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Aizen vs Madara Uchiha: Who would win and why?

Two of the most impactful and powerful villains in their respective universes, feared by allies and foes alike, Sosuke Aizen and Madara Uchiha. Both of these villains have created history with intricate showcases of their abilities and their strength.

Coming to a battle of Aizen vs. Madara Uchiha, Aizen would end up emerging as the winner, even if Madara will put up an interesting fight with all his abilities and how closely similar Madara is in terms of power level to Aizen.

Aizen is constantly evolving with his Hogyoku, his raw abilities and his techniques, which was stated when Shinsui said Aizen was even stronger after being defeated by Ichigo, even after being restrained. Later in this post, we will take a detailed look at Aizen and Madara’s powers and abilities.

Aizen: Power Level and Abilities

Aizen is undoubtedly the strongest character in Bleach, possessing broken abilities and Shikai and still defeating many of his opponents with mind games. He showed off his powers many times, even after being held as a prisoner of the Seiretei.

Aizen Sosuke
Aizen Sosuke

Gin himself stated that it wasn’t because of his Shikai; Aizen was powerful, but rather his usage of all his abilities and his intellect and confidence in fights. 

Faster than lightning, his terrifying speed looks like he teleported to a different location. Possessing monstrous physical strength and a perfectly skilled swordsman, no one could Aizen in a swordfight.

His immense Reiatsu is even stronger than Yhwach. He reaches the whole of Soul Society in a few seconds, alerting everyone of his presence while checking the gates of Hell, a different dimension entirely.


  • Monstrous physical strength, stopping some Captain’s Bankai’s with his bare hands and fighting with his hands for most of the time.
  • Reiatsu is on par with that Yhwach or more than him, as it was stated that Kyoka Suigetsu only worked on opponents with an equal or lesser amount of Reiatsu than him.
  • Unbeatable Shunpo master, there is no one in the series faster than Aizen, as Aizen is shown to teleport without anyone noticing him. And also Fast enough to dodge attacks at point-blank range.
  • Master Tactician and a high IQ, he had prepared for events and experimentations years and centuries ago, calculating every possibility, on top of unraveling the abilities and figuring out how to counter the powers of others and coming out on top.
  • Unparalleled Hakuda and Kido skills, the damage he deals with his blows is fatal, and the most powerful spells he unleashes without the incantation further amplify the raw power of the skills with his Reiatsu.
  • Immortality after fusing with the Hogyoku, which also greatly increased all his raw stats.
  • Second to none in his swordsmanship skills, the rare occasions he managed to unsheathe his sword were all fatal blows, and Captains fell with a single strike.
  • His Shikai, Kyoka Suigetsu, is unparalleled in terms of anyone else’s Shikai and has even been shown to affect the Visored centuries after Aizen used his Shikai on them.
  • It traps the opponent forever in an illusion that can never be broken after witnessing Aizen unleash his Shikai.
  • After his Zanpakuto was destroyed, he was still able to use Kyoka Suigetsu’s power, meaning he became one with his Zanpakuto, which is the strongest level of a Shinigami.

Madara Uchiha’s Power Level and Abilities

Madara was the strongest Shinobi, only second to the first Hokage Hashirama and further grew stronger than his friend after being resurrected. He is the strongest of the Uchiha clan, proficient in all elemental Jutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Dojutsu, and a master with his set of weapons.

Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha

He has an enormous amount of Chakra, a master hand-to-hand combatant, awakening Mangekyo Sharingan at a very young age, as well as possessing a unique set of abilities for his eyes only, awakening Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and a powerful enough Susanoo. He further grew more powerful after taking the Ten-tails beast under his control.


  • very powerful chakra, which sent chills down his opponent’s spine.
  • Regeneration, after he had absorbed some of Hashirama’s cells before he died, also lets him absorb Chakra and funnel it into his Sage mode.
  • Unmatched speed and reflexes, once he reached his Six Paths form, where he fought with his eyes closed.
  • Further, being proficient with Fire Jutsu, he was even able to use all the different types of other elemental Jutsu.
  •  His Sharingan, mastered at a very young age, can inflict some of the worst Genjitsu on opponents.
  • After gaining the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, he was unstoppable in battle after gaining this ability and developed a powerful Susanoo to provide both offense and defense.
  • He was even able to unlock Rinnegan and unleash its true potential on the foot soldiers during the Shinobi War. With this, he was able to cast Infinite Tsukuyomi powerful enough to affect everyone.
  • After possessing the ten-tails power, he was on a different level,, and very few Shinobi could even come up with a decent fight. All of his other abilities and techniques increased exponentially, also making him nearly invincible in this form.

Aizen vs. Madara Uchiha: Who would win & Comparison

It is a tough fight to compare some of the best illusion masters in their respective universes, but it might look like the scales tip more in favor of Aizen than Madara.

Aizen Sosuke and Madara Uchiha
Aizen Sosuke vs. Madara Uchiha

Even if both of them are effectively immortal beings, there is still a surefire way to kill Madara, which Aizen can exploit, but there is no such way for Aizen to die or get killed in battle.

Aizen cannot fall prey to Madara’s genjutsu, as he is already under the illusion of his Kyoka Suigetsu. Aizen did this as he wanted his opponents to feel despair and will also be unable to exploit any shortcomings of Aizen.

The only flaw Aizen showed in the whole series was arrogance once he fused with the Hogyoku and became immortal, and these were the only times Aizen was defeated. Madara does have a good fighting chance with Izanagi and Susanoo, but his genjutsu and Tsukuyomi are for naught in this battle.

1) Based on Strength

Aizen wins this round by a close call, as he was able to catch a blade from a Susanno kind of Bankai by Captain Komamura with his bare hands.

He was also able to withstand Ichigo’s strikes which broke mountains from just the shockwave alone. Aizen’s Reaitsu pressure was harmful enough and injured people fatally.

Aizen’s fusion with the Hogyoku further elevated his power up some levels and strengthened his other abilities.

Madara, on the other hand, displayed his feats in his battle with Guy might after unlocking his eight gates, but the former fought bare-handed for most of the series and still withheld from showing his real strength and mastery of other abilities.

2) Based on Speed

Another close call for Aizen; he wins this round with his speed on the range of teleportation, which lets him dodge attacks from point-blank range and re-appear in front of the enemy.

Madara, on the other hand, gained a tremendous boost in speed and reflexes in his Six Paths form, while Aizen’s speed and reflexes were his innate abilities, which also received a boost with Hogyoku.

Aizen was able to dodge the lightning strikes from Candice, while having his power restrained. It was also stated that Aizen is more powerful and faster than Hikone, who was portrayed to be the fastest character and the next Soul King candidate.

His spiritual pressure spread throughout the whole Soul society and destroyed all of the black creatures spread over the Seiretei in an instant, which was not even his full power.

3) Based on Abilities

Madara has a vast number of abilities up his belt for any kind of situation and has the power to fight in many ways, devising a battle favored to his situation. Aizen, on the other hand, has a limited number of abilities, which is next to none, and he further elevates the usage of these techniques with his Reiatsu.

His Shikai alone was so powerful that even after Yhwach fused with the Soul King and unlocked the Almighty power to see the future, still fell prone to the effects of Kyoka Suigetsu, and predicting that Aizen’s Shikai would not work on him.

Now, his Zanpakuto has been broken, there is no way left for his foes to break free from his illusions. As actions speak louder than words, Aizen’s actions prove why he is the superior of the two.

Gin also mentioned during the fake Karakura town arc that it was because of Aizen utilizing his abilities and his intelligence he stands on top, not because of his broken abilities, and no amount of preparation will be of use while facing off against Aizen.

4) Based on Durability

This is a rather tough battle, as both of the characters are essentially immortal in battle due to their regenerative abilities. Aizen was able to tank one of Ichigo’s strongest attacks, Final Getsuga Tensho, and was able to instantly regenerate.

Even after getting impaled and his left arm cut off by Yhwach, he could instantly restore himself, even with his power being restricted, and was still alive.

Madara is nothing short, as he also has Hashirama’s cells imbued in his body for a faster regeneration, which helped in many of the major battles.

But he met his end when he became a vessel for Kaguya Otsutsuki, and the tailed beasts were freed from him. This means that there was still a way to counter Madara’s immortality.

Aizen, on the other hand, even survived a point-blank blast of Kurohitsugi spell, one of the strongest spells on himself, to free himself from the chair and came out unscathed.

This shows his increased durability and regenerative powers, and it was justified that even Shunsui’s Bankai would be unable to finish off Aizen. As of now, there is no way to kill Aizen, which was accepted by many of the captains.

This should make it clear enough of a proof that Aizen is the more durable of the two, as there is no surefire way to kill him.


Concluding a match between Aizen and Madara, it looks like the former would be the winner by a small margin, and both of the characters have many tricks up their sleeves and tactics when push comes to shove.

Aizen was so confident throughout the series that he never once revealed his Bankai nor teased us about his abilities, dealing with everyone on his way with his Shikai and skills alone. Aizen shines more with his durability, abilities, speed, and raw strength. Here, we conclude this article.

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