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15 Most Handsome Iruma-kun Male Characters

Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun! has cemented itself as one of the fan favorites. And, of course, why wouldn’t it be? The well-paced story with a colorful cast of characters that is not only charming but witty and a lovable main character has made its way into our hearts.

Osamu Nishi sensei has made it quite difficult to decide who to like more due to the amazing character designs. In the hilariously fiendish world of Iruma-kun, where surprisingly kind demons boast their unique powers and school is an unpredictable adventure, there’s no shortage of eye-catching characters.

Today, we will be looking at the 15 Most Handsome Iruma-kun Male Characters. Prepare to be dazzled out of your wits by these devi-amazing charmers!

15 Most Handsome Iruma-kun Male Characters

15. Dantalion Dali

Dantalion Dali

Dali-sensei is known by everyone at Babyls due to his status as the seniormost at the school. He also serves as the teaching supervisor for the academy and was the mentor of Kalego when he joined as a teacher.

Dali has brown hair and eyes, with a pair of horns. He is usually a cheerful and outgoing demon, well-liked by students and peers alike. However, there is a good reason why he has been at Babyls the longest. In fact, his wicked phase is so bad that he always takes a leave during that time.

14. Kalego Naberius  


The fierce homeroom teacher of the misfit class, Professor Kalego, is probably the most recognized out of all Babyls staff. Of course, we can’t forget the fact that he is also Iruma’s fluffy familiar, much to his anger and dismay.

Kalego has deep purple hair, which he keeps swept to the side, and he wears a long purple cloak. As a teacher who is in charge of some of the rowdiest demons, he has permanent dark circles and a perpetual scowl on his face, but that certainly adds to its own charm.

13. Henri Azazel

Henri Azazel

Our beloved Ameri’s father, Henri Azazel is the Security Chief of Demon Border Control. Henri is one of the strongest demons in the Netherworld and is part of the Thirteen Crowns.

Like his daughter, Henri also has long red hair tied in a ponytail. He also has glasses and keeps a trimmed beard. He is one of the very few demons who know of Iruma’s identity, but instead of doing anything to harm him, he offered to help Iruma get back to the human world. A great face with a great personality to boot!

12. Orias Oswell

Orias Oswell

Orias Oswell is one of the teachers at Babyls who teaches astrology. Apart from giving his lessons to the class, he isn’t known to speak much. His bloodline ability gives him immense luck, which allows chance to always go in his favor.

Unlike the other teachers who wear their teacher uniforms, he wears his trademark all-purple suit and hat with white gloves. Orias has sharp facial features and a star tattoo underneath his right eye.

11. Ifrit Djinn Eito

Ifrit Djinn Eito

The security teacher at Babyls, Ifrit Djinn Eito is said to have the best Fire magic in the Netherworld. He seems confident but nonchalant at first, but once he starts fighting, he gets really fired up. During the heartbreaker arc, he went against Azz, and although he quite bested him, he was impressed by Azz’s skills to the point of questioning Kalego’s ranking of him.

Ifrit has short black hair with two horns popping out. He keeps his nails painted black and has a flame at the end of his tail that covers the typical spade-shaped tip. Ifrit may not have stuck out before, but he put his full charm on display during the heartbreaker arc.

10. Picero Agares

Picero Agares

Pierco Agares is hidden beauty personified. A supporting character in the series, he is also part of the Misfit class alongside Iruma. He is chronically sleepy and usually can be seen floating on a cloud, dozing off, with a mask over his eyes.

Agares went under the radar for a while until his radiating eyes were revealed during the Harvest festival. He was able to charm everyone with his looks instantly. On top of that, his bloodline magic is quite strong. He can manipulate the ground and all the elements as long as it is touching the ground, which allows him to not only capture enemies easily but also to put down a base whenever necessary.

9. Amduscias Poro

Amduscias Poro

Ex-member of the 13 crowns and the closest friend to former demon king Delkira, Amduscias Poro is a rather flamboyant one. Yes, he is also rather haughty, but he also has skills to back up his confidence. He is also quite fair since he didn’t let his preconceptions about the misfits cloud his judgment during the music festival.

Amduscias is one of the tallest demons in the Netherworld (320 cm) and wears a pinstripe suit with a low neckline. He seems to be well-versed in fashion and knows ho to use his strengths.

8. Baal


Our next entry may not have a great personality, but we will begrudgingly agree that he definitely has the face card. A pale-skinned, spiky, blond-haired demon at the forefront of the Demon Reformation, Baal is currently the overarching villain of the series. An incredibly cunning and complex one at that.

He shares certain features with his nephew Sabnock. Baal knows how to use his charm and strength as his weapon, which is why he was able to entice Princess Shura so easily during the Deviculum arc.

7. Zepar Zeze

Zepar Zeze

Zepar Zeze is one of the freshmen students. He was paired with Silvia and Azz during the heartbreaker. As part of the Zepar clan, he thrives off gifts and loving words. Since love is his source of mana, he has been striving for excellence since his childhood and is currently a promising modevil.

Like his family, Zepar is an attractive young demon with sharp red eyes and short white hair. He always has a confident air about him and doesn’t hesitate to show off his abilities. He bloodline magic allows him to feed off love and create a doppelganger of himself.

6. Leid Shax

Leid Shax

Amongst all of Iruma’s friends, Leid sticks out. He is one of the misfits whose bloodline ability allows him to steal any of his target’s senses. His ability improves vastly with his concentration, which is why he was assigned to Robin before the harvest festival with Iruma. This is when the two got closer as well.

Leid has yellow hair with jagged black patterns resembling lightning. He is a cheerful, friendly guy who is deeply passionate about games. He is the other person who has a demdol persona (named Lindy) along with Irum.

5. Kiriwo Amy

Kiriwo Amy

He may be a slimy miscreant, but one cannot deny his attractive features. Initially introduced as the frail but good-natured representative of the Magical Apparatus Battler who helped Iruma when he joined the club, Kirio soon showed his true colors. In reality, he is a sadist who enjoys seeing others in despair.

Kirio has turquoise hair with a beauty mark under his left eye. He usually keeps his hair down, parted down the middle, but has a habit of slicking one side back when he is not putting on a facade. He also wears earcuffs and a choker.

4. Sabro Sabnock

Sabro Sabnock

He may have been introduced as a somewhat annoying, over-the-top demon who marches to the tune of his own drums, but it didn’t take too long to realize that he is just a compassionate young individual who cares deeply for his friends. Although he has quite a conflicting personality from Azz, the two were even able to put their differences aside and work together.

Sabro is one of the tallest demons in the series. He is 7′ tall, has spiky lightning hair, and often wears a red cape. His big muscular stature sometimes comes off as intimidating, and he is amongst the strongest in Babyls. Once he shows his jolly and caring personality, however, the demons realize how good of a person he is.

3. Mephisto


Known as the Board Game King, Mephisto is one of the three new members of the Thirteen Crowns. He was first introduced in the Deviculum along with Zebubra as a prospective candidate. The two were masked during that time, and their faces were revealed later during the beach chapter.

While Zebubra is a hot beauty herself, Mephisto isn’t far behind. He has two Xs beneath his eyes and a beauty mark on his chin. He is also not someone to be trifled with. Known as the Mindgames King, he is incredibly strong and powerful and barely lifted a finger while defeating an army of Krakens.

2. Alice Asmodeus

Alice Asmodeus

Alice Asmodeous, or rather our lovely Azz, is canonically so perfect that he has a whole army of admirers in the series. What is there to not like about him? He is tall, handsome, strong, influential, and hard-working!

It is no secret that Alice’s heart burns the brightest for his beloved friend, Iruma. His unwavering loyalty makes him even more charming. He’s the epitome of a cool demon, wielding powerful fire magic and possessing a sharp intellect beneath his playful demeanor.

1. Iruma Suzuki 

Iruma Suzuki 

Everyone who has watched the series knows the charm Iruma holds. In fact, he charms everyone in his path, and it is now a running gag in the series that he has his own big harem.

Iruma is quite adorable and attractive in general, but there is no way we won’t emphasize the evil cycle Iruma. It is basically a more confident and assertive version of him, and we all know he created waves with that look. Not to give any less credit to his demdol Irumi persona either since that definitely broke many’s hearts and left them wanting for more. It seems that our beloved protagonist is the best in every look.

Of course, these are just a few of the many handsome male characters in Iruma-kun. With so many unique and lovable guys to choose from, it’s no wonder that this series is so popular.

Be on the lookout to read about more handsome lookers. Until next time!