide release and success of Netflix’s One Piece Live Action. To celebrate the massive success of the series, Oda provided a comment in this volume, saying:

“The live-action One Piece series was shown to the whole world, and I am happy that people liked the work very much.

A passing thought, but if Inaki, who played Luffy, and the other actors are on their way to becoming big Hollywood stars, doesn’t that mean I will become friends with these big stars? Isn’t this wonderful? All crew members, please don’t forget me, okay?!!

Okay then, I’ll draw in my room as usual. Let’s start Volume 107 right now!!”

II. Can Koby Become an Admiral After Being Part of SWORD?

Can Koby Become an Admiral After Being Part of SWORD?

Koby is one of the first characters introduced in the story. He went from a wimpy prisoner on Alvida’s crew to a captain of the Marines and eventually became a member of the SWORD team. Since the existence of SWORD is a secret to the world and most of the Marines, the members had to submit their official resignation letter before joining the team.

A fan points out that at the beginning of the story, Koby’s dream was to become a commissioned Marine soldier, but now it has changed to become an admiral. But since he’s submitted his resignation and is no longer officially part of the Marines, can he still become an admiral after being a part of SWORD?

To answer this, Oda clarifies how joining SWORD works, calling it a bit complicated. In Chapter 1080, Kuzan mentioned “formal submission of documents” and “they can be disavowed at any time.” But the new recruits of SWORD submitting their resignation doesn’t mean that they are fired. 

It just means that when a SWORD member is caught by the enemy and taken hostage, the Marine will use the resignation letter to claim that the hostage is no longer a part of the Marines and is thus not a responsibility to them. The soldiers who are okay with this system and want to fight without any protocol are called SWORD.

III. Did Caribou Hear Luffy’s Dream?

Did Caribou Hear Luffy’s Dream?

Any person who has even heard about One Piece knows the dream Luffy never fails to announce: to become the King of Pirates. But Luffy has one more dream, that is more intimate and is the core of his ideals. He shares his dream with his crew after they sail out of Wano, making his crew the only ones to know his true dream.

But a fan noticed that when Luffy was sharing his dream with his crew, Caribou was near, caged inside a barrel. Does that mean Caribou heard Luffy’s dream?

It is an unpleasant thought and Oda acknowledges that many fans are bothered by this. But he recommends to previous page of the chapter. He clarifies that as Luffy shares his dream, his voice is loud, yet barely audible. It cannot be heard through the barrel. So, no, Caribou didn’t hear it and only the Straw Hat Pirates know Luffy’s dream.

IV. The Admirals’ Jobs in Real Life

The Admirals’ Jobs in Real Life

When the admirals were first introduced, there were three admirals: Akainu, Aokiji, and Kizaru. After Aokiji resigned and Akainu was promoted to the position of fleet admiral, the empty admiral seats were taken by Fujitora and Ryokugyu.

In One Piece Volume 107 SBS, a fan asks Oda if the admirals, both past and present, were in the real world, what would their jobs be. Oda answers that all five admirals would be radio presenters in real life. He even names the show they would be hosting: “All Night Nippon of the Three Admirals”, alluding to the real late-night radio show “All Night Nippon.”

V. Hibari’s Toy Bear

Hibari’s Toy Bear

Hibari is a member of SWORD who arrives with her team on Hachinosu to rescue Koby. In Chapter 1080, she is seen with a cute toy bear attached to her backpack. A fan asks Oda for some details on the toy bear.

To this, the mangaka is overjoyed that fans noticed the detail. He explains that the toy bear is a lucky charm for Hibari and she has treasured it ever since she was a child. In a particular instance, Koby saved her life on the battlefield, but in the process, she lost her bear charm. Cut to a few days later, Koby was very injured and scolded by his superior for being careless.

But he held the toy bear in his hand and gave it back to Hibari. It turned out Koby had gone back to the battlefield to look for Hibari’s treasure and gotten injured in the process. Hibari was so grateful that she was crying. She developed a crush on him and secretly named the bear “Koby-senpai.”

Oda also jokes that since he is quite dense, he doesn’t know if she’s head over heels for Koby.

VI. Who Took Kid’s Arm?

Who Took Kid’s Arm?

Eustass Kid is the captain of Kid Pirates and one of the most prominent members of the Worst Generation. Before he came to Wano and was imprisoned by Beast Pirates, Kid tried to take on another Yonko, Shanks and his Red Hair Pirates. However, his crew was brutally defeated and he lost one of his arms.

In One Piece Volume 107 SBS, a fan pointed out a conversation between Benn Beckman and Lucky Roux where Roux said to Beckman, “Gyahahaha! You’re one to talk Beck! Who do you think he’s mad at?” The fan asks whether it means that Beckman took Kid’s arm.

Oda confirms that it was indeed Beckman who cut Kid’s arm. He also mentioned that in the brutal world of pirates, only the strong can remain.

VII. Why Luffy Calls Bonney by Her Name?

Why Luffy Calls Bonney by Her Name?

True fans of One Piece know that Luffy has a habit of misremembering names or giving nicknames to people. He does so with many characters including Buggy, Doflamingo, Kid, and even Hancock. When Luffy met Bonney on Egghead Island and learned that she is the daughter of Kuma, he called her “Boggy” before quickly changing to “Bonney.”

Having noticed this, a fan asks Oda about it. Oda clarifies that the change of name in the manga panels was deliberate. When Luffy heard that Kuma was transformed into a cyborg, he unthinkingly exclaimed, “That’s so cool!” But then he regretted reacting that way and in his embarrassed state, he ended up calling Bonney “Boggy.”

But when Bonney quickly corrected him, he was feeling even more awkward and began to call her by her real name, never making that mistake again.

VIII. How Vegapunk Washes His Head

How Vegapunk WashHis Head

Vegapunk is the most brilliant scientist in the world of One Piece who has been working for the World Government for years. After looking into the Void Century, he has become an enemy of his employers who are currently after his life.

Thanks to his Devil Fruit, Vegapunk remembers every bit of information he has gathered, and this caused his head to get abnormally large to accommodate his ever-expanding brain. A fan asks Oda how Vegapunk used to wash his head when it was large in One Piece Volume 107 SBS.

Oda has answers for even the most trivial or silliest questions. He answers that Vegapunk used to dip his head in a pool full of “scrubbing fish.” The fish used to clean his head for him.

IX. Bonney’s Devil Fruit

Bonney’s Devil Fruit

Bonney has an unnamed Devil Fruit that allows her to change the age of herself or anyone she targets temporarily. Judging the power of the Devil Fruit, it is safe to say that it is a Paramecia-type. In One Piece Volume 107 SBS, Oda reveals that the name of Bonney’s Devil Fruit is Toshi Toshi no Mi, which can be translated as the Age-Age Fruit or Year-Year Fruit. The fruit gives the ability to freely alter age.

Keeping the readers who don’t read SBS in mind, Oda says he’ll be including this information in the manga.

X. Prince Grus’ Cap

Prince Grus’ Cap

Prince Grus is one of the members of SWORD and Koby’s teammate. Fans have noticed that Grus wears a cap with an unusually long visor. When a fan asks Oda, the mangaka gives us the background of the character.

As a child, Grus was very gloomy and had a tendency to walk while looking down. Because of this, he used to bump into things a lot, from cows and trees to even people and pirates. When he bumped into pirates, he got very hurt. To prevent him from bumping into things, Grus’ mother had him wear a cap with long visors. Ever since then, he’s been wearing one.

XI. Imu’s Real Appearance

XI. Imu’s Real Appearance

The most mysterious character in One Piece right now is Imu, the silhouetted figure who sits on the Empty Throne at Mary Geoise and commands the Five Elders. His true identity as well as his appearance are still mysteries. While it’s understandable that his true identity plays a crucial role in the story, fans have been very curious about his appearance too.

When a fan asks Oda for Imu’s real appearance in One Piece Volume 107 SBS, the mangaka jokingly avoids answering the request. Now we can safely assume that like his identity, Imu’s real appearance will also play a significant role in the story.

XII. Pythagoras’ Design

XI. Imu’s Real Appearance

Pythagoras is one of the Satellites of Vegapunk. He embodies the “wisdom” aspect of the scientist and is designated as Punk-04. In One Piece Volume 107 SBS, Oda reveals that Pythagoras’ design is inspired by the character “Robocon” from the program Ganbare!! Robocon.

XIII. Ussop as Sun God Nika

Ussop as Sun God Nika

In this volume, Oda has also included a drawing of Ussop as the Sun God Nika.

That is all we currently know about One Piece Volume 107 SBS. Buy the volume when it’s available in your country and keep reading One Piece manga. And for more One Piece content, don’t forget to follow Otakus’ Notes.

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