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Uraume vs. Hakari: Who Will Win?

The battle in Shinjuku is going on in full swing. Even after the death of Satoru Gojo at the hands of Ryomen Sukuna, the jujutsu sorcerers are giving their all to defeat the King of Curses. But it’s not just Sukuna that they need to be wary about; there’s also his loyal servant Uraume. Clashing with Uraume is the third-year student of Tokyo Jujutsu High, Kinji Hakari. Now that Uraume vs. Hakari has begun, let’s discuss who will win the fight.

Before we begin our discussion, we’ll remind everyone that a spoiler warning is in effect. 

To predict who will win the Uraume vs. Hakari fight, we first need to look at their abilities and then determine how their respective cursed techniques can play off against each other. So, here goes:

Who Is Uraume?

Who Is Uraume

Uraume is the human servant of Sukuna from a thousand years ago. The gender of Uraume is still unclear but they have been loyal to their master even after he physically ceased to exist. Uraume is a curse user who came into Sukuna’s employment for their skill at cooking human flesh because though Sukuna likes to indulge in eating humans, he finds it difficult to cook them.

In the present, when Sukuna is incarnated after his finger is swallowed by Yuji Itadori, Uraume joins forces with Kenjaku to completely revive Sukuna. The two orchestrated the Shibuya Incident and later the Culling Game.

Innate Cursed Technique: Ice Formation

Innate Cursed Technique: Ice Formation

Uraume’s innate cursed technique is fairly straightforward. Ice Formation gives them the ability to create and manipulate ice at will. They can manifest ice on both small and large scales and even trap someone within a prison of ice.

  • Frost Calm: Frost Calm is a technique derived from Uraume’s innate cursed technique. In this move, Uraume manifests a cloud of cold mist from their mouth before blowing that toward his opponents. The moment the mist touches them, it solidifies instantly, trapping the opponents with a wall of ice. Thanks to the large area it covers, Frost Calm is a very useful move against a large number of people, as shown in Shibuya when Uraume faces the jujutsu sorcerers.
  • Ice Fall: Ice Fall is arguably Uraume’s most dangerous technique. In this technique, Uraume conjures some ice on their hands before touching the ground. The ground freezes, covered with large icicles that Uraume can manipulate to target their opponents. The icicles are shot telekinetically toward the opponents and freeze them upon contact. Not only that but sharp icicles also begin to pour from the air on the opponents.

Reverse Cursed Technique

Uraume has a keen mastery of cursed energy manipulation and can channel it into the Reverse Cursed Technique to heal any bodily injury. In Shibuya, when Choso attacks Uraume and pierces their hand with his Piercing Blood, Uraume instantly heals the injury with the Reversed Cursed Technique without batting an eye.

Who Is Kinji Hakari?

Who Is Kinji Hakari

Kinji Hakari is a third-year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High. After a feud with the higher-ups during the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons, he was suspended from school. During his suspension, he has been operating an illegal fight club between jujutsu sorcerers called Gachinko Fight Club. After being approached by Yuji for help, Hakari joins forces with Megumi Fushiguro and others.

Hakari’s rank as a jujutsu sorcerer isn’t known but given his abilities and how he’s known as one of the strongest jujutsu sorcerers of the new generation, his rank is most probably Grade 1.

Rough Cursed Energy

Hakari has a considerable amount of cursed energy that he is proficient in using. However, unlike most other sorcerers, his cursed energy is noticed to be very rough by his opponents. An attack infused with cursed energy from Hakari is very painful no matter how little energy he uses behind the attack.

Gojo said that Hakari’s cursed energy has an “edge”, making his attacks sharper even in cases of blunt attacks. Hajime Kashimo also notes that Hakari’s cursed energy has a sandpaper-like feel.

Innate Cursed Technique: Private Pure Love Train

Hakari’s cursed technique is one of the most unique techniques of Jujutsu Kaisen. Being a gambler and a shoujo manga lover, his technique takes the form of a pachinko game with a romance novel theme. The name of the technique is the same as the romance novel: Private Pure Love Train.

Hakari’s cursed technique is primarily used by being infused in his domain expansion. However, he can manifest certain parts of the game, like closing doors and as such, without opening his domain.

Domain Expansion: Idle Death Gamble

Domain Expansion: Idle Death Gamble

Hakari’s domain expansion, Idle Death Gamble, is completely dependent on his luck. This domain takes the form of a train station where the two protagonists of the romance novel meet. As the characters interact, there is a game of pachinko where Hakari has to get three same numbers to earn the jackpot. The chance of this happening is very low, only 1 out of 239. But Hakari’s immensely uncanny luck makes it possible for him to hit the jackpot.

  • Unkillable Mode: The Unkillable Mode is activated when Hakari hits the jackpot. As the prize, he gets unlimited cursed energy for 4 minutes and 11 seconds. During this time, he can use the Reverse Cursed Technique to heal himself.

Uraume vs. Hakari: Who Will Win?

Uraume vs. Hakari

The Uraume vs. Hakari fight has already started but we haven’t seen much to deduce who will dominate the fight. But after analyzing their powers individually, it’s safe to guess that Hakari will win the Uraume vs. Hakari fight. The reason for this is that while Uraume’s cursed technique is more usable and dangerous, it will have a tough time competing with Hakari’s unpredictable technique.

Hakari is also more capable in physical hand-to-hand combat and can easily overwhelm Uraume. Even if Uraume continues to attack Hakari with their Ice Formation, it won’t be too tough for the jujutsu sorcerer to dodge and trap Uraume in close combat. And if that happens, then Uraume has little chance of winning.

But the most important point that hints that Hakari will win the Uraume vs. Hakari fight is that Hakari can trap Uraume within his domain expansion. Uraume hasn’t shown to have a domain yet, so it’s possible that they don’t have one. If they are trapped within the Idle Death Gamble, then they will surely lose because of the Unkillable Mode.


So, in the end, we can conclude that Kinji Hakari will win the Uraume vs. Hakari fight. Hakari has already defeated a strong curse user like Kashimo. It’s entirely possible that he’ll also defeat Uraume. But now that Sukuna’s trial has begun, there may be a little more time before we get to see the Uraume vs. Hakari fight. Until then, keep reading Jujutsu Kaisen and stay tuned with Otakus’ Notes.

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