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Kingdom Chapter 783 Spoilers-Prediction & Release Date(Shi Ba Shou’s Fight)

In Kingdom Chapter 783, we will finally see the true potential of the mysterious general Shi Ba Shou and his combat strength. The first page alone shows Shi Ba Shou’s fighting prowess.

He arrives on the battlefield with a cold face while slicing up multiple soldiers. Everyone from the Qin army is also confused after looking at this new person. None of them have heard of his name before.

All of the soldiers understand that he is very unusual, and even Shi Ryou is shaking. Shi Ba Shou’s soldiers catch up to him, and when they say his name, Sou’Ou talks about him.

He says that Shi Ba Shou is one of Zhao’s new Three Great Heavens. Den Ri Mi orders his soldiers to kill Shi Ba Shou. San Shuu and Shin Kaku Gaku move on to kill him, and they both leave Shi Ryou to deal with Ji Aga.

Just when Sou’Ou is about to move, a soldier notices that 30,000 soldiers are coming from behind Shi Ba Shou. Sou’Ou asks for Den Ri Mi to retreat, but the latter notices something and asks for his army to attack before Zhao’s main army arrives.

Sou’Ou gets ready to receive this attack, but Den Ri Mi sees that Shi Ba Shou is ignoring them and moving ahead. Ji Aga comes to the attack with Den Ri Mi and Shou’Ou instead.

Meanwhile, Akou is also not able to break free from Gaku Shou and has to continue fighting him. Sou’Ou understands that this was all a setup for Shi Ba Shou to pass through and fight with Ou Sen.

Just when he asks for his soldiers to intercept Shi Ba Shou, Kansaro joins in the fight as well.

Kingdom Chapter 783 Spoilers & Prediction

Kingdom Chapter 783 Spoilers & Prediction

Shi Ba Shou’s official position and rank are finally known to us, and it’s no laughing matter now. This strategy was also his from the start, as he directly wanted to fight Ou Sen and end the war.

The situation was looking grave for Qin, as Zhao had managed to create multiple situations to engage all of the powerful Generals of Qin. But, knowing Ou Sen, we can witness an interesting battle between him and Shi Ba Shou.

According to the history spoilers, we know that this is one of the deadliest wars for Qin. Shi Ba Shou is also looking unstoppable, and it might be bad if any other General in Qin decides to fight against him.

So far, we can only name a select few people who can fight against him. Considering all of this, Ou Sen is now in a tricky situation, and it is now up to his tactical prowess to deal with it.

We do know that an Ou Sen vs Ri Boku re-match will happen, according to some history spoilers. Let’s wait and see how Ou Sen and Qin manage to hold off against Shi Ba Shou in the later chapters.

Kingdom Chapter 783 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 783 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 783 will be released on 2 January since the manga is on a break this week. We will have to wait two more weeks to see what the new Three Great Heaven Shi Ba Shou is capable of. 

The raw scans and spoilers for the chapter will now be released on the 30th or 31st of December. Make sure to check out our article at a later date after we add all of the raw scans and spoilers. 

These are all of the history spoilers and predictions we have right now on Kingdom Chapter 783. For more content regarding Kingdom and other series, make sure to check out our posts here. 

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