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10 Most Beautiful Anime Girls with White Hair and Purple Eyes

Even among the wide variety of vivid hair colors in anime, white has a special reputation. This hair color isn’t exactly rare since plenty of anime characters, both male and female, carry white with charm. But still, white hair has a specialty to it. Characters having this color of hair usually have a special role in the series or might possess some extraordinary powers that make them unique.

Purple eyes also aren’t that rare in anime, but then again, it’s not as common as blue or brown, or green. The color itself is majestic and gives its wearer an enchanting aura that makes them attractive to viewers.

For today’s post, we’ll be combining these two traits and making a list of the 10 most beautiful anime girls with white hair and purple eyes. Let’s see what that looks like.

10 Most Beautiful Anime Girls With White Hair & Purple Eyes

1) Emilia


Japanese Nameエミリア
AnimeRe: Zero Starting Life in Another World

One of the main characters of the famous isekai anime Re: Zero, Emilia is one of the most popular female anime characters out there. A major portion of that is because of her innocent and determined personality as well as her angelic beauty.

As a half-elf, Emilia appears as a teenager with gorgeous looks. She strikingly resembles the infamous Witch of Envy, Satella. Emilia has long silver white hair with blunt bangs and bright purple eyes with blue irises. The distinguished color palette makes her status as a half-elf more prominent.

2) Anna Kushina

Anna Kushina

Japanese Name櫛名アンナ
AnimeK Project
BirthdayDecember 8

Hailing from the science fantasy anime K Project, Anna Kushina is the youngest member of the notorious HOMRA, aka the Red Clan. She’s also the only female in the group. Anna is a Strain and possesses the ability Empathy that lets her manipulate someone’s mind to her wish.

Short and cute, Anna has long white hair reaching past her shoulders. Matching her gothic outfit, she wears a cute Victorian hat with black ribbons. Her eyes are a mixture of purple-red, earning her a spot in this list as one of the most beautiful anime girls with white hair and purple eyes.

3) Urd


Japanese Nameウルド
AnimeOh My Goddess

Urd is one of the main characters and the half-sister of the eponymous goddess from the ecchi anime Oh My Goddess. Older than both Belldandy and Skuld, Urd is introduced in the story as an obstacle to Belldandy and Keiichi’s relationship.

Unlike her sisters, Urd has a mature and sexualized appearance. Along with her long silver white hair that is parted in the middle with long strands on both sides, she also has a pair of brilliant purple eyes. That, along with her sexy outfit, makes this goddess completely irresistible.

4) Eris 


Japanese Nameエリス
AnimeKonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

While not one of the main characters of KonoSuba, Eris will always be remembered by fans because of her contrasting personality and popularity with Aqua. Like the latter, she’s also a goddess but a more recognized and beloved one. Because of this, Aqua hates her guts.

Eris has beautiful silver-white hair and purple eyes. Her hair is usually pretty long, but when she’s disguised as Chris, Eris’ hair is in a cute pixie cut, though the color remains the same. Though Aqua might want to disagree, Eris is one of the most beautiful anime girls with white hair and purple eyes.

5) Chaika Trabant

Chaika Trabant

Japanese NameNA
AnimeChaika – The Coffin Princess

Chaika Trabant is the titular coffin princess. She’s a sorceress who always carries a coffin with her, thus the nickname. After meeting the Acura siblings, she takes Toru and Akari as her traveling companions.

Chaika is a 14-years old teenager with long white hair and pale purple eyes. She wears a cutesy black and white dress along with platform heels and black tights. Chaika is cute and fun, but don’t you dare make fun of her eyebrows.

6) Enterprise


Japanese NameNA
AnimeAzur Lane

Azur Lane has no shortage of beautiful young women, but Enterprise certainly catches the eye. She’s the protagonist of the series and an aircraft carrier for the Eagle Union. Enterprise has two sisters: Hornet and Yorktown.

Blessed with glorious beauty, Enterprise has long white hair and bright purple eyes. Her stylish uniform and that hat on her head makes her look enchanting. And that’s why she’s one of the most beautiful anime girls with white hair and purple eyes on our list.

7) Najenda


Japanese Nameナジェンダ
AnimeAkame ga Kill

Now time for a badass lady, as we have Najenda at the number 7 spot on this list of most beautiful anime girls with white hair and purple eyes. She’s the current leader of Night’s Raid after defecting from her role as a General of the Empire.

Najenda has short and messy silver-white hair along with dark purple eyes. She wears a black eyepatch over her right eye, leaving only one eye visible.

8) Mako Fujisaki

Mako Fujisaki

Japanese Name藤崎 真子
AnimeBrynhildr in the Darkness
BirthdaySeptember 2

From her angelic looks and sweet smile, it is very difficult to guess Mako Fujisaki is a villain. But it’s true, since she’s one of the main antagonists of the show. She’s a sociopath who won’t bat an eyelash killing off anyone whom she deems a danger to Neko.

Mako has long white hair that falls over her face in long bangs, the longest one touching the tip of her nose. Her purple eyes are well-shaped, with a tinge of violet in the irises.

9) Houmei


Japanese NameNA
AnimeShining Tears X Wind

Houmei appears as a kid, but she’s actually a 3000-years old priestess. She’s currently the Priestess of Seiran’s Tower of Rain Water. Once upon a time, Houmei turned against humanity and tried to destroy the world, and received a severe punishment for her sin.

Like her name, Houmei also has an appearance of Chinese affinity. Her long white hair is styled in twin loops on both sides of her head. Her purple eyes are narrow and arched high.

10) Kikyo Yamato

Kikyo Yamato

Japanese Name大和 桔梗

Last but not least, the most beautiful anime girl with white hair and purple eyes is Kikyo Yamato from Maken-Ki!. Kikyo has a younger sister named Otohime and a younger brother named Gouken. She works for Kamigiri.

Like her siblings, Kikyo has white hair and purple eyes. She has a curvy, voluptuous figure, made prominent by her tight costume. Kikyo is one lady you don’t want to turn your eyes from.

And with that, we conclude the list of the top 10 most beautiful anime girls with white hair and purple eyes. We’ll be back with more exciting lists like this, so don’t forget to check out Otakus’ Notes for a fun time.

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