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What is the Stella and Who Attacked Pythagoras in One Piece Chapter 1075?

Remaining in the mystery for a long while, Dr. Vegapunk has now finally been introduced in the story. In the Egghead Arc, Straw Hats finally meets the scientist and learns about his six Satellites and his Stella. In this article, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about the Stella in One Piece.

What is the Stella in One Piece?


Let’s start our discussion with the most basic question: what is the Stella? Stella literally means the “original body” and it indicates the true and main body of Vegapunk. As we learn in the manga, Vegapunk has split his being into six separate parts, each carrying a specific aspect of his personality. These six parts of him are called the Satellites.

The Satellites are all different persons of their own rights. They numbered from 1 to 6, with the Stella carrying the number 0. While these six Satellites also have different names – Shaka, Lilith, Edison, Pythagoras, Atlas and York, they all go by the name Vegapunk.

The Stella is the original body of Vegapunk from which the Satellites originated. The real body of Vegapunk is that of an old man with an apple head and his big tongue hanging out. 

Need of the Stella


The Stella is the most important part of Vegapunk and his Satellites. Since it’s the original body, it carries the effects of Nomi Nomi no Mi, Vegapunk’s Paramecia Devil Fruit that allows him to have access to unending memory storage. 

With the Stella which contains an antenna on the apple head, Vegapunk is connected to all his Satellites and has access to every piece of data they collect. All of this data is stored inside the Punk Records, which is a part of Vegapunk’s super brain.

The reason for the origin of Stella is the same as the origin of the Satellites. Vegapunk had too little time to conduct all the research he wanted to do by himself. So to help himself with that, he made the Satellites and the Stella came into being.

Difference between the Stella and Vegapunk’s Original Body

Young Vegapunk

While the Stella and Vegapunk’s original body are one and the same, the main difference that lies between them is the applehead the Stella has. In Vegapunk’s original body, his head was abnormally big because of his brain.

After splitting the Satellites from his body, Vegapunk now has an applehead with an antenna for connection with them. His super brain is now extremely huge but his head is no longer big. Instead his brain stays as the lower part of the egg on Egghead Island and is called Punk Records.

Who Attacked Pythagoras in One Piece Chapter 1075 (Theory)

One Piece Chapter 1074 ended with Pythagoras attacked by a mysterious figure. Chapter 1075 reveals that figure to be a Seraphim. The Seraphim is S-Snake and resembles a child Boa Hancock. In the chapter, the S-Snake will attack not only Pythagoras but the rest of the arriving team as well.

Seraphim cannot attack without having an order. So now the question is who ordered the S-Snake to attack Pythagoras and others since Edison already ordered them to stop. Only someone with a higher authority can overwrite Edison’s order and there are very few people who have the position.

With all of this, we can come to the conclusion that it must’ve been Saint Jaygarcia Saturn who is one of the Gorosai and has the highest authority. He must’ve arrived on Egghead Island with Kizaru and ordered the Seraphim to attack the Vegapunks and the Straw Hats.

We will end our discussion of the Stella in One Piece here. Chapter 1075 is on its own and will be available on Manga Plus and Viz Media from Sunday, February 19, 2023. Follow us for the updates and exciting content on One Piece. We’ll be back with more.

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