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Top 10 Strongest Minks in Their Sulong Form (One Piece) 2023

In the vast world of One Piece, we see a wide variety of cultures and tribes, all with their own tradition and characteristics. One such tribe is the Mink Tribe.

As is the case with many elements of One Piece, we see Minks before we are aware of their tribe and history.  In this article, we’ll be talking about the Mink Tribe and the top 10 strongest Minks in their Sulong form.

The characteristic element of the Minks is their humanoid animal bodies. There are a variety of animals whose traits are shared by Minks.

The Mink Tribe are isolated from human civilization and live in Zou, on the back of Zunesha, an ancient elephant roaming the seas for hundreds of years. The Minks call their established civilization Mokomo Dukedom.

The first Mink that appears in the story is Bepo from the Heart Pirates, led by Trafalgar D. Water Law. Bepo makes his debut in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc along with the rest of his crew. 

Since then, we’ve met quite a few Mink characters in the story, like Pekoms. The existence of the Mink Tribe is explored in the Zou Arc, where the Straw Hat Pirates go to that island looking for Raizo.

Minks are all born warriors; their greatest offensive power lies in two specific abilities: Electro and Sulong. Electro is their ability to channel electricity through weapons, while Sulong is a greater transformation and arguably the trump card for Minks. 

What Is Sulong Form & How Minks Achieve It?

Sulong is a physical transformation of Minks, returning them to their primitive, wilder forms. It is said that the Sulong forms are the true forms of Minks, and in the presence of the moon, they return to that state. All Minks are capable of transforming into their Sulong forms.

Sulong transformation is only possible in the presence of a visible moon. If the moon is hidden by clouds or mountains or any other way, Sulong form cannot be achieved. In Sulong form, the power of a Mink is increased greatly, from strength, speed and agility to endurance and the intensity of Electro. 

The physical form of a Mink also changes in this form. Their pupils shrink, their eyes become red, and they get a white, glowing appearance. Sometimes the length of their hair changes along with the usual increase in claws.

Top 10 Strongest Minks in Their Sulong Form

Now that we know what Sulong is and how Minks achieve it, we’ll be ranking the top 10 strongest Minks in their Sulong forms.

Every Mink is capable of achieving Sulong in the presence of the moon, but only a few have been shown in the series. We’ll be considering only those for this list since it is impossible to rank everyone otherwise.

10) Giovanni


We’ll be starting off the ranking with Giovanni at the 10th spot. He is one of Inuarashi’s Three Musketeers, which indicates that he’s stronger than the rest of the Musketeers under him.

This zebra Mink has a Sulong form which is quite powerful. But since he hasn’t performed any wonderful feats in this form, he’s at the bottom of the barrel here.

9) Concelot


Concelot is a fox Mink and another one of Inurashi’s Three Musketeers. Like the rest of the Minks, he also has a powerful Sulong form. But just like Giovanni, we haven’t seen anything special from Concelot to place him any higher on this list of strongest Minks in their Sulong form.

8) Blackback


Blackback is one of the Guardians of the Whale Forest and also one of the strongest Minks on Zou. He’s a gorilla Mink and is physically very strong. His strength increases more in his Sulong form.

When Jack and his crew attacked Zou, Blackback gave them a tough fight and was captured and tortured by Jack. Though Blackback doesn’t showcase any particular feat in his Sulong form, his normal strength is enough to predict his strength in the Sulong form.

7) Roddy


Roddy is another Guardian of the Whale Forest who has achieved Sulong form. He is a bull Mink, which means he has considerable brute strength and the Minks’ Electro.

He’s powerful enough to counter Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Kane, which is no small feat.

Like the rest of our previous entries, Roddy hasn’t done anything special in his Sulong form, but we can guess his prowess from his usual strength, which is why Roddy sits at number 7 on this list of the top 10 strongest Minks in their Sulong form.

6) Shishilan


Shishilan is the last of Inurashi’s Three Musketeers and arguably the strongest one. This lion Mink is fierce in battle and has been shown using Electro, Sulong and proficient swordsmanship.

Shishilan is both strong and fast and possesses a large amount of endurance. He gave a tough fight to the SMILE users of Beast Pirates.

In the anime, he can be seen cutting Gifter-level soldiers of Beast Pirates. That is why we put Shishilan at number 6 as one of the strongest Minks in their Sulong form.

4) Wanda


Wanda is a dog Mink and one of Inurashi’s Musketeer Squad. Like other Minks, Wanda also has a Sulong form, in which she is stronger, faster and more agile.

Even her Electro is stronger in her Sulong form. In her Sulong form, Wanda uses Moon Raid as a combination technique along with Carrot in the Onigashima Arc.

4) Carrot


A cute and cheerful bunny Mink, Carrot initially comes off as more of a comic relief than a warrior. But her true power is revealed at the end of Whole Cake Island Arc.

After witnessing Pedro’s heroic death and being pushed into a corner, Carrot unveils her Sulong form. In this form, her physical appearance changes significantly, and her powers are increased multiple times. She’s a force to be reckoned with in Sulong form.

3) Pekoms


Pekoms is a lion Mink who was once a member of Big Mom Pirates. He was the sworn brother of Pedro and Zepo, and after Zepo’s death, it was his begging that saved Pedro from Big Mom.

Pekoms’ Sulong form is very powerful. In this form, his size changes considerably, and he becomes mindless in his ferocity. It was only Pedro who could bring him back from the feral state in his Sulong form.

2) Bepo (Sulong Form)

Bepo (Sulong Form)
Bepo (Sulong Form)

As we mentioned before, Bepo is the first Mink introduced in the story. He’s the second-in-command in Heart Pirates and is very loyal to his captain.

Unlike their captain, Bepo and his crewmates have had little opportunity for a grand fight. But in Chapter 1081 of One Piece, it is revealed that Bepo has also activated his Sulong form at the end of their fight against Blackbeard Pirates to save Law.

Not much is known about his Sulong form since it was just a glimpse in a flashback. But judging by Bepo’s position in Heart Pirates, which is led by one of the strongest characters in the story, we can infer that Bepo’s Sulong form is quite powerful.

1) Inuarashi & Nekomamushi

Inuarashi & Nekomamushi

The first position as the strongest Minks in their Sulong form has to be shared by two Minks: Inuarashi and Nekomamushi. These two are said to be two of the strongest Minks of all time, and their Sulong forms only make them more formidable.

Inuarashi defeats Jack from Beast Pirates, while Nekomamushi defeats Charlotte Perospero, Big Mom’s eldest son and the man responsible for Pedo’s death. 

They both use two special attacks in their respective Sulong forms: Inuarashi uses Canine Scourge and Oden One-Sword Style: Canine Cleaver, while Nekomamushi uses Crimson Cat Dance and Oden One-Sword Style: Feline Frenzy.

Their Sulong powers are unparalleled among Minks, which is why they share the 1st spot.

This is where we end our discussion on the Mink Tribe and the top 10 strongest Minks in their Sulong form. The story of One Piece is still left quite a bit, and we’ll surely see more Minks and their Sulong forms.

In fact, the upcoming 1081st chapter of One Piece will be featuring Bepo in his Sulong form. Read the chapter on VIZ Media and MANGA Plus, the affiliated manga platforms of Shueisha. For spoilers and other fun One Piece content, come visit Otakus’ Notes.

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