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Apollo in Record Of Ragnarok: History & Power Level

Apollo in Record of Ragnarok had become very popular, considering everything that happened in the recent manga chapters. He had a mysterious aura all around him, and many things are still unknown.

Many of Apollo’s attributes are almost unknown from his past to his skills, abilities, and power level. That’s why we will tackle most of these questions in this post.

Read on more to learn about our current information on Apollo in Record of Ragnarok. There might be slight spoilers for the ongoing Round 9, so ensure you are all caught up on the manga series. 

Apollo in Record Of Ragnarok: Wiki

Apollo in Record Of Ragnarok: Wiki

Japanese Nameアポローン
Hair ColorLight Pink
Eye ColorGold
AliasesSun God, Phoebus, Boxing God
AbilitiesBoxing Proficiency, Threads of Artemis

Apollo is one of the 12 Gods of Olympus and is considered one of the strongest. He is overconfident and arrogant in his abilities and always likes to live up to the expectations of others.

This was the reason he listened to the Spartans in the 9th round. He had also humiliated Leonidas in front of all of this crowd. Apollo is also narcissistic and cares a lot about appearance and beauty.

He is also very carefree, which is why he didn’t show his full strength in the 9th round until now. Even when he heard that his fellow Gods had died, he didn’t feel sad but thought their deaths were beautiful.

Due to his overconfidence, he keeps looking down on others constantly. This is evident when he looked down on King Leonidas during the entire 9th round until now.

Past of Apollo in Record Of Ragnarok

Past of Apollo in Record Of Ragnarok

First, let us go back to before the start of Round 9. Apollo lived on a different set of Islands floating in the sky. When the other Gods were fighting with their lives at the stake for this tournament, Apollo was fooling around with women.

When Zeus talks about Ragnarok, Apollo pays no heed and is surprised that Zeus is still going ahead. He was indifferent to their deaths, as he compared the deaths of other Greek Gods to beauty.

And after this, he still didn’t decide if he’d want to fight. He asked the women around him, and only after their cheers and answers did he choose to fight in Round 9.

During the fight, we get to know that he is also referred to as the Boxing God. He evaded most of Leonidas’s attacks and moves using a mix of his boxing and dancing-like steps.

Going further into the past about Apollo, we know he also had a signature Silver bow and arrow. Apollo also slayed the Legendary Serpent Python with this weapon.

He was also known to create a lot of melodies in the lyre, which pleased humanity and Gods alike. He also preached about pacifism at some unknown time, which later became the Oracle of Apollo in Sparta.

The Legend of Delphi talks about Apollo’s Divine Weapon, which had been there for a long time. It was known as Threads of Artemis, and it was known to possess many forms.

It could transform into a lyre that played delightful melodies, a shield that blocked attacks from Giants, or even a bow and arrow. In this 9th round, he also used this thread to create a king of boxing gloves.

It was said that Apollo had created this divine weapon for his needs. This thread of light was spun from light energy, and Brunhilde also says this is a divine weapon of the highest order.

Apollo’s Skills and Abilities

Apollo's Skills and Abilities

  • Apollo has extraordinary raw strength as he primarily engages in hand-to-hand combat. 
  • He also has exceptional reflexes and speed to counter most of his opponent’s abilities. 
  • Apollo also dodged many surprise attacks from Leonidas, showing his fighting capability.
  • He is highly proficient in boxing and can easily land punches at vital spots or escape deadly moves. 
  • Apollo also has graceful dancer-like movements, which he uses to break his fall and also for dodging.
  • He can also manipulate light and matter related to it. 
  • His divine weapon is Threads of Artemis, which can turn into any weapon he wishes. 
  • Phoebus’ Lyre The Shimmering Harp is his first weapon change with the Threads of Artemis. 
  • The threads take the shape of boxing gloves, significantly enhancing the strength of Apollo’s punches. 
  • The Sun Shall Never Set on Me is one of his most robust battle modes, and he glows very brightly in this mode. 
  • He keeps getting more potent in this mode the more people have expectations from Apollo. 
  • His raw attributes are vastly increased, as he continuously managed to land many punches on Leonidas. 
  • Artemis Elenchos Shining Domination is one of his special moves, which he uses to stop his opponent’s movements. 
  • When he gets close to his opponents, he wraps these threads around him to immobilize their movements. 

Comparison with Other Gods

Comparison with Other Gods

1) Zeus

Zeus is the most muscular God as of now. Only Odin might be able to come close to him regarding power level. Even if both Zeus and Apollo fight with hand-to-hand combat only, Zeus will still have the upper hand.

This is because Zeus has immense raw strength, which Apollo could never reach, even with his Threads of Artemis.

2) Buddha

Apollo would lose to Buddha, too, because of his overconfidence in his abilities. Apollo’s own emotions would be the demise of him. Buddha would be easily able to read Apollo’s movements since the Sun God has a lot of overflowing emotions. 

The more Apollo tries to show his emotions, the easier it becomes for Buddha to read his moves. 

3) Poseidon

Apollo is more potent than Poseidon. Even if both of their fighting styles differ, Apollo excels in this battle because he excels in close combat. He can quickly get closer to Poseidon using his boxer movements to dodge all of Poseidon’s strikes.

After that, he can easily make this fight into a close-quarters one and take the win.

These are all of the power level and comparisons of Apollo in Record of Ragnarok. We still don’t know the extent of his full abilities, so we will be updating this article in the future. Make sure to check out our article at a later date. 

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