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Kingdom Chapter 791 Spoilers & Raw Scans(Ri Boku & Seika)

Kingdom Chapter 791 spoilers have dropped, and there seem to be more revelations of Ri Boku’s plans. In the previous chapter, we saw how Ou Sen’s army surrounded Shi Ba Shou. 

We also see a small flashback of him when he decides whether to help Ri Boku in this war. Shi Ba Shou single-handedly increased the morale of all his soldiers. 

Qin’s situation looks grave again as Kan Saro and Gaku Shou join Shi Ba Shou. What will Ou Sen’s retaliation be after seeing the number of generals coming for his head? 

Read more from our spoiler part next to find Qin’s answer to their move. 

Kingdom Chapter 791 Spoilers & Raw Scans

Kingdom Chapter 791 Spoilers & Raw Scans

This chapter focuses on Ri Boku and why he included Seika in this war. Unfortunately, we would have to wait till next week to see Ou Sen’s strategy to fend off all these generals. 

  • Kan Saro reports to Shi Ba Shou that Ji Aga is dead, to which Shi Ba Shou apologizes. 
  • Shi Ba Shou decided to bring Seika into this war, but Kan Saro said that coming to this battle was Seika’s decision. 
  • We see the flashback again, where Kan Saro says they will not be able to help Ri Boku. 
  • Ri Boku answers that he knows about Seika’s past and their maturity. 
  • He wants to give them a decision, but Shi Ba Shou cuts him off. 
  • Shi Ba Shou says this should be Seika’s decision, not theirs. 
  • Ri Boku starts talking to the people of Seika about how he lost to Qin at Shukai Plains. 
  • He talks about how Gyou was taken and how Kan Tan’s armies still chased him. 
  • Seika’s people connect with him and ask him to stay here under the protection of Shi Ba Shou. 
  • But Ri Boku says he wants their help in the war, which they turn against him. 
  • They call Ri Boku selfish for wanting to include them in this war. 
  • They had escaped wars for so long and had lived in peace, and the people didn’t want to disturb that peace. 
  • If not stopped, Ri Boku explains that Qin will aim for Seika and Ganmon. 
  • Qin won’t stop at this, as they will continue killing people and taking cities. 
  • Ri Boku says that this was a harsh demand from him. 
  • But, he asks if the people of Seika want to ignore the pain of those fighting wars to protect their land. 
  • Shi Ba Shou also adds that time has passed, and Seika must decide. 
  • Ri Boku says that Seika will lose soldiers, but that is the situation of the outside world. 
  • He says that ignoring this will be a cold decision, further hurting Seika’s relations with others. 
  • Ri Boku says the people of Seika will be known throughout China if they risk their lives in this war. 
  • The spoilers summary ends with Ri Boku saying they could win against Qin if they lend their strength. 

Kingdom Chapter 791 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 791 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 791 will be released on 20 March. However, keep in mind that these are only the unofficial translations. The official translations for the manga are still in Chapter 789. 

It will take at least two weeks for the official translations to catch up if the manga series is on a break. But it doesn’t look like the manga will be on a break for a couple of weeks. 

These are all the spoiler summaries and raw scans for Kingdom Chapter 791. For more interesting and content-based articles on Kingdom, check out our other posts here. 

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