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15 Most Handsome Sakamoto Days Male Characters

Sakamoto Days, an anime manga series written and designed by Yuto Suzuki, started airing in November 2020. The narrative of this manga revolves around a character named Taro Sakamoto. He is portrayed as a legendary ex-assassin, living the life of a regular person after marrying his beloved lover, Aoi.

Although Taro successfully leads a peaceful life with his wife, his former enemies constantly attack him and his family, compelling him to showcase his exceptional skills again.

Here are fifteen characters from “Sakamoto Days” who have won the readers’ hearts with their eye-capturing exquisite aesthetics or charming personalities. The emerging popularity of these characters is a testament to Suzuki’s penwork and ability to mold a character.


15) Nagumo


Nagumo is depicted as an old friend of the main protagonist in this series and a member of the “Order,” an organization within the “Japanese Association of Assassins” (JAA).

Due to his remarkable combat skills, he is considered one of the most vital members of this organization. The readers first witness Nagumo when he pays a visit to Taro to inform him about the bounty that was placed upon him. Nagumo is designed with a carefree and easygoing demeanor, aided by a big, immutable smile on his face.

14) Kei Uzuki


Kei Uzuki is displayed as the prime antagonist in the Sakamoto Days for this course because of his deeds. He is a ruthless killing machine who attempts to overthrow the JAA, which is reflected by the mass killing he committed about the same time when Taro’s bounty was disclosed.

He is also referred to by the name “slur” or sometimes “X” as he leaves a giant “X” symbol at the crime sites, provoking others to acknowledge him. Initially, he was depicted as a cold-blooded serial killer who killed a quarter of the assassins in Japan with no remorse.

13) Apart


Apart is considered one of the primary antagonists in “Death Row Prisoners Arc” because of his past actions as a serial killer. Apart’s character depiction is quite knotty as he urges to connect with strong people, reflecting the lack of attention and care he received as a kid—in essence, childhood loneliness and parental abandonment.

It becomes more distinct when he calls Sakamoto weird for treating him like a regular person since he never interacted with anyone with an amiable demeanor.

12) Shin Asakura


Shin Asakura, an old friend and a former student of Taro Sakamoto, was assigned to execute Taro. His attempt to kill Taro Sakamoto failed, and due to this, he was sentenced to death. To his surprise, his old friend saves his life, eliminating all the hurdles, and even offers him an everyday life with him and his family.

After this incident, Shin left his job as an assassin and became an employee at Sakamoto’s Store. Shin’s personality is conserved, honest, transparent, calm, and composed while fighting.

11) Kanaguri


In this series, Kanaguri is depicted as an undercover member of Kei Uzuki’s organization and a member of the Order. Apart from being an assassin, he is also known for his immense love for his filmmaking hobby.

Apart from states, the time he isn’t filming or capturing footage is not worth living, showcasing his fondness for filmmaking. Kanaguri’s emotions are presented as turbulent, encouraging his rage and causing depression when his camera breaks.

10) Gaku


Gaku is one of the overwhelmingly powerful assassins presented in the manga series. He is a member of Kei Uzuki’s group, helping him to overthrow the JAA. Gaku is portrayed as a chilled and easy-going person.

Nonetheless, he can transform into a cold and ruthless murderer, as illustrated by the casual killing of JAA’s members without any regret or guilt. Gaku is so tranquil and collected that he starts eating snacks amid a fight and usually plays video games during important meetings.

09) Takebe


Although not much has been disclosed about Takebe’s character, he is known for his service at the JCC as an assassin. Takebe is a person who frequently consumes alcohol and tends to be somewhat lazy, yet he is a top-notch leader.

Although Takebe’s combat capabilities are not disclosed, it is evident that he is among the strongest assassins. Subsequently, in the narrative of this series, he attempts to eradicate Gaku, but he fails to do so, consequently causing his demise.

08) Heisuke Mashimo


Heisuke Mashimo is painted as a supporting character with a low rank in the world of assassins, yet he acquires a unique sniping ability. Due to his lack of talent, he has to go through many snags, stay unemployed for a long time, and live at the top of a building in his broken tent.

Despite his struggles, Heisuke leads a joyful life with his pet bird, Piisuke. His character is defined as an emotionally positive and friendly man with a simple outlook who maintains an optimistic attitude.

07) Shishiba


Shishiba, an old acquaintance of Taro Sakamoto, is a member of the organization Order. Shishiba is portrayed as a reserved and distant person who does not show any consideration for anyone unless it is related to him or his apprentice, Osaragi.

Shishiba has a staunch belief in the central philosophy of his life, simplicity. Even Shishiba’s armory of weapons includes hammers, as they are simple to use and do not require sophisticated upkeep like guns. Despite his profession as a notorious executioner, he cares a little about killing people.

06) Satoru Yotsumura


Satoru Yotsumura is a banished member of the JAA, working against them to avenge his humiliation. He was also a founding member of the Order organization and an honorary retired Japan Clear Creation (JCC) professor.

Yotsumura shares a calm and poised aura amid the fights he engages in. Despite Yotsumura’s exceptional combat skills as an assassin, he appears to be a caring father, willing to kill his wife to save him.

05) Kindaka


By the side of Yotsumura, Kindaka was also a founding member of the Order. In the past, he was a close acquaintance of Sakamoto, Nagumo, Rion, and Uzuki. Kindaka’s personality is presented as one of the likable characters in the Sakamoto Days, blended with a relaxed and calm persona.

This character trait of Kindaka is distinctive in how he behaves during a battle; for instance, Sakamoto and the others severely injure him, but he does not let his rage get into his mind and subsequently makes them an offer.

04) Amane Yotsumura

 Amane Yotsumura

Amane Yotsumura, a second-year Assassin Major at the JCC, is the son of Yotsumura, an ex-member of the Order. Throughout the manga, Amane is seen having a deep hatred towards the JAA as well as his father, the murderer of his mother.

Because of his immense hatred for the JAA, he also becomes a follower of Kei Uzuki and aids him in bringing down the JAA. Amane is portrayed as a vindicator who desires to settle the score by killing his father.

03) Saw


Saw was a death row inmate who counterfeited his death, escaping to Japan afterward. With the assistance of his fellow killers, under the command of Kashima, Saw was able to eliminate myriad members of the JAA.

He has a relaxed and unhurried demeanor reflected in his actions, usually an easy-going tendency. Apart from his apathetic behavior, he can be defined as a person who loves to conduct thorough research on the provided target before executing their slaughter.

02) Mafuyu Seba


Mafuyu Seba’s character is depicted as an examinee who is taking part in the JCC exams to become a successful assassin. Mafuyu is a young man with a unique dread—a fear of getting dirty.

He doesn’t even make efforts to use his hands in a battle so that they stay clean. However, to figure out this issue, he makes a preference by opting to utilize blades that are hidden inside his shoes. As he is just a 14-year-old individual, a Tendency to learn things from his seniors is apparent in his demeanor.

01) Taro Sakamoto


Taro Sakamoto, the prominent protagonist of the manga series, leads a delightful life with his wife, Aoi, after quitting his job as a hitman. Sakamoto, who in his prime was the best assassin in the world, runs a convenience store with his family and is now leading a peaceful life.

His harmony was halted with a bounty placed on his head, parallel with Shin and Lu. Initially, Sakamoto’s emotions are suppressed, but as the narrative advances, an evolution of affection is perceived in his character. Although Sakamoto is calm and good-natured, he becomes enraged quickly when his family is threatened.


Thus, “Sakamoto Days” is a mere reflection of boosted violent enthusiasts, yet the characters are presented with a compelling backstory and an eye-catching visage.

Above are the fifteen characters from Sakamoto Days who have gained instant popularity among its fans due to their appearance and outstanding combat abilities.

Yuto Suzuki has designed each of these characters with minute details, offering the readers to witness the realm of assassins from different periphery.

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