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Power Of Gordon Agrippa In Black Clover | Based on Latest Manga Chapter

Last updated on February 21st, 2022 at 11:43 pm

Black Clover is a manga published in the Weekly Shonen Jump from 2015. It is written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. The story follows our protagonist Asta, a musclehead who has no magic in a world that is full of magic yet aims to become the Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom. He joins the Magic Knights Squad Black Bulls to accomplish his dream.

Black Bulls have the reputation of being the worst squad due to causing destruction on their missions. One of the members of the squad is Gordon Agrippa. He accompanied Yami and Finral on the Magic Knights Entrance Test, where Yami chose Asta to become a member of the Black Bulls. He’s a mysterious figure of the squad who’s often seen mumbling.

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Gordon Agrippa’s History and Family in Black Clover-

Gordon is a commoner of the Agrippa Family, which are infamous for their Curse Magic. He grew up lonely and without any friends due to his appearance, which led to his poor communication skills. He abandoned his family and joined the Black Bulls. 

Gordon and his Family
Image Source: Tumblr- Iluvluvnutella

He didn’t know much about his family but later discovered that his father, Nathan is a great healer who uses family knowledge to treat those who are cursed. Gordon was unaware of this because of his father’s poor communication skills.

Gordon is a man with a slender build and short black hair. He wears black eyeshadow in the form of large circles around his eyes and also wears black lipstick and nail polish. He took on the look of an Otaku when he was looking for cures to remove Asta’s Curse along with Gauche after the battle with Vetto at the Underwater Temple.

Gordon's Dolls
Image Source: Youtube- anime101

He mumbles to himself, making it extremely difficult for others to communicate with him. Due to his appearance, he intimidates other people. He enjoys making dolls in the shapes of other Black Bull members.

However, he’s kind-hearted and tries to bond with his squadmates. He considers them his friends and makes positive comments while mumbling, which are left unheard. Although he can raise his voice to an average volume in tensed situations, he is always overshadowed by his loud teammates.

Magic Power of Gordon Agrippa in Black Clover-

He possesses a Three Leaf Grimoire that contains various Poison-based magic spells. His magic is extremely useful in battle, and he can outlast his opponents due to his enormous stamina. His vast knowledge of curses is a valuable asset in battles. He lacks in his physical abilities, and his mana-sensing is not that great either.

  • Poison Magic –

Gordon using Poison Magic
Image Source: Black Clover Wiki

Gordon uses this magic to generate and manipulate Poison. He develops his poison into medicine which helps his allies after studying with his father. However, Poison Magic has no actual combat power of its own and can only act as a support role in battles.

  • Curse Magic –

Gordon Studying Curses
Image Source: Twitter- Black Clover Perfect Shots

He uses Curses to add additional effects to his spells. He is an expert in Curses due to his family lineage and is able to inflict curses, remove them and temporarily stop them. And he also has reinforcement magic that allows him to enhance his physical abilities, which makes up for his lack of physical strength.

Abilities of Gordon Agrippa in Black Clover-

  • Verbotenes Obst –

Gordon using Verbotenes Obst
Image Source: Black Clover Wiki

It is German for “forbidden fruit.” Gordon creates a large mass of liquid poison between his hands and launches it at his opponents. This spell helps in distracting and damaging opponents.

  • Violett Schirm –

Gordon using Violett Schirm
Image Source: Black Clover Wiki

It stands for “Purple Umbrella” in German. Gordon generates a large curtain of poison liquid which can be used to defend from an attack. It comes in handy as it helps protect himself and his allies from enemy spells.

  • Aufwachen Dachs –

Aufwachen Dachs means “Wake Up Badger” in German. He creates multiple badgers composed of poison that are strong enough to chew through the limbs of magically reinforced corpses.

  • The Dwelling of the Poison Cloud –

Gordon Uses Dwelling Of The Poison Cloud
Image Source: Black Clover Wiki

He generates a large stream of poison gas which can corrode any plant life it comes in contact with. It helped in the battle against Sally’s Salamander as he corroded the salamander, which had been turned into plants by Grey’s Transmutation Magic.

  • Curse Workers Neighbour –

    Gordon alters Henry's Curse

This is a Modified Curse Poison Magic Technique where Gordon places his hands on someone who has been cursed and enables that person to better control the effect of their curse.

  • Mana Skin –

It’s a basic reinforcement spell that most Magic Knights use. They create a coating of Mana around their body which protects them. However, environments with strong mana currents make it difficult to maintain the Mana Skin as the coating has to adjust to the varying mana constantly.

Although Gordon is not exceptional in terms of strength or intelligence, his magic is exceptionally resourceful as it can be used strategically and help in battles. He proved his usefulness during the fight against Rades, Sally, and Valtos when he used his Poison Magic on Sally’s Salamander and rendered it futile after being transmuted into plants by Grey.

He combines well with others to launch attacks which can be seen during the Black Bulls vs. The Three Elves fight as Gordon combines his magic with that of Magna and Henry to cast spells out of cannons.

Gordon has gone from being shunned by society to the point in his life where he has many friends who accept him for who he is and consider him a part of the Black Bull family. Now all that’s left for him is to make his presence felt amongst the squad and not be left out.

With the arc heading towards its conclusion, it remains to be seen what will happen to Yami and the Black Bulls in the Spade Invasion. Read the Manga officially on Viz Media and watch the Anime on Crunchyroll. For more such articles, stay tuned with us. Thank you for reading.

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