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Top 9 Strongest Thirteen Crowns Members (Ranked In Iruma kun)

The power dynamics of the Netherworld are incredibly interesting. In a world where power determines your ranking, each demon must work hard to leave their mark. Of course, Derkila’s efforts have changed the Netherworld for the better, and chaos no longer reigns supreme.

Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun! follows the story of young Suzuki Iruma, age 15. A human with good-for-nothing parents who sold their own son to the demon Sullivan

Despite Iruma’s concerns, however, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. A doting grandfather, food that he doesn’t have to slave away for, amazing friends, crazy adventures, and demons who presumably hate humans…  Everything is a first for Iruma. 

Now, it depends on him what kind of future he wants to carve for himself. But this time, he has people (or rather, demons) who will always stand with him!

The Netherworld is full of strong demons. And reigning over them is a powerful and strong group that governs the world. This group is none other than the Thirteen Crowns, encompassing the One True Demon King, the Three Greats, and the rest of the nine major clan members.

The Thirteen Crowns do their absolute best to try to maintain peace in the Netherworld, especially after Derkila went missing. Today, we will be ranking the current Top 9 Strongest Thirteen Crowns Members. We will not be including the demon king and the three greats since we are aware that they are at the top.

Keep in mind that, so far, the story hasn’t revealed most of the members’ bloodline abilities and magic skills. So much of it will be what we DO know, sprinkled with some theory-crafting.

Top 9 Strongest Thirteen Crowns Members (Ranked In Iruma kun)

9. Mephisto


Ability: Unknown

Mephisto is one of the recently selected members of the Thirteen Crowns. He is known as The Gamesman King and has also been called The Unbound.

Of course, since he was recently introduced, he hasn’t been shown a lot in the manga. All we know is that Bachiko felt considerable pressure from him when they were sitting together.

It seems that he is rather carefree as he was whistling during the Deviculum.

8. Naberius Narnia

Naberius Narnia

Ability: Cerberus, Heightened Smell

Successor of the Narnia clan and older brother of Kalego, Naberius Narnia is the other newly selected member of the Thirteen Crowns. He is the Border Patrol Guard Dog and is known to be ruthless.

Narnia is incredibly powerful. Even Kalego used to look up to him. He possesses Cerberus as part of the clan and has a heightened smell that can sniff out enemies. He knows Iruma is human since he was able to detect his scent.

Narnia is currently working with Baal for his own gains. He is deeply racist and wants a Netherworld with only demons, weeding out all other species like the deities or beasts.

7. Paimon


Ability: Lord of Spirits

Paimon is the Lord of Spirits/Fairies. She is a pretty nonchalant and calm demon who can often be seen sipping tea. 

Although she is more laid-back, Paimon still possesses a fighting spirit, especially against Bachiko, as they are childhood frenemies. The two are highly competitive, often using each other to get on top.

However, it’s obvious that she does care about Bachiko, too, as she came to talk to Iruma (who is Bachiko’s student) when he was feeling down during the Deviculum.

None of her abilities have been revealed yet, but it seems that she has the power to command spirits and possess deep knowledge.

6. Astaroh


Ability: All-Seer, Tracking

Astaroh is one of the demon Heroes of the Thirteen Crowns who is known as the Lord of All-Seer. He values intelligence and is someone who carefully considers every part of the situation.

Astaroh seems to have tracking capabilities as the All-Seer since he was tasked with finding Behemolt when he went missing.

5. Azazel Henri

Azazel Henri

Ability: Romanticist, Excellent Reflexes

Father of Ameri, Azazel Henri, is the Security Chief of the Border Patrol. He works as the face of the Border Patrol while Narnia works in shadows.

Since he is the head of the Azazel Clan, he possesses the bloodline ability Romanticist (King of Delusions). This allows him to surpass his limits during a fight with his sheer will. This means he has an incredible iron will. 

He has excellent reflexes, honed by his years of dealing with criminals, and was the first to react when Behemolt appeared.

4. Baal 


Ability: Lightning Manipulation

Thunder Lord Baal, also known as the Tactician of the South, is the primary antagonist of the series. He commands the Demon Reformation and the Six Fingers.

He is proud, arrogant, and cruel and believes that the Netherworld needs to return to its chaotic origins. Baal doesn’t get along with the other crowns. Sadly, he is really shrewd. He used Behemolt to gain an edge by getting Shura’s approval. 

His primary ability is lightning manipulation.

3. Amaymon


Abilities: Lord of Four Corners

Amaymon is one of the hero demons in the Thirteen Crowns. His title is Lord of the Four Corners

He is a blue wolf demon and has shown to be quick to anger, especially against Baal. It has been mentioned that he is one of the oldest demons. 

It seems that he has remarkable super strength and abilities related to the same. He values cunningness in demons. Amaymon is also one of the demons who are strongly on Derkila’s side and wants to preserve his seat for as long as possible.

2. Asmodeus Amaryllis

Asmodeus Amaryllis

Ability: Head of Lust (Succubi Skills), Menacing Aura

Azz’s mother and the Head of the Lust, Asmodeus Amaryllis, is an exceptionally charismatic crown member. She is usually playful and flirtatious, much to Azz’s disdain but can be really intimidating at times.

Her menacing aura is so terrifying that when she slapped Narnia, every demon in the room froze up and then erupted in cheers. Her aura resembles that of a huge snake.

As the head of lust, she has pretty strong succubus attributes. Amaryllis also has a sharp sixth sense.

1. Belzebuth


Ability: Unknown

As the Greats’ second-in-command, Belzebuth is shown to rank somewhat higher than the other 8 crowns. He is usually shown to care deeply about the affairs of the Netherworld and, for the purpose of governing it properly, wants to select a Demon King quickly.

His family has been amongst the crowns for at least eight generations. 

In the absence of the Three Greats, he often takes the lead in the crown meetings. 

And with that, we have reached the end of our list. Do not fret, as we will be filling in the gaps as the story progresses and reveals more information about the Crowns.

Until then… Keep Reading!

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