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All Members Working Under Slur in Sakamoto Days Ranked, 2024

Sakamoto Days is considered one of the best ongoing manga series in Shounen Jump, and it’s not difficult to see why. Serializing since November 2020, the manga series has been collected into 15 tankobon volumes so far and has over 4 million copies in circulation.

With a fresh and unique premise and an amazingly fluid art style, the series brings a story that keeps us on our toes every week. The characters are so dynamic and three-dimensional that you can’t help but be pulled in by their charm.

Along with the ragtag team of our beloved main cast and the JAA, the main point of conflict in the series is Slur. Led by X/Uzuki, they are a group of rogue assassins whose only goal is to destroy the JAA.

It is still not fully clear, but the main drive for the group’s members seemed to be revenge on the JAA for the Al-Kamar orphanage. It was revealed that Al-Kamar was a secret orphanage run by JAA used for creating assassins out of orphaned children.

Most of the main members of Slur grew up in this orphanage, and there seemed to be some connection between their tragedy and the current JAA director, Asaki.

JAA is strong, but Slur isn’t to be taken lightly. X and the other members are quite ruthless and don’t care about wiping others in their path to reach their goals. Today, we will be ranking these members according to their current capabilities and standing.

We will also be taking various factors other than physical strength into account. As always, rank lists are subjective and open to discussion.

All Members Working Under Slur

10) Uda


Uda was one of the lower-ranked members within the organization and played a minor role briefly in the manga series. Uzuki sent him to work as an undercover agent in the JAA for a year and helped him infiltrate the Tokyo Bureau of JAA Headquarters.

Uda was proficient with a gun. He was able to hold down Shin for a while when he and Sakamoto first came across Slur. Although, it is highly unlikely he will be able to do so again, considering Shin’s growth since then. He was quickly taken down by Takamura.

He was extremely loyal to Uzuki and Slur. In order to help him and Gaku escape, he held Takamura and blew himself up.

09) Mad Horiguchi

Mad Horiguchi

Mad Horiguchi is a minor antagonist of the Lab arc. He is a mad scientist and one of the people under Kashima who took over Asakura’s research lab.

Horiguchi uses his knowledge of science to aid in the assassination. He has a number of mysterious chemicals in his arsenal that can mess with the brain signals of a person.

He can also alter his physical strength with his experiments. Both Sakamoto and Shin were hit by his weird needles, forcing them to punch each other whenever they attacked him. However, he was rather easily defeated by Shin’s mind reading and the duo working together.

08) Club Jam

Club Jam

Club Jam is one of the upper members of Slur’s group who infiltrated JCC along with Kanaguri to get the Database.

He has hypnotic powers and can enslave an entire mob to his wishes. He uses a blade and chain as his weapon, though it seems that he heavily relies on his brainwashing techniques.

Jam executes his commands by clapping his hands. He also seems to have enhanced speed, which he used to get the SD card from Seba.

His brainwashing can induce hallucinations, leading the person to see the one they hate most. He is extremely masochistic and gets excited when others hurt him.

07) Carolina Reaper

Carolina Reaper

Carolina Reaper is Club Jam’s older brother. He has a crude attitude and is usually hurling insults at comrades and enemies alike. He doesn’t seem to care much about his brother and hates his masochistic tendencies.

Carolina hasn’t shown his full capabilities, but he is quite strong. He has good strength and speed, enough to easily dodge Kanaguri’s attack. He also has a weird ability to spit and incinerate his enemies. It isn’t clear how his pyrotechnic works, but if he isn’t careful, he can actually burn his own mouth and needs to drink water after using it.

06) Kashima


Kashima was a primary antagonist in one of the earliest arcs of the series and a supporting antagonist later. He has some very weird morals and almost worships Slur ever since he accepted and recruited him.

Kashima’s physical capabilities are not low, but his major strength lies in his near-immortal body. 70% of his body is surgically modified, allowing him to conceal quite a number of weapons. His limbs are re-attachable, and his spine is artificial, which makes his neck almost impossible to break.

Sakamoto did defeat him during the Lab arc, but due to his regenerative abilities and advanced surgical knowledge, he was able to get his body back to normal.

Currently, he has been captured by Sakamoto and others. After being disillusioned by Uzuki’s plans, he has become more cooperative with imparting information and is showing signs of joining the Sakamoto gang, too.

He may be ranked 6th on the list, but it’s harder to give him a more decisive ranking to someone who supposedly never dies.

05) Kanaguri


It seems that Slur’s group has no shortage of weirdoes, and Kanaguri is one of them. Another undercover agent of Slur, Kanaguri, is an ex-order member and renowned movie director.

He has an intense passion for filmmaking, which is clearly visible in his fighting style and weapons. He views the world as a set for his movies, and his physical capabilities seem to improve whenever he becomes determined to improve a scene. On the flip side, he has quite a volatile mood and becomes weaker when he loses motivation.

Kanaguri has enhanced strength and speed. His speed is so fast that Shin struggles to follow his moments with his clairvoyance. He uses modified movie equipment like a video camera canon and a clapperboard that can withstand bullets.

Kanaguri was also able to kill Satoda-sensei, prompting Sakamoto to engage in a fight with him. He has high durability and pain tolerance since he could withstand Sakamoto’s various attacks.

04) Haruma


Haruma is an assassin who was also once an orphan at Al-Ahmar. He seems to be fully dedicated to Uzuki’s revenge since he was probably personally affected by whatever JAA did with the orphans in the past.

Haruma is normally rather calm and relaxed. However, he, like Kumanomi, is a formidable fighter. The exact extent of his skills is unknown, but Shishiba compares his strength to Ryo.

Haruma has a lot of raw power. His weapon of choice is a cast iron shotput ball, which he can throw and manipulate with relative ease. He considers himself to be good at sports. He can also break out of iron chains. The strength of his throws is enough to pierce through walls and blast through humans.

03) Gaku


Gaku is one of the most powerful characters of the series and is so far the only one who is able to hold against Takamura. He uses a large mace with a cubical spike head as his weapon.

He has enhanced strength, speed, and high reflexes. Gaku has easily torn apart JCC members time and time again and barely flinched when Takamura cut off his hand, fingers, and ear.

Still, Nagumo seemed to be too much of a foe for him during the Assassin Exhibition. He brutally injured and disguised Gaku as him so that he could bait Uzuki while disguising himself as Gaku.

02) Kumanomi


Kumanomi was also a part of Al-Ahmar and was introduced with Haruma in the series. She is quite intimidating and blunt. For some reason, she is quite concerned with manners and doesn’t like it when others don’t introduce themselves properly. Due to her extreme personality, even Gaku steers clear of her.

Kumanomi is a fearful assassin. She uses electromagnetic gloves as her primary weapon, capable of weaponizing her entire surroundings. She can pull and launch any kind of metallic object and is able to manipulate iron sand which can both block and attack.

Kumanomi was able to kill Hyo, an Order member, despite fighting Heisuke at the same time, a testament to her strength. However, the battle didn’t leave her totally unscathed. Hyo almost took her down with him, and she had to cut her own arm to get away from him.

01) X/Uzuki


In the first place is the mysterious leader of the group, Kei Uzuki, a.k.a Slur. Uzuki is so strong that he is able to take down a quarter of the assassin industry, inducing the order to step in.

He is the one who presumably put the bounty on Sakamoto. Although his past with Sakamoto is revealed, he is still shrouded in a lot of mystery since Sakamoto already killed him once.

He hasn’t shown his full abilities, but Uzuki has incredible speed and reflexes. He is so swift that he can stab the renowned (but out of shape) Sakamoto in the stomach and keep up with Sakamoto’s blazing speed during their brief combat.

We will soon be seeing a showdown between Nagumo and Uzuki. I hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are!

Until next time!