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Solo Leveling Ep 2 Spoilers & Release Date(Hidden Rules)

Solo Leveling Ep 1 premiered very recently, and fans are excited to see what’s in store for Solo Leveling Ep 2. The first episode was exactly as we imagined and read in the webtoon. 

The animation quality and the music were also good, and the best part is that the first episode builds up more hype and excitement for what will happen in the next episodes. 

Sung Jinwoo is the weakest hunter, but after the incidents in the first episode, he is left in a life-and-death situation. How will Sung Jinwoo escape this domain now, with his weakest skills? 

Read more about the next spoilers part in our article to find out. 

Solo Leveling Ep 2 Spoilers

Solo Leveling Ep 2 Spoilers

Sung Jin Woo had successfully understood the meaning of some of the hidden rules, but would he be able to stay alive in this dungeon or not?

  • Thanks to Sung Jin Woo shouting for everyone to duck, some guild members were saved. 
  • Just then, Ju Hee collapses due to the fear, and Song talks about how she can’t handle fear
  • Sung notices that Song’s left arm was destroyed in this attack. 
  • Song says that this domain exceeds that of a B-rank
  • He also says these monsters are far stronger than he has encountered. 
  • Song tries to think of a way out of this situation. 
  • One of the guild members tries to escape quickly but still gets turned to ashes. 
  • Sung Jin Woo suddenly gets an idea, and he starts testing it. 
  • The main statue only attacks if you cross past a certain height
  • All the guild members bow down to the statue, and its expression changes when the members think they survive; the statue suddenly stands up. 
  • Sung Jin Woo immediately understands that he must now decipher the second rule
  • One guild member starts singing a song, but they praise the wrong lord. 
  • They get instantly squashed by the large statue, and everyone starts panicking. 
  • Sung notices that some statues have instruments and that they don’t attack. 
  • He asks others to run towards these instruments, and those statues start playing. 
  • He asks Ju Hee to stay near a statue with an instrument and starts running towards another one. 
  • Just then, the huge statue attacks near Sung’s location. 
  • He then noticed that he was running towards a guard, and he lost his leg in the guard’s attack. 
  • Soon, he gets towards a statue that starts singing. 
  • The guild members talk about how they started 17 members. 
  • Now, only 6 members are alive, and 2 others are gravely injured. 

Solo Leveling Ep 2 Release Date

Solo Leveling Ep 2 Release Date

Solo Leveling Ep 2 will be released in 5 more days on all official and unofficial streaming platforms. The episode premiers this Saturday, 13th January, at around 8:30 PM IST

The episode will take longer to get updated on all the streaming services. We can only expect the series to be streaming on Crunchyroll, and that too only on select regions. 

To watch this series in other regions requires a good VPN. These are all of the spoilers regarding Solo Leveling Ep 2. For similar and interesting content, check out our other articles here. 

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