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King Leonidas in Record Of Ragnarok: History & Power Level

King Leonidas in Record of Ragnarok was the Human combatant for the ongoing 9th round, facing off against Apollo. The fight started stimulatingly, and we saw both trading equal blows.

Moreover, the one thing that we would like to know now is how powerful King Leonidas is in Record of Ragnarok. We will tackle this particular question in this post and compare him with some of the other fighters.

We will also discuss his past and some of his history in this manga series. This post will contain some spoilers for the recent chapters, so ensure you are caught up on the manga series.

King Leonidas in Record Of Ragnarok: Wiki

King Leonidas in Record Of Ragnarok: Wiki 

Japanese Nameレオニダス
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorBlack
AliasesStrongest Rebel in Human History
AbilitiesTrained Spartan Warrior, Proficient in many weapons, Aspis Shield

King Leonidas is the 9th Human Fighter introduced to us so far. He takes a lot of pride in his abilities as he only wanted to go in the tournament’s opening or closing round. 

He was the King of Sparta during ancient times and did not care for Gods or any form of divine punishment. However, his hate for Apollo made him accept the invitation in Round 9.

Leonidas is a competent fighter, also acknowledged by Apollo in their ongoing fight. As of now, we cannot say for sure if he is more powerful than Apollo or not.

But, he unleashed some deadly moves in his fight, which Apollo was trying to avoid at any cost. 

Past of King Leonidas in Record Of Ragnarok

Past of King Leonidas in Record Of Ragnarok

To know about his past, we have to start from 480 BC. This was when Prince Xerxes 1 summoned a massive army of 300,000 to conquer Sparta and even Athens.

Prince Xerxes 1 had timed his invasion to align with the famous Carneia Festival. The Spartans weren’t supposed to engage in military action or combat during this time, as the Oracle of Apollo stated.

The Elders also decided not to anger Apollo and take action once the Festival concluded. This is when we see Leonidas’s entrance, who still wants to fight and doesn’t believe in these prophecies.

He said he didn’t care for any God as he hadn’t met any. Leonidas also broke Apollo’s statue to prove he did not care for divine punishment.

He just wanted to protect his country from enemies. The Elders were angry and proclaimed he wouldn’t get any support in this battle. But Leonidas had already gained one supporter, Haggis, ready to fight.

Soon enough, around 300 Spartan soldiers followed him, with the same intention of defending their country. Leonidas was surprised at the determination of these people and asked if they had any regrets.

After he heard their answer, he grabbed his spear and shield to stop the invasion. After hearing Haggis’s honest answer and his emotions, he asked this army to do whatever they wanted.

With just a small number of 300 soldiers, he held out in this invasion of 300,000 soldiers. There were also only very few casualties, which shows how ferocious fighters the Spartans were.

Due to their determination, the rest of Greece also responded to their call and sent more reinforcements. Leonidas did not stop there as he fought against Prince Xerxes 1 in this battle.

And the rest is history. King Leonidas and his army had won this battle. This incident was etched in the pages of history to be known as a showcase of the brave and ferocious nature of the Spartans.

King Leonidas’s Skills and Abilities

King Leonidas's Skills and Abilities

  • He was considered to be a top-notch fighter in the Human competitors. 
  • Brunhilde mentioned he was one of the fighters she wanted to use against Poseidon. 
  • Death didn’t stop his training, as he continued his strict training with his other allies. 
  • He also has immense raw strength and has displayed this various times in this fight. 
  • Leonidas was also shown to possess immense speed and extraordinary reflexes
  • Even if one of his attacks was blocked by Apollo or he had a wrong position, he still managed to counter Apollo’s moves on various occasions.
  • He is also a master at using many weapon types, but he is most proficient in spear and shield combat. 
  • He uses the Aspis Shield in battle, which can transform into any weapon he wishes. 
  • It had transformed into a Kusarigama type of weapon and a hammer till now. 
  • Leonidas uses the base form of the shield for both offence and defence. 
  • Phalanx Asanatos is his multi-hit move, which is also very fast. 
  • He throws his shield in all directions at immense speed, leaving afterimages. 
  • The following form is the Aspis Saw Form, in which several spinning blades will be spawned on the sides of the shield. 
  • Phalanx Enchos is the move he used to damage Apollo initially. 
  • He used his Aspis Saw Form and threw this shield at Apollo from a distance. 
  • Phalanx Enchos: Prodevo is a unique form of his previous move, and he sends his shield through the arena instead. 
  • The following form of his Shield is Aspis: Hammer form, which creates a mighty hammer. 
  • This also decreases the shield’s area, and the hammer and the shield are connected. 
  • Phalanx Nemeis is his most powerful move, which destroyed the whole arena in a single strike. 
  • Leonidas lifts the hammer fully before swinging it to deal massive damage. 

Comparison with Other Human Fighters

Comparison with Other Human Fighters

1) Adam 

Adam quickly takes the win in this category. Adam has extraordinary base attributes, and Leonidas has yet to come close to Adam’s stats. Some of Leonidas’s moves are powerful, but it would be fatal if he could land them.

Adam’s speed far surpasses Leonidas’s, and he can easily escape all of his Phalanx moves.

2) Qin Shi Huang

Leonidas is on Qin Shi Huang’s level, but the latter has more advantages due to having more hacks. Even if Qin Shi Huang’s raw attributes are lacking, his extreme ability can shut down some of the best opponents, such as Hades.

3) Sasaki Kojiro 

Leonidas might be around the same power level as Sasaki Kojiro if he was considered for the Poseidon fight. It means he had specific abilities and powers to care for Poseidon easily. 

These are all of Leonidas’s Skill, abilities which are known till now. Since the fight has only started, we will get a clear picture of his power level in the upcoming chapters. Check some of our other exciting and similar Record of Ragnarok articles over here.

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