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7 Interesting Facts about Pirate Island (Hachinosu) that Everyone Should Know (One Piece)

Pirate Island (Hachinosu) is one of the many intriguing locations in the grand world of One Piece. Situated in the New World, it has only been featured a few times in the series as of yet, but that will certainly change in the current arc. Before that happens, let us tell you 7 interesting facts about Pirate Island (Hachinosu) that everyone should know.

Pirate Island (Hachinosu) first appears in the story during the Wano Country Arc, in Episode 917. The most noticeable part about the island is the giant skull-shaped rock that towers over the rest of the buildings on the island.

The skull has two holes in the place of eyes as well as a distinct coloration on its head that makes it looks like it’s wearing a bandana. The two stone protrusions on the side of the skull only make this image stronger.

7 Interesting Facts about Pirate Island (Hachinosu) that Everyone Should Know

1) Pirate Island (Hachinosu) is the current residence of the Blackbeard Pirates

Gecko Moria on Hachinosu

What makes Pirate Island (Hachinosu) an important part of the story is that the Blackbeard Pirates are the current occupants of this island. After the timeskip, the Blackbeard Pirates as well as Blackbeard aka Marshall D. Teach himself is shown for the first time on this island. 

Hachinosu also acted as the setting for when Gecko Moria came to find Absalom, only to discover that his crew member had been killed and his Devil Fruit power had been transferred to Shiryu from the Blackbeard Pirates.

2) Rocks Pirates was formed on the Pirate Island (Hachinosu)  

Rocks Pirates

Another thing that makes Pirate Island (Hachinose) an essential aspect of the history is its connection to the legendary Rocks Pirates. Though the complete circumstances of it are unknown, we know that Xebec D. Rocks began his journey as a pirate from this island.

Hachinosu also served as a base for the Rocks Pirates for a time, and some of the crew members even kept the connection to the island.

3) Pirate Island (Hachinosu) is the place of origin for the Davy Back Fights

Davy Back Fight

Pirate Island’s significance doesn’t end here. It is also the birthplace of the infamous Davy Back Fights. It is believed that some pirates started the games in the Pirate Island as a way to choose their crewmates from the sailors of the island. The specific pirates responsible for it were never mentioned in the manga.

The first time Davy Back Fights was introduced in the series was in the Long Island Arc, where the Straw Hat Pirates met Foxy and his crew. The Davy Back Fights are a well-known and long-running tradition among pirates where one crew challenges another crew. 

The game is popular for scouting crew members from other pirate crews. For example, Foxy and his Foxy Pirates frequently played the games to gain new crew members, making the number of members in his crew go up to 500.

4) Pirate Island (Hachinosu) has had two known rulers

Blackbeard in Pirate Island (Hachinosu)

The history of Pirate Island (Hachinosu) is mostly unknown. However, it is revealed in One Piece that the island has had at least two rulers. One of them and the current one is Blackbeard, who along with his crew, has captured the island to make it his own territory.

The ruler before Blackbeard was Ochoku. Ochoku once belonged to the famed Rocks Pirates. After the God Valley Incident and the downfall of Rocks D. Xebec and the Rocks Pirates, Ochoku came to Pirate Island and ruled it for years. That is until Blackbeard and his crew came to the island. Two years ago from the current timeline of the story, there was an invasion on Hachinosu where Trafalgar Law came to the island. At the same time, Blackbeard also arrived at the island with his crew. This event is famous as the Rocky Port Incident to the world.

During the Rocky Port Incident, Koby protected the citizens of Hachinosu, though from who was never mentioned. Koby also helped Blackbeard defeat Ochoku and take over the island from the veteran pirate. And thus began the rule of Blackbeard on Pirate Island (Hachinosu).

5) The name “Hachinosu” is comes from its shape

Pirate Island (Hachinosu)

As mentioned before, the most distinctive trait about Pirate Island (Hachinosu) is the skull-shaped rock with multiple holes on it. The name of the island is directly associated with the holes-bearing skull-shaped rock.

“Hachinosu” is a Japanese word that means honeycomb or beehive. Another meaning for the word is the process of taking out bullets from someone and leaving bullet holes. According to Prince Grus, one of the SWORD members, Pirate Island (Hachinosu) gets its name from this.

6) Pirate Island (Hachinosu) is one of the islands ruled by an Emperor of the Sea


The sea has a lot of players, but none are as big as the Four Emperors of the Sea. Before the timeskip, the Emperors or the Yonko consisted of Whitebeard, Kaido, Big Mom and Shanks. But during the timeskip, Blackbeard took the empty place as an Emperor.

Unlike most pirates, Yonko are formidable and significant enough to hold nations or islands under its flagship. Big Mom rules over Whole Cake Island and its nearby islands. Kaido took over Wano during the time Kozuki Oden was out on the sea, and ruled over it for twenty years. 

While Whitebeard never had a particular island where he and his crew set up camp, having spent all their time sailing on their ships, he had several islands under his protection, one of them being the Fishman Island. As for Shanks, it is known that Shanks also has a territorial island, though the name and details of the island is still unknown.

Pirate Island (Hachinosu) is also one of the islands that are ruled by the Yonko, with another Emperor, Blackbeard as its ruler.

7) The fight between the SWORD team and the Blackbeard Pirates is set on Pirate Island (Hachinosu)


Pirate Island (Hachinosu) is about to play a crucial role in the upcoming chapter of One Piece. Chapter 1080 is about to focus on the fight between the Blackbeard Pirates and the SWORD team. SWORD is looking for Koby, one of its members, and since he was last seen on Hachinosu, his teammates have come looking for him on the island.

But the most exciting thing Chapter 1080 will feature is Monkey D. Garp will arrive on Hachinosu and pick up a fight with Blackbeard and his crew. That is certainly the highlight of the chapter as fans have been eagerly waiting for Garp to unleash his full power.

Those are the 7 interesting facts about Pirate Island (Hachinosu) that everyone should know. Like many geographical locations in One Piece, it has a spectacular design and history.

We’ll get to see Hachinosu very soon again once the newest chapter of One Piece is released. The official English translation for the new chapter will be available on MANGA Plus and VIZ Media.

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