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(2021) Power of all Monarchs in Solo Leveling: Strongest Monarch

Solo leveling is a top tier webtoon creating huge waves in the webtoon community recently. Published by D&C Media based on the light novel “I alone level up” by Chu-Gong and illustrated by Dubu from Redice studio. The art and design are surely a spectacle for being one of its kind, and the story is spreading the craze like wild-fire.

The webtoon started serializing in July 2016 and entered its popular phase recently in early 2020 as its 1st season came to an end. With a break of 5 months, the second season began in August this year with the most robust and enthralling entrance scenes ever, enough to satisfy the abiding admirers.

Moving on to the plot premise, the story follows Sung Jin-Woo, in a world where Dimensional gates started popping up, which connected this ethereal reality to an unbelievable barbaric dungeon full of monsters. Along with it, some ordinary people awakened to unrealistic powers and recognized themselves as the “Hunters.”

Sung Jin-Woo was an E-rank hunter and came to be known as the “weakest hunter in the world .”Being too weak, Sung Jin-Woo barely earned anything and still had loads of responsibilities. One day, facing a parlous enemy, losing his whole crew, and nearly accepting death, he got a log ping: an option to become strong, an option to LEVEL UP.

The introduction of the mighty Monarchs has not been showcased in the Webtoon yet, so be advised that further analysis are full of spoilers.

Power of All Monarchs
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Now in the recent chapters, SungJin Woo has become the strongest hunter in the world after defeating Thomas Andre and his guild alone. After the death of the National Authority Hunter, Christopher Raid by Monarchs, every mighty hunter has developed a sense of fear from the monarchs. Presently, everyone in the world is bestowing their hope on hunter Sung Jin Woo.

One of the most important divulge is the introduction of The Absolute Being (God), who split the powers of light and dark into 8 each, which became the 8 dark monarchs and 8 light rulers. The monarchs sorted to destroy the universe, whereas the rulers fought to protect it.

Powers of all Monarchs in Solo Leveling-

  • The Monarch of White Flames, the King of Demons, Baran –
Baran Powers of all Monarchs in Solo Leveling
Image Source: solo leveling fandom

With an army of hell’s demons, he has a unique power of lightning manipulation and immense Mana. With the ability of dimensional storage, he could easily summon nasty demons on his command and overpower many S-rank hunters. He can manipulate fire and weather. With a threat level of ‘Demon,’ he could stall Jin-Woo for some time and forced him to summon his elite shadow army.

  • The Monarch of the Iron Body, the King of Monstrous Humanoids –
Iron Body Powers of all Monarchs in Solo Leveling
Image Source: solo leveling fandom

With an army of nearly indestructible Golems, he has unique energy manipulation and statistics enhancement power. Using the ability to distort dimensions, he could travel among dimensional rifts and has extraordinary martial arts skills. Screening a threat level of ‘Dragon,’ hypersonic speed, and regeneration, he sits just beside the king of beasts in terms of raw power. In the recent chapters, he came along with other monarchs to kill the National Authority Hunter, Christopher Reid.

  • The Monarch of Beastly Fangs, the King of Beasts – 
Powers of all Monarchs in Solo Leveling
Image Source: solo leveling fandom

With an army of monstrous beasts at his command, he has a unique power of transforming into a huge white wolf with an attack of range in kilometers. He can perform spatial distortion and hide in between dimensions for surprise attacks. He can manipulate sound through howling. With a threat level of ‘Dragon,’ he easily pierced Jin-Woo from back to front in his chest with his claws.

  • The Monarch of the Beginning, the King of Giants, Legia –
Giant Monarch Powers of all Monarchs in Solo Leveling
Image Source: solo leveling fandom

With an army of giants, he has a unique power of herd command, which enables him in mass murder and destruction. He can perform distortions in the fabric of reality and cross gates voluntarily. With a threat level of ‘Dragon,’ he can cause massive chaos, but he could not last long in the Japan Arc.

Solo Leveling Chapter 151 Spoilers
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  • The Monarch of Plagues, the Queen of Insects, Querehsha –
Powers of all Monarchs in Solo Leveling
Image Source: solo leveling fandom

With an army of deadly parasites, she can awaken the undead by infesting the brain of the corpses, doubled with her ability to shapeshift into a horde of insects, she reigns unstoppable. She could create a portal at will and hide after the 6th war. With a threat level of ‘Dragon,’ she heavily injured Jin-Woo and has a considerably low range of attack with poison spits and viral infestation.

  • The Monarch of Frost, the King of Snow Folk, Arte –
Powers of all Monarchs in Solo Leveling
Image Source: solo leveling fandom

With an army of ice soldiers and frost weapons, he has an extensive range of attacks. He has a unique power of extraordinary spells casting notably sleep magic. He is an abyss level Mage and can create his own dimensional portals of a blue tint. With a threat level of ‘Dragon,’ hypersonic speed, and calm understanding, he easily overpowered Kamish’s Wrath Jin-Woo. Also he was one behind the death of the Korean Hunter Association Chairman, Go Gun-Hee.

  • The Monarch of Transfiguration, the King of Demonic Spectres, Yogumunt –
Powers of all Monarchs in Solo Leveling
Image Source: solo leveling fandom

With an ability to create numerous eyeballs anywhere, nothing goes unseen for this specter. His unique ability is clairvoyance by constructing a huge eyeball. With divine fabric manipulation, he can easily travel among dimensions to create huge illusions easy to intercept but deadly. He posed as the most troubled nemesis to Jing-Woo besides Antares.

  • The Shadow Monarch, the King of the Dead, Ashborn, then Sung Jin-Woo –
Ashborn Powers of all Monarchs in Solo Leveling
Image Source: solo leveling fandom

Ashborn was a ruler who later became a monarch after God was betrayed and killed by the rulers; he was the greatest fragment of brilliant light with an army of reanimated shadows forming an undefeated herd. He had the unique power of death god’s sovereignty. He was later betrayed and weakened by the monarchs too.

After helplessly dying once, Jin-Woo accepts Ashborn’s dark heart and becomes the shadow monarch; with all hellish powers yet soaring high up-to-the heavens, he has the highest range of attack ever. With many unique abilities inherited from Ashborn, he can teleport by shadow exchange and is the strongest human on earth. He also has the ability to bestow power, unlike other monarchs.

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Strongest Monarch in Solo Leveling –

  • The Monarch of Destruction, the King of Berserk Dragons, Antares

Aka The strongest monarch, Antares is the last boss in the novel with an indelible body and OP abilities. He is a sole fighter with a dragon scale longsword and has two unique abilities, unlike the other 7 monarchs. He uses Breath of destruction to wipe out anything in a range of 1000 kilometers, even the seemingly immortal shadow soldiers.

With the Dragon Emperor’s roar, he can freeze everything in an instant; even S-rank hunters start having convulsions. With a boasting threat level of ‘Demon God,’ he can even negate others’ regeneration and has the highest spatial manipulation. Showcasing speed faster than light and extremely high stamina, only after he intervened, the monarchs could overpower the Shadow Monarch.

Solo Leveling Chapter 157 Spoilers and Release Date
Image Source: @ChapteriaCom (Twitter)

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More than half of the Monarchs are not even going to appear on their own since they are hiding in dimensional rifts since the 6th war of earth. Although, there will be more human vassals like Sung Jin-Woo who will emerge possessing the mighty powers of these Monarchs.

The webtoon can be caught up on its official site; the English translation can be found at fsapk.com. This is an official site that has paid chapters, so do support the author by reading from it. Keep following our page for more exciting epics from the story.

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