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Bepo Sulong Form in One Piece: Giant Polar Bear

One Piece boasts a huge cast of characters who are not only interesting in personality but also in their appearances. And that’s to exclude the atrocious hair colors and huge eyes that are common in anime.

No, what’s unique about One Piece is how it can make even gag characters look cool and contribute significantly to the story. One such character is Bepo.

Bepo is the navigator of Heart Pirates, led by former Shichibukai Trafalgar D. Water Law. He’s a polar bear Mink originating from Zou, the land of Minks.

When Bepo first debuts in the story, he is nothing more than a sidekick to Law, who goes on to become one of the most important characters in the story. Bepo, like the rest of the crew, sticks together with their captain and goes along with his plans.

However, in the most recent chapter of the One Piece manga, Bepo shows his true strength by entering into his Sulong Form. And thus, this is high time to discuss Bepo’s Sulong Form in One Piece.

How Bepo Achieved His Sulong Form in One Piece Chapter 1081?

Bepo's Sulong Form

In One Piece Chapter 1081, we see the climax of the battle between Heart Pirates and Blackbeard Pirates. Though Heart Pirates put up a good fight, they ultimately lost to Blackbeard Pirates.

Their submarine was torn apart and destroyed, sinking to the bottom of the sea. The Heart Pirates crew all fell into the ocean, leaving only Law and Bepo on land. 

Both of them are dangerously injured and Law is even unable to move his body, completely defeated by Marshall D. Teach, aka Blackbeard. Just as Blackbeard is about to steal Law’s Ope Ope no Mi Devil Fruit, like he did with Whitebeard, Bepo appears in his Sulong Form and protects his captain.

It should be noted that when all this is happening, it’s daytime, and there’s no moon. So, Bepo unlocking his Sulong is practically impossible, as is commented by the crew of Blackbeard Pirates.

Bepo takes Law with him and jumps into the ocean to escape. The last panel of the chapter shows the two swimming away as Bepo reassures his captain that their crew will be okay, and we finally know the outcome of Heart Pirates vs. Blackbeard Pirates: Heart Pirates suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Blackbeard Pirates.

But this begs the question of how Bepo achieved his Sulong Form in One Piece Chapter 1081. The answer is Tony Tony Chopper. It’s mentioned in Bepo’s memories that Chopper made a special pill after researching with the Minks.

The pill allows the user to unlock their Sulong Form without the presence of the moon. According to Chopper, the invention of the pill is fairly new, and there’s no guarantee that it’d work. 

In the face of danger, Bepo takes that risk, and thankfully, it pays off. We don’t know, however, if this pill has some side effects, as Chopper’s initial Rumble Ball did.

After eating the Rumble Ball, Chopper transformed into his Monster Point, but as a result, he couldn’t even move his body after turning back. The Sulong inducing pill could have similar effects, but since Bepo was swimming immediately after he turned back, it seems unlikely.

Bepo Sulong Form: Appearance

Normally Bepo looks like a polar bear with sharp teeth and a height of 7’10”. His Sulong Form, like other Minks, is much larger than his ordinary form and looks more feral.

He takes the shape of a giant polar bear beast with sharper teeth and more ferocity. As is common in Sulong Forms, Bepo’s irises turn black, pupils red, and claws sharper. His white fur looks flaming around the neck, and his tail becomes fluffier.

Bepo: Power & Abilities in Sulong Form


Before their clash with Blackbeard Pirates, Bepo has never had a serious fight in the series. He was imprisoned along with the rest of his crew in the Wano Arc, but his battle abilities were never at the forefront. However, Bepo is a skilled martial artist and can hold his own against any normal pirate.

Like all Minks, his biggest strength is the Sulong Form. He is never seen using it under normal conditions, i.e., in the moonlight, but he’s probably able to do that too. But unlike other Minks, Bepo hasn’t yet been seen using Electro.

Bepo also has high durability. Sulong can be very taxing for the Minks because it eats away a lot of energy. But Bepo could haul Law and jump into the ocean in seconds after activating and deactivating his Sulong, which is quite the feat. 

Bepo’s Sulong Form is an interesting development for the character since it can indicate Bepo’s stronger role further in the series. Thanks to him, Law, a major player in the plot, still lives and will certainly come back.

Maybe in the future, we can see Bepo teaming up with his Mink comrades and putting on a grand show of Sulong Forms. Until we see that, Otakus’ Notes will be providing you with updates and exciting content on One Piece.

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