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Kingdom Chapter 771 Spoilers & Raw Scans (The Revenge War)

Kingdom Chapter 771 spoilers & raw scans have been ultimately released, and we know what happens next in this war. In the previous chapter, Ou Sen had made a bold strategy and is thinking entirely out of the box.

The initial strategy of Shou Hei Kun was to take control of Gian completely. However, Ou Sen asks for Yo Tan Wa, Ou Hon, Ri Shin, and the others to conquer Hango, which is in front of Gian instead. 

Kingdom Chapter 771 Spoilers & Raw Scans

Kingdom Chapter 771 Spoilers & Raw Scans

It looks like the Qin army is following Ou Sen’s strategy, but this chapter has many more surprises. 

  • We see Heki’s situation, as the enslaved Qin soldiers cannot take it anymore and want to die here. 
  • But Heki convinces them that they must live on for their dead comrades’ sake. 
  • While talking, he collapses and then asks them not to call him General Heki. 
  • He hopes that Qin will attack Zhao again and free them. 
  • Heki also says they shouldn’t attack Hango as Ri Boku had already set a trap
  • The situation changes for Shin as he tries to talk to Ou Hon. 
  • He is concerned about training the Gyoku Hou soldiers since they took a year off. 
  • But Ou Hon replies they have had their fair share of training. 
  • They argue and discuss how Ri Boku might have something planned at Hango. 
  • However, Shin is confident that Ou Sen will break through Ri Boku’s traps. 
  • The scene changes again, as we see Ri Boku in Gian. 
  • He gets word that the Qin army is headed for Hango, just as he expected
  • They also know that Ou Sen now commands an army of 250,000 soldiers. 
  • Gakushou says that Ou Sen is Qin’s best tactical General but is no match for Ri Boku. 
  • Futei still asks them to be wary of him, as Ri Boku had already lost to Ou Sen four years back at the Shukai plains. 
  • Bananji says that this war is Qin’s revenge and their revenge for what happened four years ago. 
  • Shunsuiju is also fired because he has to take revenge against Yo Tan Wa for their last duel. 
  • However, Ri Boku thinks that Zhao has the upper hand now due to various factors such as positioning terrain. 
  • His army had fought against these Generals before and knew a lot about them. 
  • Using this, Ri Boku can create situations where he has the advantage over the Qin army. 
  • But Qin has only seen Kansaro and Ji Aga fight only once. 
  • They also have their trump card, Shibashou, unknown by Qin but will personally fight in this war. 

Kingdom Chapter 771 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 771 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 771 unofficial translations should be released as soon as 18th September. The full spoilers summary and raw scans have been released, so the chapter will also be released in a few days. 

The official chapter will still take a week or two weeks to release. We follow all updates regarding the Kingdom manga series closely, so check some of our other articles here. 

These are all of the full spoilers & raw scans for Kingdom Chapter 771. Check out some of our other exciting and similar content articles over here.

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