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Qin Shi Huang in Record Of Ragnarok: Power Level Compared to Hades & Others

Last updated on September 15th, 2023 at 04:53 pm

Qin Shi Huang in Record of Ragnarok, is probably the most stylish King, we have ever seen in the series so far. He is also a very great Human fighter and one of the most powerful at that.

Even if he had lost an arm, and was heavily injured, he still managed to defeat Hades in the 7th Round. This shows that he is a very capable fighter, on top of being a great King too.

However, today we will be fully talking about Qin Shi Huang in Record of Ragnarok. From his past to his abilities and power level, we will be covering all information we have on him currently.

Qin Shi Huang in Record Of Ragnarok: Wiki

Qin Shi Huang in Record Of Ragnarok: Wiki

Japanese Name秦始皇
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
AliasesKing of Men, The King Where it all Began, The Greatest King
AbilitiesMirror Touch Synesthesia, Unarmed Combat Proficiency, Air Bullet Projection, Swordsmanship Mastery, Enhanced Sight, Qi Sight, Martial Arts Expert

Qin Shi Huan, also known as Ying Zheng or Ei Sei, is known as the greatest King in History, known for the unification of China. He also has a very muscular build, which also showcases his strength.

He was also easily able to catch and throw Ares away, a couple of times. Apart from this, he also has mastery over other weapons too. He can utilize his Chi You form, to make several different moves.

All of these moves are strong enough, to even tear away at Hades’s flesh, with just one hit. Qin Shi Huang also wears a blindfold, so that he doesn’t have to look at the injuries of his opponents.

Past of Qin Shi Huang in Record Of Ragnarok

Past of Qin Shi Huang in Record Of Ragnarok

In 257 BC, there was a kid named Ying Zheng, who was abandoned by both of his parents. He was also hated by his people and was held captive by the citizens of Zhao only.

However, after enduring this suffering for a long time, at the age of 7, Ying Zheng manages to keep up a forced smiling expression. In his courtyard, he also meets a woman called Chun Yun who is supposedly his caretaker.

He still keeps putting on his forced smile, to which she gets annoyed. After observing and teaching Ying Zheng for a while, she also notices that something is wrong with the kid.

Later when she pulls his shirt off, she sees countless injuries all over Ying Zheng’s body. He then told her that if sees any injury, it will automatically appear on his body. Any hatred and other emotions also turn into wounds on his body.

She also calls Ying Zheng a very kind person, because he understands the pain of others. After that, Chun Yan also trained him and gave him a blindfold. However, these fun times only lasted for two years.

Ying Zheng became the crowned prince and had to go to Qin. But on their way, they are attacked by a few armored men. Not letting him fight, Chun Yan fights all of them and dies in the same battle.

There starts his journey as emperor, as Ying Zheng promises her to be the Greatest King. Fast forward to 220 BC, Qin Shi Huang had already annexed all states and unified the whole of China.

He also fought against the beast Chi You, for days, and finally managed to defeat him. This earned him the ability of his Chi You’s forms, and also the title of The King Where It All Began.

Qin Shi Huang’s Skills and Abilities

Qin Shi Huang's Skills and Abilities

  • Qin Shi Huang has great strength, speed, and reflexes too.
  • He also has immense willpower and endurance, which let him fight even after he lost an arm.
  • Due to his Mirror Touch Synesthesia, he would get injured, if he saw someone injured, or even if they bore hatred towards him.
  • He also received the same injuries, he had inflicted on Hades, in their fight.
  • Qin Shi Huang is a martial expert, thanks to his adoptive mother Chun Yun, and his style.
  • He can fight exceptionally well without any weapons, or with a sword.
  • Qin Shi Huang also uses Air Bullets, which weaken his opponent’s Qi, as well as their strength.
  • These bullets are also invisible, and anyone will not be able to see them until they make an impact.
  • Due to his enhanced sight, he is also able to see Qi in other humans, in the form of stars.
  • He also can use a special Chi You martial arts style, that has an armor form, spear form, crossbow form, halberd form, and a sword form.

Power Level Compared to Others

Power Level Compared to Others

1) Adam 

Qin Shi Huang is weaker than the Strongest Human fighter. This is mostly due to Adam’s Eyes of God, as he can copy any move that he sees. Since Adam’s moves are mostly based on martial arts, Adam will be easily able to copy them.

Qin Shi Huang won’t have any counter, with any of his other moves. Adam will use Qin Shi Huang’s moves against him and will prevail to be the stronger human fighter.

2) Sasaki Kojiro

Sasaki Kojiro might be stronger than Qin Shi Huang, and this is mostly due to his ability to predict his opponent’s moves. Using this, Sasaki was even able to read Poseidon’s moves and kill him.

Qin Shi Huang will have a hard time if the trajectory of his Air Bullets is predicted. Even if he can hold off with his Heavenly Hand of Defense, and his martial arts, he still has to land a decisive blow on Sasaki.

3) Lu Bu

Qin Shi Huang is stronger than Lu Bu. Lu Bu does have a very muscular build and is proficient in the spear. But, Qin Shi Huang’s air bullets will work on Lu Bu. Using this, he can effectively shut down Lu Bu’s Sky Piercer move.

Qin Shi Huang vs. Hades: Who Was Stronger? 

Qin Shi Huang vs Hades: Who Was Stronger? 

In Round 7, we saw that Qin Shi Huang had managed to defeat one of the most powerful gods, Hades. But, is Qin Shi Huang stronger than Hades or not? is the main question now.

If we are talking about raw strength, speed as well as experience, Hades easily wins the battle, as said by Zeus. But, Qin Shi Huang was able to push his limits further, and finally, with his abilities, endurance, and willpower, he managed to defeat Hades.

So, we could say that Qin Shi Huang is the stronger of the two, as Hades couldn’t counter all of his abilities.

1) Based on Speed and Reflexes

This might be a tie for both of them. Although we saw that Hades was overpowering Qin Shi Huang with his speed and reflexes, this gradually decreased. Qin Shi Huang was also able to catch up to Hades’s speed and reflexes, to ultimately defeat him.

2) Based on Strength 

This is an easy win for Hades. It was said multiple times, that one direct hit of Hades would be enough to kill Qin Shi Huang. This shows the sheer destructive force of each blow of Hades.

Qin Shi Huang also has many deadly moves, but he is not as powerful as Hades when it comes to raw strength. At most, he was able to tear away at Hades’s flesh, using his Chi You forms.

3) Based on Abilities

This is a win for Qin Shi Huang. Even though Hades did manage to find some temporary measures to stop Air Bullet, he still couldn’t stop that fully. Qin Shi Huang used his quick thinking ability, to use it on the spear of Hades.

With this, Qin Shi Huang was finally able to kill Hades and win this round. Even throughout the round, Hades did not fully overpower Qin Shi Huang, when it came to a comparison of abilities.

4) Based on Endurance & Stamina

This is also yet another win for Qin Shi Huang, as he had shown to be more enduring of pain that Hades. He had been enduring everyone’s injuries and pain since he was a kid. And, this attribute had only strengthened in Qin Shi Huang.

Hades was also shown to have near-unlimited Stamina and Endurance, during his battle with the Titan army. But he hadn’t gone through as much pain as Qin Shi Huang did. The latter even rose after a lost arm, to fight.

5) Based on Overall Ability 

This is also looking like another win for Qin Shi Huang. He was shown to be way more versatile, in all of his abilities. He possessed both the Strongest Shield, as well as the Strongest Spear.

This was what led him to his victory against Hades in the 7th round. Although it was also thanks to his willpower and quick intuition, his abilities also make up a major reason for his victory.

With this, we can say that Qin Shi Huang is stronger than Hades. This is the reason, he is still alive now, even after facing Hades. This marks the end of our article on everything about Qin Shi Huang. For more similar content, make sure to check our other articles here.

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