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Kaiju No. 8 Anime: Wiki, Main Characters & Plot (2023)

The incredible Shounen Jump+ manga is finally getting an anime! As the anime is part of the lineups scheduled for Spring 2024, if you somehow haven’t come across the title yet, now is the time to delve into this phenomenal series! The fact that, despite the competition, the manga is constantly amongst the top in the magazine and hailed as one of the best new gen shounen says a lot about the story.

Kaiju No. 8, or Monster #8, is a shounen, action, sci-fi manga series, created by the mangaka Naoya Matsumoto. With incredible art style, great storytelling, deep characters, and wonderful world-building, the series has a dedicated fanbase of enthusiastic readers.

Viz has licensed the series for the English audience, and the manga currently has over 11 million copies in circulation.

Production I.G. is handling the upcoming anime adaptation, and the first episode is set to premiere in April 2024. TOHO has released two trailers so far, creating more hype around the series.

Let’s review the key information of the series before the anime is released. The primary narrative and characters, as well as other significant elements, will all be covered in this article.

Kaiju No. 8 Anime: Wiki

The world is no longer as it was before after the emergence of entities known as “Kaijuu” (Monsters). However, humanity has done what it did best and created countermeasures. With the highest outbreak percentage in the world, Japan is no stranger to frequent attacks from deadly monsters. To combat them, the Japan Defence Force does its best to neutralize them and save the citizens.

Kafka in front of Mina's Billboard

Everyone knows the Defense Force and the units working at the forefront. They are hailed as heroes by the citizens and looked up to by the children. However, few take note of the brave men working hard to clear up the aftermath of the battles.

Monster cleaning is not for the faint of heart. The pay is low. The work is grueling. It’s not rare for people on the job to lose their lunch. No one acknowledges their efforts. In the words of Kafka Hibino, “It’s the battle with the monster where the sun doesn’t shine.”

But one thing that manga has taught us is that… you should never underestimate the work anyone does. What looks like a dirty stone one day may turn out to be a diamond the next.

I. Plot and Story

Kafka Hibino is part of the Monster Cleaning Company, Monster Sweeper. His everyday job includes cutting down the bones of the dead monsters that the Defence Force has killed, cleaning their blood, and even delving into disgusting intestines to dissect and dispose.

Kafka and Mina's childhood

No matter how much Kafka consoles himself by remembering how important his job is, he can’t help but remember the promise he made to his childhood friend to annihilate the monsters together by joining the Defense Force. Mina Ashiro has indeed become a star of the force. But Kafka has been left behind cleaning monster corpses.

Leno Ichikawa, a young part-timer with the goal of getting into the force, joins the company. When Leno questions Kafka’s tenacity, he can’t do anything but cry in despair about the many times he failed the recruitment exam.

Leno attacked by a Kaiju

However, Leno quickly grows closer to Kafka after he helps him on the job. Sadly for them, they come face to face with an afterbeast. Kafka saves Leno and buys time for Leno to escape. As the monster rushes to kill Kafka, he thinks back on his regrets. Thankfully, the two are saved by Mina and her unit in the nick of time.

Lying on the hospital bed as Leno thanks Kafka for saving him, his fire is rekindled. He decides to give the exam one last try.

At that moment, a parasite-like monster enters Kafka’s mouth and turns him into a…kaiju??? How will Kafka join the force now when he has become a monster himself? Forget that. Can Leno even help him long enough for him to escape the eyes of the force?

Kafka in Kaiju form

II. Main Characters

  • Kafka Hibino

Kafka Hibino

Our beloved main protagonist. A former worker for the Professional Kaiju Cleaning Company Monster Sweeper Inc. After a parasite-like monster enters his body, he turns into a humanoid kaiju and is dubbed Kaiju No. 8. He and Mina were childhood friends and promised to fight monsters together after they grew up.

After failing the Kaiju Defense Force recruitment exam multiple times, he more-or-less gave up on his dream. However, with newfound determination after befriending Leno, he decides to give the exam one last try before he hits the age limit.

Kafka has somewhat of a childish personality and is kind of an idiot sometimes. However, he is dedicated, caring, and has a high sense of justice.

  • Leno Ichikawa

Leno Ichikawa

Deuterogonist of the series. The young 18-year-old joined Monster Sweeper briefly as a part-timer. At first, since he questioned Kafka’s reasons for giving up on joining the force, Kafka didn’t like him. But after working with him, Kafka realizes that Leno has a friendlier, caring side and grows fond of him.

Leno was the first to know of Kafka’s transformation since he was with him during the time. Surprisingly, he never once antagonized him and helped him escape. Leno gives Kafka unconditional support when he decides to join the force, albeit worrying and fussing over him whenever he accidentally transforms into his kaiju self.

  • Mina Ashiro

Mina Ashiro

Kafka’s childhood friend and the star of the Third Unit of Japan Anti-Kaiju Defense Force. Although they promised to fight together, Mina is the only one successful of the two (at first). Kafka doesn’t know this, but she actually often thinks back on their promise, angry at Kafka for not keeping it.

Mina is serious, determined, and an exceptional Marksman. She begins secretly cheering for Kafka after he joins the force.

  • Kikoru Shinomiya

Kikoru Shinomiya

Part of the main cast and the person Kafka and Leno first met at the recruitment exam. She is the young daughter of Defense Force Director General Isao Shinomiya. A valedictorian who graduated at the mere age of 16, she is extremely skilled.

Kikoru comes off as arrogant and prideful when she appears. But there is more hidden beneath her tough exterior. She later grows closer to Kafka and Leno.

  • Soshira Hoshina

Soshira Hoshina

The vice-captain of the Third Division of the Defense Force. He works directly under Mina. He hails from the prestigious Hoshina family, a renowned clan of swordsmen from the Muromach period. As such, he is also an extremely skilled swordsman and martial artist.

Soshiro is rather laid-back and almost mischievous, often making fun of Kafka. However, he is an excellent teacher. He also has spectacular intuition and deduction abilities.

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