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Power of Grey in Black Clover Explained

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In the Black Clover World, magic is as natural as eating and sleeping, so much so that people without magic are considered an oddity. The people are respected according to their magical prowess, and magic knight squads protect the Clover Kingdom ruled over by the Wizard king.

The story revolves around Asta, a boy without magic wishing to become the Wizard King. To fulfill his ambition, Asta joins the Black Bulls, a powerful but odd magic Knight squad with unique members, of which Grey is also a member.

Initially appearing as an extremely large, heavy-set man with slick black hair with glowing eyes (looking more like a sumo wrestler), no one would have guessed that Grey is, in fact, a girl with some pretty serious magical powers. It is only in the Seabed Temple Arc that Grey’s true form and abilities are exposed.

She appears as a young woman with average height and blue bob-cut hair, wearing a white sleeveless shirt and a pair of High waisted dark blue pants with the traditional black bulls robe.

Born in the common realm of the Clover Kingdom, she was abused by her stepmother after her father’s remarriage. After getting her Grimoire, she transforms to look more like her stepsisters, who chase her out. She is saved by Gauche from three robbers, after which she joins the Black Bulls. She is immensely shy in her true form and prefers the form of the burly giant.

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Power of Grey in Black Clover-

Grey is a 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight with a three-leaf clover grimoire that contains transformation-based spells. She is often seen transforming her appearance to take on the form of other characters or inanimate objects.

She can also use her magic to transform other things apart from herself, such as inanimate objects and enemy spells which are very useful in battle. In the Revenge of the Elves Arc, she uses her magic to transform the mobile base into a mirror base that basically acted to bring Gauche and his sister back to their senses.

Grey’s True Magic Type in Black Clover-

There has been a lot of speculation about the real powers of Grey. While some say that her true powers are much beyond transformation magic, some believe that her magic is recombination at the atomic level, which allows her to transform herself and others at will. Along with transformation magic, she can also use reinforcement magic that improves her physical abilities.

Other Magic of Grey in Black Clover-

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Grey’s reinforcement magic allows her to improve her speed, strength, and stamina during battles. She can also use Mana skin which allows her to battle in extreme heat conditions. She can also use heat magic nullification against heat magic due to her Mana skin after running across the Yultim Volcano.

Abilities of Grey in Black Clover-

  • Transformation-

 This is pretty much what we have seen Grey do for most of the series. She is not a frontline fighter; however, her abilities can very well be used to create confusion on the battlefield. She can make an excellent double and provide support in battles. In addition, she can replicate attacks of those she takes the form of.

  • Reinforcement-

 Grey can also use recombination magic to increase her physical abilities for a short time in the battle, as seen during Revenge of the Elves Arc. As part of a team with Gauche, Grey won against both Zarick and Zuta and also against elves Drowa and Eclat, which shows that she is a teammate someone can easily rely upon.

  • Healing-

 This ability of Grey came very recently in the Invasion of Spade Kingdom Arc, where Gauche was impaled by Dante’s sword, and Grey was able to heal him by rebuilding his tissues at the molecular level. This gave rise to speculations that Grey’s magic is actually arcane level, one that can be fully fleshed out as the series progresses.

Although Grey was not considered as a powerful Magic Knight initially due to her shy and withdrawn nature, she has proved to be a formidable magic knight in her own right. Especially after the Invasion of Spade Kingdom Arc, where she healed Gauche, her powers are speculated to be more than what was initially thought to be. Nevertheless, she continues to be an important Black Bulls member willing to risk all for her squad.

The Black Clover manga is available for reading in the official Shonen Jump magazines. For all those out there who would rather prefer to watch the action unfold in front of them, Netflix has three seasons of Black Cover streaming worldwide which is a feast of all Shonen enthusiasts out there.

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