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Solo Leveling Ep 7 Spoilers & Release Date(Key to Demon Castle)

Last updated on February 13th, 2024 at 03:27 pm

Solo Leveling Ep 7 keeps improving, with better animation, fights, and special insert songs. In this episode, we saw that Sung Jin Woo’s level had leveled significantly since episode 5.

Sung Jin Woo had made it to level 18 and now has more stats. So, he decided to join a party to test his new skills in a C-Rank Dungeon. However, the guild trapped Sung Jin Woo and Yoo Jin Hoo with the boss.

Sung had successfully dealt with the boss and the guild members who wanted to kill him. Seeing how he rapidly leveled up, we could expect more interesting content in the upcoming episodes.

Solo Leveling Ep 7 Spoilers

Solo Leveling Ep 7 Spoilers

The news of the C-Rank Guild’s death reached Yoo Jin Chul, too. Hwang Dong Suk’s brother also gets information about Sung Jin Woo and Yoo Jin Hoo and wants to kill them personally. 

  • After hearing Sung’s name again, Yoo Jin Chul wanted to ignore any rumors.
  • But, since he heard that Hwang Dong Suk died, he said he must handle this issue.
  • Meanwhile, Sung chills around and learns more about his abilities.
  • Yoo Jin Hoo calls Sung and asks for his help.
  • He asks Sung to help him to clear the dungeons 19 times.
  • Yoo Jin Hoo said that he wanted to become a Guild Master after doing this.
  • After explaining his dreams and situation, he handed a contract to Sung, which shook him.
  • Later, Sung goes running with his sister, Jin Ah.
  • He recalls the incidents of the previous day, where he got a 3 billion investment for helping Yoo Jin Hoo.
  • However, Sung asks him to keep this a secret and only hire extra members to fill the criteria.
  • Meanwhile, Hwang Dong Soo gets the news of his brother’s death.
  • He wants to investigate more and asks for the survivor’s information.
  • We get to know that Hwang Dong Soo is an S-Rank Hunter
  • He was initially from Korea but is known as an American Hunter. 
  • Hwang asks his manager, Lola, for free time so that he can go to Korea and deal with the others personally. 
  • However, he cannot go to Korea for the next two weeks. 
  • Meanwhile, Sung Jin-Woo gets a new reward after completing the daily quest mission twice. 
  • He got an S-class item, a key to the Dungeon Demon Castle. 
  • What will Sung’s next move be now? Will he take on the Demon Castle challenge before helping Yoo Jin Hoo?

Solo Leveling Ep 7 Release Date

Solo Leveling Ep 7 Release Date

Solo Leveling Ep 7 should be released in 6 more days, on 17th February. The release time for the new episodes is 8:30 PM IST, so check the streaming services during that time and day. 

The newer episodes are only released on Crunchyroll and only in select locations. Other streaming services may update their collections after the anime ends airing. 

These are all major spoilers and plot points for Solo Leveling Ep 7. Check some of our other articles over here for similar and interesting content. 

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