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Top 25 Anime About Angels To Watch In 2023

Angels are heavenly beings that appear surprisingly frequent in anime. A lot of anime feature angel characters; in some they are good and in others they are the evil party. While the appearances of the angel characters differ from anime to anime, the basic design remains same in most anime: with white feathery wings and a halo over their head. In this article, we have picked the top 25 anime about angels to watch. Here it goes:

Top 25 Anime About Angels To Watch

25) A Centaur’s Life

A Centaur’s Life

IMDb Ratings5.5
Number of Episodes12
GenreFantasy, Slice of Life
StudioHaoliners Animation League
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, Funimation

This anime about angels is set in a world inhabited by supernatural creatures. The protagonist of the story is Himeno, a sweet and gentle centaur girl who enjoys her everyday life with her best friends, Nozomi the tomboyish demon and the cool half-satyress Kyouko. There’s also Manami, the angel girl with a strict personality who befriends Himeno.

24) Platinum End

Platinum End

IMDb Ratings6.1
Number of Episodes24
GenreDrama, Supernatural, Suspense
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, Disney+ Hotstar, Funimation

From the creators of Death Note, Platinum End follows a depressed teenage boy Mirai Kakehashi whose suicide attempt is prevented by an angel named Nasse who gives him two special abilities. 

And with this, he is thrust into a battle royale between thirteen people, all of whom have attempted suicide only to be stopped by their own guardian angels and given special abilities. The winner of this battle royale will be the new God.

23) Angel Sanctuary

Angel Sanctuary

IMDb Ratings6.4
Number of Episodes3 OVA
GenreAction, Drama, Romance, Supernatural
StudioHal Film Maker
Where to WatchNA

The protagonist of Angel Sanctuary is Setsuna Mudo, a bullied teenager in love with his sister. One day he is suddenly ambushed by two different types of supernatural beings: angels and demons. Each type believes him to be someone different, meant for something greater.

The angels claim he’s the reincarnation of the angel Alexiel, their leader, while the demons believe him to be their own leader who led them to war against God. Which one is true?

22) Steel Angel Kurumi

Steel Angel Kurumi

IMDb Ratings6.7
Number of Episodes36 (2 seasons) + 3 OVA
GenreAction, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Where to WatchNA

The story of Steel Angel Kurumi is set in Japan in the Taisho Era when a scientist named Ayanokoji invented a humanoid angel robot or a “steel angel”. Contrary to his wish to use the robot for the future of humanity, the Imperial Army wants to use it in their war.

That’s why he hides the angel robot in his house and names her Kurumi. One day a boy named Nakahito Kagura stumbles upon Ayanokoji’s house, and awakens Kurumi with an accidental kiss.

21) Maria the Virgin Witch

Maria the Virgin Witch

IMDb Ratings6.7
Number of Episodes12
GenreComedy, Fantasy, Romance
StudioProduction I.G.
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, Funimation

France and England are caught in a war that has been going on for a hundred years. Every day innocent people lose their lives as a result of the war. Not being able to see innocent people losing their lives anymore, a young and powerful French witch Maria leaves home to stop the war.

Seeing her meddling in the war, the heavens send Archangel Michael to Earth to stop her. Michael forbids Maria to meddle anymore, but when she declines, curses her to lose her powers if she ever loses her virginity.

20) Midnight Occult Civil Servants

Midnight Occult Civil Servants

IMDb Ratings6.8
Number of Episodes12 + 3 OVA
GenreFantasy, Mystery
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, Funimation

Midnight Occult Civil Servants is another anime about angels to enjoy in 2023. The story of this anime focuses on the Nocturnal Community Relations Division, a group of people who deal with ominous events and creatures that are not visible to ordinary humans. Follow along their journey as they encounter various supernatural creatures, including angels.

19) Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan

Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan

IMDb Ratings6.8
Number of Episodes6 OVA (2 seasons)
GenreComedy, Ecchi
StudioHal Film Maker, Nomad
Where to WatchCrunchyroll

The next entry is a comedy anime about angels, starting with Sakura Kusakabe, a teenager who will invent a technology that will prevent girls from aging after 12 and turn them immortal twenty years into the future.

To stop this heinous crime, the angel Dokuro is sent to Earth to assassinate Sakura. However, the process she’s chosen to prevent Sakura is not to kill him, but to distract him too much to do anything.

18) D.N. Angel

D.N. Angel

IMDb Ratings7.0
Number of Episodes26
GenreAction, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Where to WatchNA

When the clumsy and wimpy Daisuke Niwa confesses his love to the beautiful and popular Risa Harada, he’s brutally rejected by her. Ever since then whenever he thinks about Risa, he turns into a phantom thief named Dark Mousy who steals valuable jewels and artworks.

Turns out the emergence of his dark alter ego is no surprise to his family as his mother has been planning to have him steal valuable things ever since he was born. Now caught in a tumultuous time, Daisuke must deal with his family, peers and his alter ego.

17) Angel Tales

Angel Tales

IMDb Ratings7.0
Number of Episodes23 (2 seasons)
GenreComedy, Fantasy, Romance
StudioTokyo Kids
Where to WatchNA

Goro Mutsumi has been suffering from bad luck for some days. This changes after he meets a fortune-teller outside a pet shop, who tells Goro that his bad luck is about to end. That night, he is visited by three angels who are claiming to be his guardian angels.

This strange occurrence continues when his apartment is filled with twelve guardian angels next day, each of them being a reincarnation of the pets he’s owned throughout his life.

16) Rin: Daughters Of Mnemosyne

Rin: Daughters Of Mnemosyne

IMDb Ratings7.1
Number of Episodes6
GenreAction, Girls Love, Horror, Sci-Fi, Supernatural
Where to WatchFunimation

Rin Asougi is an immortal who works as a private investigator. Due to her immortality, she has been targeted numerous times by many people and faced bloody ends a lot of times, but every time she keeps coming back.

Her immortality faces danger when she meets Kouki Maeno, an amnesiac man whom she agrees to help to find his memories. However, it seems there is more to Kouki, and if he kills her, she might not come back ever again.

15) Gabriel Dropout

Gabriel Dropout

IMDb Ratings7.1
Number of Episodes12
GenreComedy, Supernatural
StudioDoga Kobo
Where to WatchCrunchyroll

This cute anime about angels is set in a world where angels are sent to Earth to live among humans and learn their ways before they become full-fledged angels. Gabriel White Tenma is one such angel sent to Earth. 

But she becomes addicted to human video games, and eventually becomes a shut-in, proclaiming herself a fallen angel and leaving her goal to become an angel behind. This turn of events causes distress to her friend, the demon Vignette April Tsukinose.

14) Ceres, Celestial Legend

Ceres, Celestial Legend

IMDb Ratings7.1
Number of Episodes24
GenreAdventure, Drama, Horror, Romance, Supernatural, Suspense
Where to WatchCrunchyroll

When the celestial maiden Ceres came to Earth from heaven to bathe, she hung her robe which was also her key to return to heaven on a tree branch. But a guy stole her robe and forced her to marry him. That was how the human clan started with the blood of the heavenly Ceres.

Years later, Aya Mikage, a descendant of Ceres, is born with exceptional power and the ability to become Ceres. Considered as a threat to humanity, she is targeted by her own family and others.

13) Pita Ten

Pita Ten

IMDb Ratings7.2
Number of Episodes26
GenreComedy, Fantasy, Romance
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, Funimation

Kotaro Higuchi’s ordinary life takes an interesting turn when a mischievous apprentice angel, Misha befriends him. Along with Misha, Kotaro spends his youth enjoying life with the sweet and kind apprentice devil Shia, and his friends Kobashi and Takashi.

12) Heaven’s Lost Property

Heaven’s Lost Property

IMDb Ratings7.2
Number of Episodes25 (2 seasons) + 1 OVA + 2 Movies
GenreComedy, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Ecchi
Where to WatchFunimation

Heaven’s Lost Property revolves around Tomoki Sakurai who dreams of an angel and wakes up crying ever since he was a child. He wants to understand the meaning of this dream, and together with his childhood friend Sohara Mitsuki goes to the sky expert Eishirou Sugata to find an answer.

Unable to answer the question, he asks the friends to join the New World Discovery Club. Tomoki’s life, however, changes when one day a mysterious girl with wings, Ikaros, comes to him and calls him master.

11) The World God Only Knows

The World God Only Knows

IMDb Ratings7.3
Number of Episodes36 (3 seasons) + 3 OVA
GenreComedy, Romance, Supernatural
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, HIDIVE

Keima Katsuragi has mastered the world of dating sim games and is known as the “God of Conquest” who can steal the heart of every two dimensional girl. When he’s lured into helping a naive and cute demon girl Elucia de Lute Ima or Elsie, he finds himself tasked with the job of retrieving the runaway spirits.

Now Katsuragi must overcome his biggest challenge: impressing real girls as he encounters many supernatural beings, including angels.

10) Rage of Bahamut: Genesis

Rage of Bahamut: Genesis

IMDb Ratings7.3
Number of Episodes36 (2 seasons) + 2 ONA
GenreAction, Adventure, Fantasy
Where to WatchFunimation

Once upon a time in Mistarcia where gods and demons live alongside humans, the dragon Bahamut started to wreak havoc in the world. It was stopped only by the joined force of the gods and demons who sealed Bahamut and broke the key into two halves, each side keeping one.

Years later, bounty hunter Favaro Leone meets a mysterious woman named Amira who possesses one half of the key to the seal of Bahamut.

9) Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

IMDb Ratings7.3
Number of Episodes13
GenreAction, Comedy, Supernatural, Ecchi
Where to WatchFunimation

From the studio responsible for the groundbreaking Kill la Kill, Panta & Stocking with Garterbelt tells the story of two angel sisters, Panty and Stocking, who are driven out of heaven for promiscuity and other misbehaviors. Led by the priest Garterbelt, the sisters come to Earth.

In an attempt to return to Heaven, the sisters fight various ghosts and some other angels by turning their lingerie into weapons. It’s a wild ride, this anime!

8) Kobato


IMDb Ratings7.3
Number of Episodes24
GenreComedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Where to WatchNA

The sweet girl Kobato Hanato wants to visit a certain place. To do so, she is told to help people out from their problems and achieve their goals. Thus begins Kobato’s adventure of helping the people she meets in various ways alongside her pet toy, Ioryogi.

Whenever Kobato helps someone, a candy-like substance fills a portion of a bottle. When the bottle is full, Kobato will be able to visit the place she wants.

7) Colorful


IMDb Ratings7.4
Number of Episodes1 movie
GenreDrama, Slice of Life, Supernatural
StudioSunrise, Ascension
Where to WatchNA

In this beautifully heartbreaking anime, we follow an impure soul who is reincarnated in the body of a teenage boy who’s recently committed suicide. The soul is given the task to find out the reason behind the suicide of the boy, Makoto, and what led him to it.

While initially finding it difficult to understand and relate, the soul soon begins to grasp the life of Makoto and the sources of his sadness. 

6) The Devil Is a Part-timer!

The Devil Is a Part-timer!

IMDb Ratings7.5
Number of Episodes37 (3 seasons)
GenreComedy, Fantasy
StudioWhite Fox
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix

Demon Lord Satan’s plan to conquer the land of Ente Isla is thwarted by the divine hero Emilia. With his demon army destroyed and himself horribly weakened, he flees to the real world with his loyal servant Alsiel. Finding themselves in a modern-day Tokyo, Satan and Alsiel must do everything to survive in this strange world.

To earn money, Satan takes a part-time job at a fast food restaurant as Sadao Maou while Alsiel tends to their little apartment. They are soon joined by some of their past acquaintances, including the fallen angel Lucifer.

5) High School DxD

High School DxD

IMDb Ratings7.6
Number of Episodes49 (4 seasons) + 4 OVA + 1 Special
GenreAction, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Ecchi
Where to WatchFunimation, Netflix

One of the most popular harem anime, High School DxD is also a great anime about angels. It starts with Issei Hyoudou, a perverted teenage boy who one day is asked out by a beautiful classmate. On their date, the girl, Raynare, turns out to be an angel who stabs him.

Thinking himself dead, Issei wakes up the next day in bed with Rias Gremory, the beautiful president of the Occult Club. Thanks to his near-death experience, he now is exposed to the world of demons and angels.

4) Angel Beats!

Angel Beats!

IMDb Ratings7.6
Number of Episodes13
GenreDrama, Supernatural
StudioP.A. Works
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix

The story of Angel Beats! is set in an afterlife school where Yuzuru Ootonashi, a recently deceased teenager, wakes up after his death. He finds that the afterlife school is currently in the midst of a civil war, with one section of the students, led by Yuri Nakamura, rebelling against God and the student council president, Kanade Tachibana aka Angel.

This anime is heartbreaking, portraying the loss of hope and innocence death leads to.

3) Haibane Renmei

Haibane Renmei

IMDb Ratings8.0
Number of Episodes13
GenreDrama, Fantasy, Mystery
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, Funimation

Haibane Renmei uses a unique twist to the whole angel bit. It starts with a girl with wings and a halo emerging from a cocoon with no memory of her life. The only thing she remembers is the dream of falling that she has inside the cocoon.

Because of this, she’s named Rakka. Now finding herself in a world she knows nothing about and doesn’t understand, Rakka meets the people in her village who were born in the same circumstance as her.

2) Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion

IMDb Ratings8.5
Number of Episodes26 + 1 Movie
GenreAction, Drama, Sci-Fi, Suspense
StudioGainax, Tatsunoko Production
Where to WatchNetflix

This award-winning anime tells the story of a bleak world where monstrous beings known as Angels have invaded Earth. To protect their world from these Angels, humans use huge humanoid robots called Evangelions to battle them.

The story revolves around Shinji Ikari, a 14-years old mentally troubled teenager who becomes the pilot of Evangelion Unit 01. As the battles escalate, Shinji’s mental state begins to drop into depression.

1) One Piece

One Piece

IMDb Ratings8.9
Number of Episodes1071+ + 15 Movies
GenreAction, Adventure, Fantasy
StudioToei Animation
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu, Netflix, Shahid

We’re sure you’re surprised to see One Piece in this list of anime about angels. While One Piece doesn’t have the heavenly angels, the inhabitants of Skypiea closely resemble angels with pairs of white, feathery wings and halos above their heads.

One Piece follows the adventure of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew as they venture into the Grand Line to find the legendary treasure One Piece, and fulfill his dream of becoming the King of Pirates.

That ends the ranking of the top 25 anime about angels that you can enjoy. Follow Otakus’ Notes for more anime rankings and lists like this.

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