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15 Strongest Anime Characters Who Can Beat Gojo Easily (With Explanation)

Satoru Gojo is one of the main characters of Jujutsu Kaisen and undoubtedly one of the most popular anime characters of all time. But not only is Gojo among the best beloved characters he’s also considered one of the strongest anime characters of all time. In Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo is the strongest jujutsu sorcerer of the era, making him practically undefeatable. And this leads us to one exciting question: which anime characters can beat Gojo?

Gojo is a formidable opponent, in both his universe and everywhere else. He possesses some of the strongest techniques, but what makes Gojo so difficult to defeat is the Infinity that makes him literally untouchable. Infinity is the neutral form of Limitless, Gojo’s Cursed Technique, and it exists around him continuously unless he inactivates it by will.

But even if Infinity and Gojo’s other techniques are some of the strongest, there are a few other anime characters who can pose a serious threat to him and can potentially defeat him. So, here are the 15 strongest anime characters who can beat Gojo:

15 Strongest Anime Characters Who Can Beat Gojo

1) Ryomen Sukuna 

Ryomen Sukuna

  • Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

We’ll start this list with the one character who is confirmed to be able to beat Gojo and that is Ryomen Sukuna. Sukuna is a special grade cursed spirit and the primary antagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen. He existed as a jujutsu sorcerer 1000 years ago when he got too strong after slaughtering and eating countless humans and eventually becoming a cursed spirit. Because of his powers, he’s known as the King of Curses.

Sukuna and Gojo already had their much-anticipated fight at Shinjuku. Both used their strongest attacks against each other. While Gojo showed his marvelous versatility, Sukuna used Mahoraga to adapt to Gojo’s Unlimited Void and Infinity. The fight ended with Sukuna as the winner.

2) Giorno Giovanna

Giorno Giovanna

  • Anime: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind

When it comes it diverse and overpowered abilities, nobody can beat Jojo protagonists. Giorno Giovanna is the protagonist of the fifth part of Jojo and the biological son of DIO, conceived by the body of Jonathan Joestar. That makes a descendant of both of these crucial characters.

Giorno’s Stand, Gold Experience, is one of the strongest Stands of the entire series and its Requiem form only makes it stronger. Through Gold Experience Requiem, Giorno can cancel any attack or anything in general, turning it back to zero or non-existence. He could very easily do the same to Gojo’s Infinity, nullifying it into zero.

3) Lelouch vi Britannia

Lelouch vi Britannia

  • Anime: Code Geass

Gojo is one of the strongest anime characters and even major players from the shounen genre can’t live up to him. To think a character from an anime that focuses less on special powers and more on mind games would be able to beat Gojo will seem like a stretch, but one shouldn’t underestimate Lelouch vi Britannia.

Lelouch has a Geass which allows him to command anyone and the person must obey the order. So, if Lelouch orders Gojo to kill himself, the latter would do it without any will of his own. It’d be that easy for Lelouch to accomplish. However, Gojo has to look directly at Lelouch’s Geass for that to work.

4) Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha

  • Anime: Naruto

One of the most tragic characters of all time, Itachi Uchiha eventually becomes the most beloved character from the most hated. Throughout the majority of the story, he acts as a member of Akatsuki. He is also the big brother of Sasuke Uchiha.

Itachi’s true power doesn’t lie in brute strength or any destructive ability but in the way he can manipulate the mind of his opponent. He’s a master of genjutsu who can take over the mind of his opponent with just one single look, thanks to his Mangekyo Sharingan

If Itachi and Gojo fight, the latter would have to remove his blindfold to use his Six Eyes and the moment he looks into Itachi’s eyes, he’ll be powerless. Itachi can manipulate Gojo’s perception to deactivate his Inifinity and be immobile while he kills the jujutsu sorcerer.

5) Sosuke Aizen

Sosuke Aizen

  • Anime: Bleach

Villains of shounen anime are expected to be strong but few shounen villains are as powerful and smart as Sosuke Aizen. Posing as a kind and mild Shinigami for hundreds of years, Aizen used to serve as the captain of the 5th Division of Gotei 13 before he revealed his true nature.

Aizen would be a difficult opponent for Gojo which would ultimately lead to the defeat of the latter. This is because Aizen’s Shikai, Kyoka Suigetsu, has a certain ability called Kanzen Saimin which manipulates all five senses of the opponents, leading them to succumb to complete hypnosis. 

If Gojo goes against Aizen, all he has to do is look at the Zanpakuto, and he’ll be powerless against Aizen’s hypnosis. In this state, the Shinigami can easily manipulate him to disable his Infinity and kill him within seconds.

6) Anos Voldigod

Anos Voldigod

  • Anime: The Misfit of Demon King Academy

If one thinks Gojo is overpowered, they should take a look at Anos Voldigod. Anos is the reincarnation of the most powerful demon, known as the Demon King of Tyranny. Even death and rebirth couldn’t stop his immeasurable power from flourishing in a new body.

If Gojo and Anos clash, the demon can counter the jujutsu sorcerer on anything, from speed to strength to destructive power. But one thing that gives Anos an edge over Gojo and his Infinity and that is his special sword, Venuzdonoa, the Abolisher of Reason. This sword has the power to destroy anything that exists, even Infinity. Which is why Anos is one of the anime characters who can beat Gojo.

7) Nanika


  • Anime: Hunter x Hunter

There’s no arguing that when it comes to the variety and complexity of fictional superpowers, Hunter x Hunter has the collection of some of the best. And that includes Nanika who resides inside Alluka Zoldyck, a younger sibling of Killua, and the most powerful character of the series.

In a Gojo vs. Nanika fight, Nanika will easily beat Gojo. That is because unlike Gojo, Nanika isn’t a human, but a being from the Dark Continent whose extent of power is still unknown. But one power of Nanika we do know is its ability to grant any wish or make anything it wants to happen. If Nanika wants, it can will Gojo out of existence altogether.

8) Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru Tempest

  • Anime: That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Overpowered protagonists can get boring soon but that never happens when the protagonist is one certain Rimuru Tempest. After dying as an ordinary office worker and being reborn as a slime in a fantasy world, Rimuru has gained numerous overpowered abilities along the way.

Pitting Gojo against Rimuru is a bit unfair since there is very little that Rimuru isn’t capable of. From having an ability that can seal Gojo within seconds to one where he can render Infinity useless to be able to absorb Hollow Purple, Rimuru can do it all. And that’s why he’s here one of the anime characters who can beat Gojo.

9) Trafalgar D. Water Law

Trafalgar D. Water Law

  • Anime: One Piece

The next entry can be a little controversial because of the confusion over the technicalities of their powers. Trafalgar D. Water Law is a prolific pirate and the captain of the Heart Pirates. He allied with the Straw Hat Pirates, the Samurai, and the Minks to defeat Kaido.

Law has one of the most overpowered Devil Fruit in One Piece. Ope Ope no Mi gives him the power to basically turn any place into his own operation theatre. He uses this power in the form of Room, creating a spatial distortion that allows him to do everything he wants inside that specific place, including cutting the space itself. 

Since Gojo’s Infinity is also infinite space, Law may be able to cut through it. And once done, nothing is stopping him from Law’s weird abilities.

10) Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha

  • Anime: Naruto Shippuden

Who doesn’t know Madara Uchiha? One of the most popular anime villains of all time, Madara is also one of the anime characters who can beat Gojo. After stealing the Ten-Tails from Obito Uchiha, he became the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki and unlocked a set of overpowered abilities along with the Rinnesharingan.

Gojo’s biggest counter against such powerful opponents is his Infinity which makes him untouchable. But Madara’s Limbo clones are from a different dimension, meaning they will not be affected by Infinity. There are also Madara’s Truth-Seeking Balls that can nullify Infinity if they touch it.

11) Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro

  • Anime: Black Clover

It’s one instructor vs. another! Well, sort of. Yami Sukehiro isn’t really the teacher of Asta but the captain of his squad, the Black Bulls, though he does advise and motivate the young hero like every other shounen sensei. Not only that but he’s also considered a very powerful mage and one of the most popular characters of Black Clover.

Yami’s Dark Magic gives him an ability that allows him to cut through space. With this ability, he once cut through an entire dimension. Given that Gojo’s Infinity is also nothing but infinite space between him and the outside world, it’s safe to assume that Yami can cut through Infinity too.

However, Infinity isn’t just space, it’s an infinite amount of space, which means Yami may not be able to cut through it. In that case, he can use his Dark Moon to nullify it, if only we consider cursed energy as mana. 

12) Hana Kurusu & Angel

Hana Kurusu & Angel

  • Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

There is another character from Jujutsu Kaisen who has the potential to beat Gojo. Angel is an ancient jujutsu sorcerer incarnated into the body of Hana Kurusu when Kenjaku initiated the Culling Game. Unlike other incarnations, Kurusu and Angel are in perfect harmony.

Angel’s Cursed Technique is Technique Nullification that allows them to nullify everything that is imbued with cursed energy. They show it when they cancel the Prison Realm to free Gojo and nearly kill Sukuna since he’s a curse. The Technique Nullification can also nullify Gojo’s Infinity and pose a serious threat to him.

13) Alucard


  • Anime: Hellsing

Fans of dark anime lovers must know of Alucard, the protagonist of Hellsing. He is a vampire who works for the Hellsing Organization and fights other vampires and supernatural forces. Alucard is the strongest weapon of his organization and one of the most powerful characters in the series.

The vampire has a wide range of powers, including super speed and strength, extraordinary regeneration, shapeshifting, teleportation, and telekinesis among several others. One of his abilities is hypnosis which is achieved by making direct eye contact with his opponent. Once it is done, he can force Gojo to do anything, including disabling his Infinity before killing him.

14) Lille Barro

Lille Barro

  • Anime: Bleach

Another character from Bleach who can beat Gojo is Lille Barro, a Quincy and Wandenreich’s Sternritter, designated as X: The X-Axis. He’s also the leader of the Schutzstaffel, the elite guards protecting Yhwach. Out of all the Quincy, he is the first to be bestowed with his Schrift.

Lille has an ability that grants him the power to shoot his rifle and pierce anything that stands in its way, regardless of spatial complexity. This power would give him an edge over Gojo if they were to fight. His X-Axis would make sure to penetrate Gojo’s Infinity and pierce his body.

15) Asta


  • Anime: Black Clover

This last entry needs a little more stretch of imagination than our other entries on this list of anime characters who can Gojo. Asta, as everyone knows, is the protagonist of Black Clover who doesn’t have any magic in him. Instead, he receives a five-leaf clover grimoire that gives him access to a collection of powerful and unique swords.

Asta’s swords are anti-magic, meaning they can nullify than attack made with mana. In a world where everyone has mana, these swords sure are handy. Now, if Asta fights Gojo, we’ll have to assume that mana and cursed energy are the same things since they have similar roles in their respective universe.

If we assume so, then it’s easy to see Asta countering every one of Gojo’s attacks. And since Infinity is the neutral form of Gojo’s Innate Cursed Technique, Limitless, which is also created from his cursed energy, Asta can destroy Infinity too.

The list of the 15 strongest anime characters who can beat Gojo ends here. Remember, we’re not saying that the characters on this list are more powerful than Gojo and can undoubtedly defeat him for certain. We’re only saying that these characters have the potential to bypass Gojo’s Infinity and be dangerous adversaries. The power scaling of every anime is different and these are all conjectures. We’ll leave it here for now. For more articles like this, check out Otakus’ Notes.

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