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Top 20 Strongest Sakamoto Days Characters Ranked (2024)

Last updated on February 18th, 2024 at 04:39 am

Sakamoto Days is a new action manga that debuted in the Weekly Shonen Jump in 2020. Written by Yuto Suzuki, this manga tells the story of Taro Sakamoto, an ex-assassin who left the world of assassination after getting married to his beloved wife. He now runs a convenience store with his wife and leads an ordinary life.

But when there’s a bounty on his head, Sakamoto is again dragged into that world, doing his best to protect his family. This series has an amazing storyline and plenty of jaw-dropping actions and badass characters. We’ve discussed here the top 10 strongest Sakamoto Days characters ranked.

For this ranking, we’ve only considered characters that are properly introduced in the series and have some major role in the story. So, without any further ado, here are the Top 20 strongest Sakamoto Days characters ranked.

Top 10 Strongest Sakamoto Days Characters Ranked

20) Kashima


Kashima is Uzuki, or X’s subordinate, who is willing to kill anyone and everyone for X’s goal. He always wears a reindeer mask to hide his disfigured face and has modified several parts of his body into weapons.

As X’s subordinate, he’s expected to be strong. But Kashima shows extraordinary ferocity when dealing with enemies. He uses his cyborg features to destroy anyone in his path. His lack of pain also grants him great durability, which comes in handy in battles.

19) Shin Asakura

Shin Asakura

At number 19 sits Shin Asakura. He’s the deuteragonist of the story as well as an employee at Sakamoto’s convenience store. 

Shin was once given the task of assassinating Sakamoto, but after failing, he began working at his convenience store instead.

Along with enhanced strength, speed, and durability befitting an assassin, Shin also has the special ability of clairvoyance and precognition. He’s able to read the thoughts of people within a 20-meter radius and can sometimes predict someone’s future movements and decisions. Additionally, he is pretty intelligent and uses his cleverness to his advantage. 

18) Heisuke Mashimo (and Piisuke)

Heisuke Mashimo

Heisuke is a low-ranking assassin in JAA who later becomes part of Sakamoto’s crew. He is an excellent sniper but was on the lower end of the assassins due to his lack of diversity in skills.

Before meeting Sakamoto, his lack of employment options forced him to live in a dingy tent on a rooftop with his bird, Piisuke. Pii also helps Heisuke with his sniping.

Heisuke has grown a lot over the course of the manga. His Richochet Rounds have gotten frighteningly accurate, and he can target his enemies from a greater distance. He was able to go toe to toe (or gun to gun?) with Kamihate, an Order member who won the the world record for best sniper.

17) Kanaguri


A former member of the Order, Kanaguri is currently an undercover member of X’s Slur. However, it is difficult to tell where his loyalties lie since all he cares about is filming his perfect emotional stories while using humans as props.

Kanaguri uses his camera and a bunch of other filming equipment in his fights. He is incredibly strong and creative with the way he uses his various tools. One of the biggest fights of the series so far is between him and Sakamoto.

Due to his moody nature, he is prone to losing motivation even in the middle of a fight and becomes considerably weaker when that happens.

16) Etsuko Satoda

Etsuko Satoda

Etsuko Satoda was a teacher at the JCC teaching assassination practice and mentored Sakamoto, Nagumo, and Akao during their time at the academy. She was amongst the strongest assassins during her youth and was known to have come back from every single mission unscathed.

Despite being retired, Satoda-sensei still retained her skills in Aikido. Shin and Akira weren’t able to put even a scratch on her.

Sadly, during Slur’s infiltration into JCC and his fight against Kanaguri, she passed away.

15) Hyo


HyoHyo was part of the Order in JAA and was known to be a long-time veteran in the field. Unlike many other Order members, he had less than stellar beginnings and was considered by Yotsumura to be amongst the least talented. But this just fueled his desire to be better. Years of practice made him a formidable assassin over time.

Hyo’s specialty was unarmed combat, and he had monstrous physical strength, which was further enhanced by his speed and reflexes. He also had enhanced durability and usually overpowered his foes by pure strength alone.

Sadly, during his fight against Kumanomi, he passed away, but not without during considerable damage to her.

14) Kamihate


Part of the Order within the JAA, Kamihate is recognized as the greatest sniper in history. He is extremely unsociable and believes that his skills come from his loneliness. Because of this, it has been said that no one (not even from the Order) has seen his face. But Heisuke has seen his face and also befriended him.

Kamihate is a master sniper and is able to shoot down his targets accurately from a distance of up to 8 kilometers, which granted him the Guinness World Record for long-distance sniping. He takes every weather condition into account while taking his shots. His spatial ability allows him to take control over an entire area without showing his face.

13) Gaku


X’s team has some crazy fighters, and Gaku is one of them. Laidback and nonchalant, this guy will kill anyone in cold-blooded cruelty.

His mercilessness, paired with his dispassionate attitude, makes him not only one of the strongest Sakamoto Days characters but also one of the most dangerous ones.

Gaku is physically very strong and wields a large mace with a long pole and a cannon at the front. He used it to crush and slaughter the JCC students without a blink.

12) Kindaka


Not much is known about Kindaka except that he founded The Order along with Satoru Yotsumura. Though the extent of his powers has never been revealed, it’s easy to guess his strength by the fact that he’s one of the founders of The Order.

He must at least be as strong as Yotsmura for them to have an equal partnership. But since his specific powers are unknown, we’ve put him at number 7 on the strongest Sakamoto Days characters ranking.

11) Haruma


Haruma is an assassin working under Uzuki and is part of Slur. Like the other Slur members, he was also a part of the Al-Kamar orphanage, which is why he agrees with Uzuki’s revenge.

Haruma is usually rather calm and laidback. However, just like Kumanomi, he is an extremely powerful combatant. The full extent of his abilities isn’t known yet, but he is able to plummet through multiple assassins easily. He often uses a short-put ball as his weapon, stating he is good at sports. The strength with which he throws these balls is enough to blow off humans and pierce through walls.

10) Osaragi


OsaragiThe newest member of the Order in JAA, Osaragi is a powerful assassin often seen with Shishiba. Osaragi is impulsive, has weird fixations, and moves without forethought, but her skills are nothing to scoff at.

Osaragi’s weapon of choice is a seemingly ordinary suitcase that can open up to reveal a massive circular saw. She may not look like it, but she has incredible strength. Killing Dump didn’t even break a sweat on her. So far, there hasn’t been a single foe that has proved to be too big of a challenge for her.

9) Kumanomi


Kumanomi is the last member working with Uzuki on this list. Also a member of Al-Ahmar, she has known Uzuki since her childhood. She is really intimidating. Due to her extreme personality, Gaku steers clear of her too.

Her primary choice of weapon is an electromagnetic glove that can weaponize her surroundings. She can pull and launch any kind of metallic object and is able to manipulate iron sand.

Kumanomi is a fearful foe. She managed to kill Hyo, a powerful member of the Order, despite fighting Heisuke at the same time. However, the battle didn’t leave her totally unscathed, as she had to cut off one of her arms to get away from Hyo.

8) Shishiba


A big part of the Order, Shishiba was once a rogue assassin who was taken in by Yotsumura as his mentee. He is also Osaragi’s mentor. Currently, he holds considerable power in the JAA and knew Sakamoto from before his time in the association.

Shishiba uses a pair of claw hammers in battle. He, too, is a master combatant with incredible strength and speed. His skills with his hammers are second to none.

7) Satoru Yotsumura

Satoru Yotsumura

Up next is the other founder of The Order: Satoru Yotsumura. Some time ago in the past, he and Kindaka founded the Assassin group with only 4 members.

He was also a professor at Japan Clear Creation (JCC), but after being banished, he decided to work against it.

Yotsumura was one of the strongest assassins of The Order, and in the years after, his powers haven’t decreased.

He could hold his own against powerful Order members like Shishiba, Nagumo, and Osaragi. His bladed three-section staff makes him a formidable opponent.

6) Akira Akao

Akira Akao

Every ranking needs a badass lady, and for the strongest Sakamoto Days characters ranking, we have Akira Akao, niece of Rion. She’s also a first-year student at JCC and a classmate and friend of Shin Asakura.

The true power of Akira comes from her incredible speed. Even among assassins, her speed is something extraordinary. Paired with her enhanced strength and level head, she’s danger itself. Her vision of paths also gives her a perception that aids her in fights.

5) Taro Sakamoto

Taro Sakamoto

Protagonist and the titular character of the series, Taro Sakamoto, used to be an elite assassin before he left that world for his wife. He used to be a member of The Order, which is indicative enough of his power.

During his time as an assassin, Sakamoto was the best hitman of all time and never missed a target, with Uzuki being the only exception. He possesses immense strength, speed, durability, and strategic intelligence and is resistant to both telepathy and hypnosis.

4) Nagumo


The biggest enigma of the series, Nagumo is a skilled assassin in the JAA. He knew Sakamoto and Rion since their days in JCC and the three were known as the biggest troublemakers on the campus.

Nagumo uses a dice and multi-blade weapon in his combat. His mastery over different kinds of blades is something that will leave the strongest running with their tail between their legs. His mastery over disguises is, frankly, miraculous. He is knowledgeable about different codes and has several of them tattooed on his body.

Nagumo defeated Gaku so fast that the battle wasn’t even shown in the manga.

3) Kei Uzuki

Kei Uzuki

Kei Uzuki is the primary antagonist of the series. He’s a serial killer who began targeting assassins and leaving an “X” at his crime scenes. Uzuki also has a gang and operates it under the alias of X and Slur.

Given the fact that he could kill many assassins without suffering an injury, it is proof enough exactly how powerful he is.

He’s also the only man Sakamoto failed to kill. Uzuki is unpredictable and very dangerous, not above going to any length. As of yet, he’s also the second of the strongest Sakamoto Days characters.

2) Takamura


Old men in anime are often the coolest of the bunch, and it’s the same for Takamura. A member of The Order, he’s a harmless-looking old man always muttering to himself. But in a fight, it becomes apparent why he is amongst the strongest in the world. 

Takamura possesses extraordinary strength and speed even in his old age. His reflexes are lightning-fast, and his swordsmanship is so great that he can easily cut through steel and wood with his katana. He’s a deadly force of nature, and only Gaku was fortunate enough to survive him.

1) Sei Asaki

Sei Asaki

The new mystery of the series is the current JAA Chairman. Sei Asaki hasn’t shown any of the skills, but it is very apparent why he is at the top of the biggest assassination guild.

Asaki was able to survive the bomb detonated by Uzuki despite it being extremely close quarters. He is also very clever and can easily sniff out hostile intent from others.

Our ranking of the Top 20 strongest Sakamoto Days characters ends here. These are the characters we’ve known properly as of yet, but surely, there will come more powerful characters further in the story.

When they do, we’ll be sure to update our ranking. So, don’t forget to keep an eye on Otakus’ Notes for exciting content on your favorite anime and manga.

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