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Who is Yuichiro Hanma in Baki Franchise? Everything You Need To Know

Baki is considered the best fighting anime of all time and has received enormous love from fans, especially battle lovers. You have already heard a lot about Baki Hanma and his father, Yujiro Hanma, and watched plenty of their deadliest battles. But did you know who Yuuichiro Hanma is in the Baki franchise, and is he a relative of the Hanma family?

If not, then no worries; here we will share everything about Yuichiro Hanma, such as who he is, his past, his abilities, and how strong he is compared to Yujiro Hanma, the beast. So let’s get started! 

Who is Yuichiro Hanma in Baki?

Yuuichiro Hanma

Yuichiro Hanma is the father of Yujiro Hanma and the grandfather of Baki Hanma, the main character of the franchise. Just like his son, he is also the one who defeated the entire unit of 2000 US-trained soldiers by just using a single move.

He had an enormous muscular body consisting of broader shoulders that would make anyone think he was inhuman. Moreover, he usually tied his long black hair in a ponytail, which gave him an attractive look.

Yuichiro Hanma also had a demon face on his back, just like other family members of the Hanma bloodline had on their backs. While fighting against opponents, he does not wear any shirt or footwear; he just wears simple shorts.

Furthermore, he also had the scariest look on his face during the fight, which made his opponents back off. On the other hand, Yuuichiro Hanma is much kinder and calmer compared to his son, Yujiro Hanma, who is exceptionally rude and arrogant. That’s why he supported his grandson, Baki Hanma, to win the fight against Yujiro Hanma.

Past of Yuichiro Hanma in Baki

Yuuichiro Hanma Past

In the fight against the US army, Yuichiro Hanma excellently shows why he is considered the strongest fighter of that time. You can estimate how strong he is by the fact that he killed a 2000-strong unit of trained US soldiers with just a single move.

Moreover, he single-handedly defeated the entire US army along with their leader, Major General James. After being unable to control Yuuichiro’s rage, the US army decided to use nuclear bombs just to kill Yuuichiro Hanma.

However, they avoided this idea of major destruction of the area and got defeated by a single man, Yuuichiro Hanma. After some years since his death, Yuuichiro Hanma appears as a spirit in “The Strongest Father and Child Quarrel Saga”.

He appeared during the most legendary battle of the franchise, Baki Hanma vs. Yujiro Hanma. He comes to support his grandson, Baki, in winning this legendary battle against his father and witness how strong his bloodline becomes.

Abilities and Techniques:

Yuuichiro Hanma Ability

Most of you already know Yujiro used several forms of martial arts, and Baki Hanma used mixed martial arts. However, Yuuichiro Hanma is completely different from them; he does not use any forms of martial arts.

He is a professional judo player and is capable of using all of its various forms and techniques. Aside from his judo skills, he is capable of just using two fighting moves: dress and demon face.

Just like other members of the Hanma bloodline, Yuuichiro Hanma is also capable of using Demon Face. In order to use this technique, he needs to forcefully flex his back muscles and make a demon face from it.

This special technique allows him to enhance his physical strength, speed, stamina, and endurance to the greatest extent and make him invincible in all aspects.

On the other hand, Yuuichiro used his demon-face techniques only once in his life, in the fight against the US army. Aside from using Demon Face, he also had another powerful move called Dress.

This is the same move that he used to annihilate 2000 trained US soldiers during World War II. While using this technique, he grabs his opponent’s ankle or wrist and spins them with a very high speed.

Later, he throws them at other opponents, easily defeating multiple opponents with a single attack. This is the best and most effective fighting move to defeat multiple opponents at a time.

How Strong is Yuichiro Hanma Compared to Yujiro Hanma?

Yuuichiro Hanma Vs. Yujiro Hanma
Yujiro Hanma Vs. Yuuichiro Hanma

When we compare Yuichiro Hanma and Yujiro Hanma and want to decide who is stronger out of them. Then it leads to a never-ending debate, and it’s almost impossible to reach its conclusion.

However, Yujiro Hanma seems to be stronger than his father, and there are lots of valid reasons behind it. Yujiro has a greater number of fighting moves compared to his father, and he has defeated countless professionally trained fighters.

On the other hand, Yuuichiro Hanma does not get much opportunity to show his full extent. Moreover, he also battles just one or two fighters and has not yet shown his full extent of power.

However, we can’t neglect Yujiro’s unusual reaction when he sees Yuuichiro’s spirit in his fight against Baki Hanma. It is the first time that Yujiro has had a little bit of fear on his face after seeing her father.

As a result, it is not wrong to say that Yuuichiro Hanma is more powerful than his son, Yujiro Hanma, even though he has not shown his full power yet in the franchise.


That’s it for the post! We hope you found this post useful and get to know everything about Yuichiro Hanma in Baki Franchise. Despite not getting much screen time in the series, he still became one of the most popular characters.

Tell us in the comment box below who you think is going to win in the legendary battle between Yuuichiro Hanma and Yujiro Hanma. If you are looking to learn about other powerful fighters in the Baki franchise, then don’t forget to check out the post below.

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