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(2024) Top 30 Strongest Hunters in Solo Leveling Novel Ranked

 Solo Leveling was initially a 2016 South Korean web novel titled I Only Level Up written by Chugong. It was illustrated as a webtoon in 2018 by Juang Sung-rak and Gi So-Ryeong, and so far has been spanned over 3 volumes.

The main reason for its current rise in popularity is due to its interesting plot and beautifully illustrated panels. And so, we bring you a list of the Top 30 Strongest Hunters in Solo Leveling Ranked.

The plot of this webtoon is set in a world where portals connecting the human world to the supernatural have now become a common occurrence. However, many hunters step up to the challenge and now explore these dungeons for resources as a job. 

Among these hunters is our E-rank protagonist, Sung Jin-woo, attempting to make a living. But with a sudden twist of fate, he ends up being trapped in a dungeon and so becomes a player in a System. This system allows him to level up by completing tasks and then grants him unique abilities.

However, there is more to the system than it seems, and with the constant appearance of portals, lives are put in harm’s way. And so it is the hunters and their Guilds that have to step up to save the day. The contents below may include some spoilers, so fans are requested to proceed with caution for the Top 30 Strongest Hunters in Solo Leveling Ranked.

Top 30 Strongest Hunters in Solo Leveling Novel Ranked

30. Mari Ishida

Mari Ishida

Mari Ishida was one of Japan’s top S-Rank Hunters of the famed Draw Sword Guild. She was chosen to participate in the 4th Jeju Island raid. She is very kind and cares a lot about all of her fellow guildmates.

Although she was primarily a damage dealer, we hadn’t seen her in action. She did not participate in the sparring matches between the Korean Hunters, nor did she use her special abilities during the Jeju Island raid.

This is why she is the weakest S-rank Hunter, as her powers are completely unknown.

29. Tatsumi Fujishima

Tatsumi Fujishima

Adding yet another Japanese S-ranked hunter to our list of the strongest hunters in solo levelling, we have Tatsumi Fujishima, a member of the most popular Draw Sword guild.

Fujishima didn’t participate in the sparring matches, so we have almost no idea of his abilities. All we know about him is that he is very skilled at using his sword in battle.

But Fujishima died to Ant King before he could even land an attack on him.

28. Akari Shimizu

Akari Shimizu

Akari Shimizu was another Japanese S-rank Hunter who came from the Draw Sword Guild to deal with the threat of Jeju Island. She is rather unique, as her skills are primarily focused on healing magic.

Despite this, she still wields an axe, meaning she is proficient at using it. Despite this, we hadn’t seen much of her other skills as the Ant King quickly killed her before she had even realized it.

27. Kanae Tawata

Kanae Tawata

Kanae Tawata was one of the only survivors after the tragic 4th raid of Jeju Island arc. She was also yet another strong Japanese S-rank Hunter who was also a member of the Draw Sword guild.

She generally uses katanas in combat, making her a powerful enemy to watch out for. Although she did give Cha Hae-In a hard battle during their match, she lost the match after showcasing her abilities.

26. Jay Mills

Jay Mills

Jay Mills was very foolish despite being the 17th-ranked hunter and the strongest Canadian Hunter. He died before he could even show us his abilities, which made him the strongest Canadian hunter.

Jay Mills ignored Sung Jin Woo’s warnings and was instantly decimated by Antares. This is the primary reason we have ranked him so low on our list, as he didn’t show any special abilities worthy of his title.

25. Lim Tae-Gyu

Lim Tae-Gyu

Despite being an S-ranked hunter and the Guild Master of the Fiend guild, he was one of the weaker S-ranks known to date. During the sparring match, he was easily defeated by Minoru Hoshino too.

Lim Tae-Gyu is an archer and is quite skilled at long-range combat using his bow. His magic arrows pack a powerful punch and even damage the Ant Queen easily.

But he is still weaker than most of the S-ranked hunters on this list.

24. Minoru Hoshino

Minoru Hoshino

Minoru Hoshino was the second survivor after the 4th Jeju Island raid, in which the majority of Japanese S-ranked hunters died. Although he easily defeated Lim Tae-Gyu, this was a small achievement.

His powers and abilities are also unknown, as we didn’t see his battles after that. We do know that he has enhanced strength and speed attributes, but apart from this, nothing else is known about his powers.

23. Eunseok


Euneok was a Korean S-ranked Hunter who only appeared in the novel and the anime series. He did not appear in the manhwa at all, but we learned more about him after the release of the anime adaptation.

He had participated in the 3rd Jeju Island raid, but he ultimately died during that raid. Eunseok was proficient in using lightning magic, which made him one of the strongest Korean hunters of his time.

22. Ma Dongwook

Ma Dongwook

Ma Dongwook is yet another Korean S-ranked hunter, but he is also one of the weakest S-rank hunters in the world. Apart from this, he can increase his size with his power, increasing his raw stats.

Some of his only good attributes are his physical strength and endurance, which saved his life during the 4th Jeju Island raid. On top of this, he is also able to utilize a spear when he is fighting against monsters.

21. Kei


Although Kei did not show off his abilities much in the sparring match, we know he was one of the strongest Japanese hunters. Goto Ryuuji also recognized his strength.

In addition, he is a very powerful ice mage who utilizes many powerful spells and magic. He created an ice wall instantly to stop the heated battle of Goto Ryuji vs Sung Jin Woo.

Kei also has a mana smell, so he only talks to others a little. He displayed his abilities to the full extent when he kept on slaughtering ants, but ultimately he died to the Ant King during their battle.

20. Atsushi Kumamoto

Atsushi Kumamoto

Atsushi Kumamoto was another Japanese Hunter and was quite strong, too. However, he always has a bad habit of aiming for the weaker opponents first instead of facing the stronger ones.

Despite having inhuman strength and speed, he is a coward and always uses underhanded tricks to fight. Despite this, he possesses a berserker state, which is very powerful, and this makes him one of the strongest Japanese hunters.

However, the lack of information about his special berserker state lands him at the 20th spot on our list of the strongest hunters in solo leveling.

19. Min Byung-Gyu

Min Byung-Gyu

Min Byung-Gyu is an S-ranked healer who has extensive experience fighting monsters. He has also participated in the Jeju Island raid twice, where he lost his life the second time.

Despite being one of the best healers, he retired after the death of his friend, Eunseok. But, he joined the 4th Jeju Island raid after learning that Baek Yoonho would be fighting again.

Apart from healing magic, he could cast powerful buffs and erase his whole presence using disguise to support the other hunters more.

18. Ippei Izawa

Ippei Izawa

Ippei Izawa was one of the rarest S-class assassin types of hunters. He didn’t choose to reveal his special powers or abilities, as he did not participate in the sparring between the Japanese and Korean hunters.

Ippei Izawa is also a damage dealer who mainly uses bladed tonfas while fighting against monsters. Although this was a unique and interesting combo, we only understand some of his powers.

Despite this, he killed many ants in the Jeju Island raid.

17. Kenzo Tanaka

Kenzo Tanaka

Kenzo Tanaka would be one of the strongest Japanese hunters alongside Goto Ryuji had he trained more. He is a physical monster who has superhuman physical strength and endurance.

He could best Ma Dongwook and even Baek Yoonho in raw power and strength alone. He had also easily defeated Ma Dongwook despite the latter’s use of his gigantification.

Meanwhile, Kenzo had yet to use his special powers in their battle. He also contributed a lot by killing a lot of ants before the Ant King finished him off.

16. Reiji Sugimoto

Reiji Sugimoto

Although the series shows no expression of Reiji Sugimoto’s powers, the only hint of his power is that he is said to be the right hand of Goto Ryuji. All we know is that he was the second strongest in the Draw Sword Guild. 

Following the death of the Guild Master, he was promoted to fill that position. Considering the fact that the Guild Master was said to be the strongest Japanese hunter, this is the rank we place him at.

15. Yuri Orloff

Yuri Orloff

Yuri Orlov is a Russian S Rank Mage who specialized in Barrier Mage. He played his main and final role during the Shinjuku Raid and displayed his huge ego and impressive skills there.

Despite being egoistic, he definitely has skills wide enough to make him the best Support-Type Hunter. He was successfully able to restrain two members of the Draw Sword Guild and was even able to clear S Rank dungeons by himself.

14. Hwang Dongsoo

Hwang Dongsoo

In the recent arc of the manga, Hwang Dong Su bore the spotlight for a considerable amount of time. Although a minor antagonist, he gained a boost from Norma and was considered to be stronger than most of his Korean S Rank counterparts.

The only commendable part about him is the fact that he was able to sustain a beat down from Sung Jin-Woo for a short moment. Other than that, he was also deemed worthy for a shadow extraction and now goes by the name Greed, which might hint at the true potential of his strength.

13. Baek Yoonho

Baek Yoonho

Baek Yoonho is undoubtedly one of the strongest Korean hunters due to his raw ability and power. He is adept at using transformation magic and can transform into a tiger-like monster at his will.

Apart from this, he also has his special eyes of the beast, which lets him measure the power level of anyone. He also has enhanced strength, speed, and durability, which increases once he changes his form.

12. Choi Jong-In

Choi Jong-In

Choi Jong In is a Korean S Rank level mage whose powers manifest in the form of flames. He has also dubbed the title of The Ultimate Soldier and displays a varying attack range of his fire magic.

He played his first major role in the series during the Jeju Island Raid Arc and was one of the main hunters to face the Ant colony head-on. 

Being a reliable Guild Master of the Hunters Guild, his most impressive moves are Flame Barrier, Locating Fire, and Flame spear. All of these moves were especially essential to ensure the survival of his raid team on Jeju Island.

11. Goto Ryuji

Goto Ryuji

Goto Ryuji was the cunning Guild Master of Draw Sword Guild and a main participant in the Jeju Island Raid. Being titled the strongest Japanese hunter, he definitely lived up to it.

He was one of the very few people to land a scratch of Sung Jin-Woo at full strength. With his keen senses and reflexes, he was able to react to the attacks of Beru and the Ant King.

10. Cha Hae-In

Cha Hae-In

With her heightened sense of Mana Smell, Cha Hae In is one of the strongest Korean S Rank Hunters. Since she also possesses other sharpened senses, she is quick to detect and react to danger.

She is a highly skilled swordsman, managed to hold her own against Igris, and even provoked him to attack. Her impressive moves, Blade of Light, Blade Dance, and Tremor of Provocation, played a considerable role in the Jeju Island Raid.

9. Lennart Niermann

Lennart Niermann

Lennart is a German S Rank hunter and the Guild Master of the Richter Guild. He is the strongest German Hunter and ranks as the 12th strongest in the world. Matching his pretty blonde hair, his magic is supposed to be the charge type.

He also has immensely sharp senses, as, during the International Guild Conference Arc, he was the only Hunter able to sense Sung Jin Woo’s shadow armada.

Other than this, he is a practical and smart person whose quick decision-making skills are displayed as he appears to ask Sung Jin-Woo for help.

8. Go Gunhee

Go Gunhee

The president of the Korean Hunters Association was also known as the S rank among S ranks and was said to have the power to take on most of the guild masters at one despite his age. 

In the recent events of the series, witness that he had a special ability passed on from a Ruler and was called the fragment of luminosity.

7. Jonas 


The series crunches very little information on juniors; all we know is that he is the sixth strongest hunter in the world as per the records and is known as Brazil’s greatest hunter

He possesses the skills of Rulers Hand, which grants him the power of telekinesis, and also possesses Spiritual Body Manifestation. This probably means that he was the vessel of Rulers’

Solo Leveling National Rank Hunters

6. Siddharth Bachchan

The National-Level Hunter hails from India, is none other than Siddhart Bachchan. He hasn’t officially debuted in the illustrated series but is said to be the fourth strongest hunter in the world. 

Like most of the strongest hunters of the world, he too possesses the ability of telekinesis through Rulers’ Hands and Spiritual Body Manifestation.

5. Christopher Reed

Christopher Reed

Christopher Reed is America’s strongest hunter. He is an S rank National level hunter and the third strongest hunter in the world. 

He possesses Rulers’ hands, and his Spiritual Body Manifestation produces a flame-covered beast. Although powerful, he was a little conceited about his abilities which later landed him in trouble. 

4. Liu Zhigang

Liu Zhigang

Liu Zhigang is also known as the Hero of China. Other than being an S-rank National level hunter, he is also the second strongest hunter in the world. He is a vessel of a Ruler and was the strongest hunter in Asia before he was surpassed by Sung Jin-woo. 

During Jeju Island Raid Arc, he massacred hundreds of mutant ants with a single blow. And like most of the Rulers’ vessels, he too possesses the power of Rulers’ Hands and Spiritual Body Manifestation.

3. Thomas Andre

Thomas Andre

Thomas Andre was one of the main members we met at the international Hunters conference as the Guild Master of the Scavenger Guild. He is a national-level hunter from America, possesses the skills of a tanker, and is also known as the Goliath. 

He’s also known as the strongest tank in the world and is a vessel of a Ruler. In terms of strength, he managed to have a drawn-out battle with Sung Jin Woo and also manages to fight the Beast Monarch for some time.

2. Sung Il-Hwan (Not National Rank Hunter)

Sung Il-Hwan

Sung Il Hwang is the father of Sung Jin-woo and he is said to be have been trapped in a Dungeon for about 10 years. While being trapped there, is possible that he has absorbed mana and gained experience from his trials there.

He is also a medium of the Ruler and just possesses some of their powers. Later on, in the web novel, he also stands up to the monarchs and manages to take on two Monarchs by himself. 

Strongest Hunter in Solo Leveling

1. Sung Jinwoo

Sung Jinwoo

The previous E rank reawakened hunter is now the strongest in the world. Other than possessing heightened senses, he has also overcome the system set by the Absolute Being.

He possesses the ability of necromancy, possesses immense endurance and speed, and can even increase his physical abilities. He also has skills like Dominators Touch, Shadow Exchange, Ruler’s Authority and can summon his armada of shadow soldiers.

And with this, we conclude with our list of the Top 30 Strongest Hunters in Solo Leveling Ranked. Although the series displays a plethora of amazingly talented characters, we hope that the list we’ve provided includes the characters you’ve hoped for.

Well, we’ll be back with another article to keep you informed and kickin’, so until then, stay safe, stay tuned, and stay hyped.

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