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Kenjaku vs. Hakari vs. Kashimo: Who is stronger in Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen is on a generational run, with each passing chapter getting the reader and viewers more and more excited about what’s to come next. There have been several battles fought in the series.

Kenjaku is the mastermind behind all the evil happenings in the Jujutsu world; he even planned all of this several centuries ago. Kashimo is termed the second-strongest sorcerer of the older generation. Have you ever wondered what would happen if Kenjaku faced off against Kashimo as well as 3rd-year high school student Hakari, who even managed to give Kashimo a run for his money?

In this article, we will take a look at Kenjaku, Kashimo, and Hakari, discuss the outcome of their battles, and compare them to see which of them is the strongest in Gege Akutami’s magnum opus.


Kenjaku, a key antagonist in Jujutsu Kaisen, is an ancient curse user with a thousand-year history. His innate technique allows him to transplant his brain into others, granting him control and making him a formidable adversary in the series.

Innate Cursed Technique

Kenjaku obtained Noritoshi Kamo’s body during the Meiji Period and used it to operate a temple where he experimented on a lady who could give birth to spirit hybrids afflicted with human characteristics.

The Cursed Womb: Death Paintings are the product of these trials. Kenjaku gave them access to the Kamo clan’s blood manipulation by blending Noritoshi’s blood with their own.

Following Suguru Geto’s passing in 2017, Kenjaku implanted his brain into Geto’s body to access his Cursed Spirit Manipulation method and Satoru Gojo’s sealing.

Kenjaku’s skill in energy manipulation demonstrates his powerful, cursed energy abilities. With a great deal of cursed energy, he can use cursed spirit manipulation, which is most powerful when a great deal of cursed energy is involved. Kenjaku and his capability of switching bodies can use the techniques of his vessel’s body.

Yet, he’s limited and can only have three to four techniques simultaneously:

1) Reverse Cursed Technique

Kenjaku can use the reverse-cursed technique for personal and collective healing. He healed Suguru Geto’s body, healing the wounds caused by Yuta and Gojo.

He then applied the same healing method to the scars left by the brain transplant. Furthermore, while Kenjaku inhabited Geto’s body, he repaired his broken limbs, demonstrating the adaptability and regeneration of his Reverse Cursed Technique.

2) Body-hopping

Similar to incarnation, Kenjaku’s technique of body-hopping involves transferring his soul into his brain and putting it in a corpse. Because of this special method, Kenjaku’s brain gets imprinted with the body’s technique while retaining the cursed energy in his vessel.

Maximum: Uzumaki

The continual suture indicates the transplant wound’s incapacity to heal, which is the compromise. In his search for more power, Kenjaku overcomes the constraints of barrier techniques by looking for an intrinsic technique.

3) Manipulating curses

To master the skill of manipulating curses and command an army of them, Kenjaku purposefully took Suguru Geto’s body. He called upon the special-grade Smallpox Deity in Shibuya and fiercely combated Mei Mei. With various cursed spirits and strategies, Kenjaku demonstrated the adaptability of Cursed Spirit Manipulation by overpowering Yuji.

4) Domain Expansion

Womb Profusion: Kenjaku, adept in barrier techniques, can extend his domain without enclosing its outer shell. This exceptional skill, shared only with Sukuna, sets him apart, surpassing even Satoru Gojo, who cannot expand his domain without closing the barrier.


Even though Kenjaku is an experienced sorcerer, he is vulnerable to sorcerers using the Six Eyes technique since he hasn’t been able to defeat them. Kenjaku deftly takes Gojo’s companion Suguru Geto’s body to nullify the powerful Six Eyes bearer Satoru Gojo.

This calculated action gives Kenjaku information about Gojo’s advantages and disadvantages, allowing him to plot a winning strategy carefully.

Determined to keep the element of surprise intact, Kenjaku stays out of Gojo’s sight to ensure his complex plan works throughout the first few arcs.


Hakari is one of Tokyo Jujutsu High’s most fearsome students, acknowledged by Satoru Gojo, the world’s strongest sorcerer. Gojo considers Hakari and Yuta Okkotsu as possible challengers to match his might in the future.

Who Is Kinji Hakari

Yuta, in particular, respects Hakari’s power, finding him even more potent when driven. Hakari has a great store of cursed energy with a rough texture that allows him to slice opponents when he hits them. His strongest weapon is his Domain Expansion, Idle Death Gamble, a significant power in his arsenal.

These cursed techniques that Hakari uses:

1) Private Pure Love Train:

A pachinko-themed technique is mostly applied through domain expansion. The cursed technology manifests in the constructed domain as “Private Pure Love Train,” a romance manga series-inspired pachinko game. Interestingly, even when Kinji is not in his realm, he may call out visual cues from the game, such as the shutter doors.

2) Domain Expansion:

Idle Death Gamble: In Idle Death Gamble, winning the jackpot grants Kinji a remarkable boon: boundless cursed energy for precisely four minutes and eleven seconds. The theme music, “Admiring You” from Private Pure Love Train, which plays during the entire round, aligns perfectly.


Hakari is depicted as an almost unbeatable character, capable of entering an invincible mode within his Domain Expansion. As of now, none of his weaknesses have been revealed or disclosed.


In the Jujutsu Kaisen series, Hajime Kashimo, also called The God of Lightning, changes from an adversary to a supporting role. He came 400 years ago and lives in a body that Kenjaku has prepared for him to use as a vessel.

Kashimo participates in Kenjaku’s Culling Game; his motivation is to find and participate in conflicts. Kashimo possesses a unique cursed trait where his cursed energy is imbued with electricity, resulting in a continuous flow of cursed energy throughout his body.

The cursed techniques utilized by Hajime Kashimo include:

01) Mythical Beast Amber:

Unveiled in the confrontation with Sukuna. His cursed energy amplifies Kashimo’s physical abilities and enables transformation into diverse phenomena.

02) Lightning Discharge:

He wields a technique that allows him to manipulate the characteristics of his cursed energy. This allows him to separate electric charges, applying the positive charge to his target and discharging the negative charge without losing any electricity to the ground.

The outcome is a powerful lightning strike that cuts through the air, guaranteeing a direct hit without domain expansion.


When employing his technique, Kashimo’s body transcends human limitations, reaching a level beyond the ordinary. However, this heightened state can only be sustained for a single use as his flesh collapses.


01) Based on Cursed Energy:

All three characters possess formidable cursed energies, including skills like cursed spirit manipulation, rough-edged cursed energy with near-infinite amounts, and the manipulation of electricity. However, Hakari stands out as an exception, with a reservoir of cursed energy that distinguishes him from the others.

02) Based on Cursed Techniques

Kenjaku’s diverse skill set, incorporating reverse curled technique, body-hopping, and curse manipulation, surpasses Hakari and Kashimo’s abilities. Hakari’s “Private Pure Love Train” Cursed Technique enables probability manipulation and unique attacks.

In contrast, Kashimo’s limited use of his Cursed Technique is constrained by his reincarnation, setting him apart.


03) Based on Durability:

Unlike Kenjaku, who faces challenges against a Six Eyes wielder, and Kashimo, constrained by his human body’s limitations in using his cursed technique, Hakari stands out with unmatched resilience and an absence of disclosed weaknesses.

04) Based on Strength:

Kenjaku and Takaba

Regarding overall strength, Kenjaku emerges as the winner, surpassing Hakari and Kashimo. His mastery of controlling others, diverse techniques through body-hopping, and strategic insight provide a comprehensive advantage over Hakari’s temporary immortality and Kashimo’s superior speed and strength.

05) Based on Speed and Reflexes:

Kenjaku exhibits remarkable prowess by dodging the super-sonic blood-piercing technique effortlessly. Kashimo, too, matches Kenjaku’s speed, surpassing Hakari in both speed and strength.

06) Based on domain expansion:

Regarding domain expansion, Kenjaku stands out as the most formidable among the three. Hakari’s domain also boasts significant strength, offering him a form of temporary immortality lasting 4 minutes and 11 seconds. On the other hand, Kashimo’s domain expansion remains shrouded in mystery.

Kenjaku is the most powerful of the three characters. His varied skill set, strategic insight, and proficiency with cursed techniques give him a complete advantage.

Though Hakari has special powers, such as an immense reservoir of cursed energy and the ability to become temporarily immortal within his domain, Kenjaku is superior due to his adaptability and strategic intelligence. Despite his superior power and speed, Kashimo is constrained by his cursed method.


Kenjaku’s mastery of cursed techniques and strategic brilliance positions him as the powerhouse. Hakari’s resilience, marked by his exclusive Cursed Technique, makes him a formidable contender, while Kashimo’s unmatched speed adds complexity.

Kenjaku’s adaptability and strategic acumen tip the scales in a hypothetical battle, making him the likely victor in this enthralling narrative of cursed energy and prowess.

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