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(2023) Top 10 Best Demon Slayer Swords Ranked (Manga)

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:46 am

Demon Slayer characters’ attack power comes from – Nichirin katanas and breathing techniques.

Both the techniques work alongside each other depending on the abilities of the users.

In the Demon Slayer world, Nichirin Blades are forged using special ores. What makes them fun is that each character’s swords change color based on their individual skills.

There are many best Demon Slayer swords like Yellow Nichirin Sword, Red Nichirin Sword and many more ranging from colors like yellow to red. 

In this article, we rank for you the Top 10 Best Demon Slayer Swords as per the manga series.

This post contains the knowledge of the Demon Slayer manga. 

Top 10 Best Demon Slayer Swords Ranked-

  • 10) Indigo Nichirin Sword –

Indigo Nichirin Sword
Image Source: hero.fandom

Starting at the tenth position is the Indigo Nichirin Sword. It represents the color of the beast. In the series, it is handled by Hashibira Inosuke, who uses Beast Breathing Technique.

Inosuke’s Beast technique is unique to his ability, being developed by him.

Thus his Beast Sword, just like its nature suggests, has jagged blades. According to Inosuke, chipped blades are meant to inflict increased damage. Using this, Inosuke’s beastly senses are amplified.

  • 9) Yellow Nichirin Sword –

Yellow Nichirin Sword
Image Source: wallpaperaccess

Yellow Nichirin Sword refers to the sword used by the users of the Thunder Breathing TechniqueAgatsuma Zenitsu wields this sword which enhances his thunder breathing.

The techniques and moves used by Zenitsu appear as lightning and flash. They are primarily speed-driven.

As Zenitsu activates his breathing, his Lightning Sword electrifies. All it requires is, in a blink of an eye, a single slash!

  • 8) Amber Nichirin Sword –

Amber Nichirin Sword
Image Source: kimetsu-no-yaiba.fandom

Tengen Uzui, the former Sound Pillar, was the sole user of the Amber Nichirin Sword. Taking eighth place, the Sound Pillar used two swords that were chained to each other.

Uniquely, they were also bigger in size than ordinary Nichirin Swords. The current Season 2 of the anime series will cover the action sequence featuring the Sound Sword.

He first reads and converts his enemies’ movements into sound. The Sound Sword then helps him to strike back blows like beats. Not many are said to have survived its blows.

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  • 7) Pink Nichirin Sword –

Pink Nichirin Sword
Image Source: kimetsu-no-yaiba.fandom

Love HashiraKanroji Mitsuri is the only Demon Slayer known to use the Love Breathing Technique and a whip-like sword.

Her sword compatibility is achieved by agile whip-like motions. Her sword was explained to be soft but lethally bladed.

It won’t be wrong to say that most of the relevance of her sword comes from her individual built and strength. No one can use the sword except her. And it is not easy to escape its blows.

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  • 6) Grey Nichirin Sword –

History of Sun Breathing Technique (Demon Slayer) Explained
Image Source: Craffic

Grey Nichirin Sword belongs to the strongest Hashira, Himejima Gyomei. The color suggests the power of the Breath of Stone.

Gyomei’s equipment rather than a sword is a flail and ax combo. Placed on number six, it is certainly one of the most deadly equipment in the series.

The effectiveness of this ax had reached another level when it turned to crimson red while fighting Upper Moon 1. His ax had decapitated Kokushibo and hampered his regeneration.

  • 5) Blue Nichirin Sword –

Blue Nichirin Sword
Image Source: monster-strike-enjp.fandom

Blue Nichirin Sword or the Water Sword is wielded by the Water Pillar: Tomioka Giyu.

This nature of sword also belongs to his teacher, the former Water Pillar: Urokodaki Sakonji.

The sword is used by following gliding and flexible movements. It is a regular standard Nichirin Katana.

This sword, too, once had temporarily turned crimson red on clashing with Wind Hashira‘s blade.

  • 4) Red Nichirin Sword –

Red Nichirin Sword
Image Source: wallpapersden

Red Nichirin Sword is also one of the best swords in Demon Slayer. It supports Flame Breathing Technique.

Thus, reflective of Flame HashiraRengoku Kyojuro‘s characteristic power, it holds the properties of Flame.

Though Rengoku is the first Hashira to die, his attack power was undeniably one of the strongest.

Flame Breathing was developed from the strongest Fire Breathing Technique.

Rengoku’s sword never gets to reach the crimson red blade or get a mark. Yet alone, he was able to drive the Upper Moon 3: Akaza into a corner.

  • 3) Black Nichirin Sword –

Black Nichirin Sword
Image Source: kimetsu-no-yaiba.fandom

Black Nichirin Sword is one of the best Demon Slayer swords. This sword is apparently used by a Demon Slayer whose lifeline is short.

Considered a bad omen, it is also the sword used by the protagonist of the series Kamado Tanjiro.

This is a powerful sword because its use is not limited to a single Breathing Technique. With this blade, Tanjiro could use Water as well as the Dance of the Fire God.

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  • 2) Purple Nichirin Sword –

Purple Nichirin Sword
Image Source: kimetsu-no-yaiba.fandom

Another best Demon Slayer sword is Purple Nichirin Sword. It characterizes the Moon Technique. It was developed closer to the Sun Technique.

It was used by its sole user, the Upper Moon 1: Kokushibo. He was the second most powerful demon next to Kibutsuji Muzan. 

This Purple Sword was capable of breaking all the records set by the formerly mentioned swords. The Moon Breathing Technique has the most number of forms, i.e., sixteen.

Kokushibo’s sword, the Purple Nichirin Sword, is the improvised version of the sword he used as a human. It consisted of his own blood and flesh. Skillfully and conveniently. They could be manipulated into any shape. So it was considerably unbreakable.

  • 1) Crimson Red Nichirin Sword –

Crimson Red Nichirin Sword
Image Source: kimetsu-no-yaiba.fandom

Crimson Red Sword is the most powerful sword to exist in the Demon Slayer universe. Its users are said to be rare in number.

Throughout the entire series, we were told of only three crimson Red Sword users – Tsugikuni Yoriichi, Kamado Tanjiro, Tomioka Giyu, Muichiro TokitoIguro Obanai, Himejima Gyomei, and Shinazugawa Sanemi.

This sword is generated for only exceptionally skilled users. What makes this sword undefeatable is its property to fatal land damage to demons. It depresses the regeneration ability of the Demons and can also stop burned wounds from healing.

Here we conclude our list and hope that you had a fun time learning about the powerful Nichirin Swords. Gotouge Koyoharu‘s Demon Slayer manga had come to a close on May 17, 2020. Although the fans were bid farewell with a steady ending, it is impossible for them to move away from the series.

What everyone is currently in wait for are the new episodes of the anime’s Season 2. So stay tagged with the manga and keep watching the Demon Slayer anime on Crunchyroll and Netflix.

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