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Record of Ragnarok Chapter 72 Spoilers & Raw Scans (Hades vs. Beelzebub)

Last updated on January 25th, 2023 at 11:43 pm

At the end of chapter 71, we witnessed Tesla manipulating his usage of Tesla particles to one-up Beelzebub. He was able to trap Beelzebub in the Prison of Gods, which he exquisitely crafted for this purpose. He successfully put up his anti-gravity machine, which he devised in his mind during his prime, with the help of Volund’s power and Super Tesla particle.

With all this preparation, Tesla could successfully levitate in the square area, further accelerate his speed, and land a few hits on Beelzebub. Tesla used his intellect and invented a quirky move, Tesla Steps, to further confuse Beelzebub, but Beelzebub was able to grasp the working of that technique just after perceiving it once and completely shut down Tesla’s attack.

Beelzebub vs. Nikola Tesla

Right at the end, when Beelzebub thinks he got Tesla completely figured out, Tesla astonishes Beelzebub when he just instantly teleports to Beelzebub’s back and drops down another one of his power-packed punches, which ends up creating a huge blast of energy, but it is unclear as to whether the attack landed successfully on Beelzebub or not.

Now, let us look at some Record of Ragnarok Chapter 72 spoilers, raw scans, release date, and where to read the chapter when it drops.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 72 Spoilers


The next chapter reveals some more of the backstories of Tesla and Beelzebub and clears the mystery of the last panel surrounding how Tesla teleported and whether his attack reached or not.

  • We get to witness more of Tesla’s past and one of the secret experimentations that took place after Tesla’s Death. It was called the Philadelphia plan, and the objective of the experiment was to make a ship invisible under the radar.
  • After equipping the ship with tesla coils, even if all the precautions and safety measures were taken, the ship suddenly vanished from its location of Philadelphia Coast, Pennsylvania, and teleported to Norfolk, Virginia, 363 Kilometers distance between both destinations.
  • The true purpose of the experiment was a teleportation experiment, but it was hidden from the public eyes, as no Human was able to survive in that hellish teleportation experiment.
  • Tesla had perfected this experiment, with the help of his Volund and made it a reality, and dealt severe damage to Beelzebub. But, Beelzebub realized something that everyone else does not realize and said that his Tesla Warp has three limitations.
  • The first one is that it takes time to charge and accumulate Tesla particles, and the reasoning which was specified said that Tesla could have immediately teleported again and finished off Beelzebub for good but did not.
  • The place to which it can teleport is constrained, and the Tesla steps were a facade to cover up the process of Tesla setting up a point to which he can warp.
  • And the third was that there were only limited usages for this move, and right then, the coil which is on Tesla’s left hand blew up. Tesla does not refute any of Beelzebub’s claims and talks about the limitations of this move in detail. Tesla knew that it would be pointless even if he tried to play it dumb or fool him, as he knew Beelzebub’s intellect was on the same level as his.
  • Tesla further revealed that it could be only possible in the Prison of Gods, and it needs an increased level of super Tesla particles to move, and after deciding upon a location, it takes 63 seconds after synchronization of Tesla particles and super Tesla coil to teleport.
  • He also adds that it takes 1 Super Tesla Coil for successful teleportation, and we can see that there is 2 more present on Tesla, and he speaks nothing more.
  • We can also take a glimpse of Brunhilde speculating that two more uses for Tesla and Volund would be fatal, Beelzebub then asks if he is willing to reveal more information, but Tesla says nothing more.
  • Beelzebub smiles for the first time, reminisces about his past, and says that he was never been this badly wounded before. Finally, we get more of Beelzebub’s past, and we see that this flashback takes place in Hades’ castle.
  •  We witness an intruder trying to break into the castle, killing every guard he encounters on the way. The intruder was revealed to Beelzebub and boldly claimed to Hades that he wanted to fight him. Beelzebub’s sole plea was to get killed by someone stronger than him, as he was unable to kill himself.
  • Hades honors these words of Beelzebub and gets ready to fight with him; the last panel of the manga ends with teasing Hades vs. Beelzebub in the next chapter and how Hades managed to save Beelzebub.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 72 Release Date

The next chapter should probably release around mid-December, as the English-translated version generally releases a week or two after the raw scans get released. This is all speculation, and there is no official date announced as of now, but it should be announced soon enough.

Where to Read Record of Ragnarok Chapter 72

The Record of Ragnarok manga can be read on the official website, which has all the updated chapters. We can access the chapters from other private sites, which consist of a variety of different translators. Here we conclude our article. We will be back with another post. Till then stay tuned with us. 

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