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Top 25 Strongest Demons in Demon Slayer Ranked (2023)

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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotouge and has been deemed as one of the most popular shonen jump series. Sold over 150 million copies as of 2023 and also had a record run in the Japanese Box office by becoming the highest-grossing film in history.

With different characters, elements, and a narrative storyline like other shonen series, Demon Slayer shines in its own way. Notable characters such as the Hashira and the Twelve Kizuki are what make the series even more interesting.

The Twelve Kizuki or the Twelve Moons is an organization consisting of the twelve most powerful demons which are under the direct command of Muzan Kibutsuji.

The twelve moons are divided into two groups namely the Upper Moons and the Lower Moons. The Upper moons are basically the strongest among the two groups and are ranked accordingly from the strongest to the weakest in power and combat.

And in this post, we are going to discuss the strongest demons in the series and rank them accordingly. But we’ll be leaving the Lower Moons, aside from Enmu and Rui, since their powers are never revealed.

Alert! This post contains the manga information; therefore, anime only fans read at their own risk.

Top 25 Strongest Demons in Demon Slayer

25) Horned Demon

Horned Demon

Japanese Name角状鬼
Blood Demon ArtNA
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark red

We’ll start off the list with one of the minor antagonists of the Tsuzumi Mansion Arc. The Horned Demon is one of the three demons of the mansion. He’s huge and hulking with a bulging belly and single horn on his head.

The Horned Demon uses his size and physical strength to his advantage but isn’t strong enough to defeat an amateur demon slayer like Inosuke. His inability to defeat the boar-headed boy is why he’s at the last position. But still out of all the demons featured in the series, the Horned Demon stands as one of the strongest demons in Demon Slayer.

24) Tongue Demon

Tongue Demon

Japanese Name舌鬼
Blood Demon ArtFlesh Manipulation
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorRed (top pair)

Green (bottom pair)

The Tongue Demon isn’t particularly stronger than the Horned Demon but we placed him at 24th spot because he put up a great fight. If it wasn’t for Zenitsu’s overwhelming speed, he could prove to be more dangerous. 

He is one of the demons living in the Tsuzumi Mansion and kidnaps children with his fellow demons. The Tongue Demon is beheaded by Zenitsu in the Tsuzumi Mansion Arc.

23) Slasher


Japanese Name切り裂き
Blood Demon ArtAugmented Speed
Hair ColorNA
Eye ColorLime green irises with black sclera

The Slasher has a very brief role in the series. He appears in the Mugen Train Arc and follows the train, but is quickly killed by the very powerful Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku

But despite his brief appearance, it is clear that he’s quite powerful as he matches the speed of the Mugen Train on his bare feet. His Blood Demon Art, Augmented Speed is the reason for his great speed.

22) Hand Demon

Hand Demon

Japanese Name手鬼
AgeMore than 47 (chronological)
Blood Demon ArtFlesh Manipulation
Hair ColorBlack (human)
Eye ColorPale yellow (demon)

Dark turquoise (human)

The Hand Demon is a frightening demon residing in Mount Fujikasane and poses as the ultimate challenge to the aspiring demon slayers during the Final Selection of the Demon Slayer Exam. He’s an old demon defeated and incarcerated by Urokodaki.

The Hand Demon killed numerous young, aspiring demon slayers, including Sabito and Makime. He’s very powerful, growing stronger with time. At the end of the Final Selection Arc, he’s slayed by Tanjiro. Though the series later introduces stronger demons in the story, the Hand Demon still remains one of the strongest demons in Demon Slayer.

21) Kyogai


Japanese Name響凱
Blood Demon ArtDrumming
Hair ColorBlack (demon)

Dark turquoise (human)

Eye ColorDeep blue irises with red sclera (demon)

Turquoise (human)

Kyogai is the major antagonist in the Tsuzumi Mansion Arc. He lives in the mansion with two other demons, the Tongue Demon and the Horned Demon, and is the strongest among the three.

Kyogai was once an Upper Moon Six but Muzan stripped him of his position because of his weakness. Sure, he isn’t as strong or even near any of the Twelve Kizuki but he proves to be a formidable opponent for Tanjiro in his early days. That is why he sits at number 21 as one of the strongest demons in Demon Slayer.

20) Mother Spider Demon

Mother Spider Demon

Japanese Name蜘蛛鬼「母」
Blood Demon ArtNA
Hair ColorWhite

Black (original)

Eye ColorLight blue to pale green

Yellow (original)

Mount Natagumo Arc finds Tanjiro and team to witness the first of the Twelve Kizuki demons in the story. Rui is the primary antagonist of the arc while his fake “family members” act as secondary antagonists. One such member of the “family” is the Mother Spider Demon.

She’s an ordinary demon chosen to play as Rui’s mother and is miserable in her new role. The Mother uses thread manipulation like Rui, though her powers are much inferior to that of Rui’s. She kills a lot of demon slayers and is ultimately slayed mercifully by Tanjiro.

19) Father Spider Demon

Father Spider Demon

Japanese Name蜘蛛鬼「父」
Blood Demon ArtNA
Hair ColorSilver
Eye ColorTeal

The Father Spider Demon is the demon chosen and controlled by Rui to pose as the father in his twisted, fake family. He’s a hulking demon with a terrifying spider-like appearance. The father spider demon is also very abusive towards his weaker “family members”.

He is the strongest in the “family” after Rui who is the Lower Moon Six demon. The Father could withstand Tanjiro and Inosuke’s attacks but he is no match for a Hashira, as proven by Giyu overpowering him in a blink. Still he’s one of the strongest demons in Demon Slayer.

18) Susamaru


Japanese Name朱紗丸
Blood Demon ArtHiasobi Temari
Hair ColorBlack to orange
Eye ColorYellow

Susamura was introduced in the Asakusa Arc where she displays her incredible physical strength and fighting abilities using her Temari. By manipulating her flesh she could grow four more arms amplifying her offensive output.

Her Blood Demon Art allows her to conjure Temari at will which she can either throw or kick at incredible speed and power.

Although she was strong, Tamayo easily deceives her, and Kibutsuji’s curses her which is why she is ranked 18 on the list.

17) Yahaba


Japanese Name矢琶羽
Blood Demon ArtKoketsu Arrow
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorRed

Orange irises with green sclera (hand eyes)

Also known as the arrow demon appears in the Asakusa Arc who fights along with Susamura. By manipulating his own flesh, Yahaba can morph two eyes on his palm with arrows for irises but also at the cost of his regular eyes.

Using his blood demon art, he can track other demons and also manipulate matter and interactions through their related vectors using his Koketsu arrows.

He was defeated by Tanjiro who used the vectors by enveloping them to his water breathing technique and used that momentum to direct his attack.

Since his Blood Demon Art can be evaded by following the direction of the vector, he is ranked 17 on the list.

16) Yushiro


Japanese Name愈史郎
AgeMore than 35 (chronological)
Breathing Style / Blood Demon ArtBlindfold
Hair ColorPale green to black
Eye ColorLavender

While Yushiro is initially harsh to Tanjiro, he later becomes an important ally to them and contributes to the final fight against Muzan. He’s a demon, turned by Tamayo, and accompanies her on her journey.

Yushiro’s Blood Demon Art works better as a support in battle than an offensive weapon. Blindfold allows him to grant anything consciousness with a piece of paper and enhance its senses like vision and reflex. With his powers, Yushiro can even take over someone’s mind, and is strong enough to do that to the Upper Moon Four, Nakime.

15) Rui


Japanese Name
Age13 (physical)

More than 30 (chronological)

Breathing Style / Blood Demon ArtThread Manipulation
Hair ColorPale lilac (demon)

Black (human)

Eye ColorBlue with red sclera (demon)

Blue (human)

Rui first makes an appearance in Episode 15 of the Natagumo Mountain Arc. He was one of the Lower Moons who possessed incredible powers and superhuman strength and durability. Just like Muzan, Rui could also strengthen a fellow demon by giving them his Demonic blood.

He had traits like that of a spider and also created and manipulated steel thread using his Blood Demon Art. His steel threads could still be cut by Tanjiro and burned by Nezuko so he is ranked 15 on the list.

14) Enmu


Japanese Name魘夢
Age20s (biologically)
Breathing Style / Blood Demon ArtSleep and Dream Manipulation
Hair ColorBlack to pink and blue
Eye ColorBlue

Enmu first appearance was in the Rehabilitation training arc and also appears as the antagonist in the Mugen Train Arc. As one of the twelve Kizuki, Enmu possesses enhanced speed and reflexes, which evade attacks with ease.

Enmu can manipulate flesh to attach himself to inanimate objects and also detach his own flesh making a clone of himself to fool others. By using his Blood Demon Art, he can manipulate dreams and also put his target to sleep by mixing his blood with other fluids making them vulnerable.

Although his blood demon art is strong it’s not invisible since it can’t affect other demons like Nezuko and can be blocked if one’s viewpoint is changed. Hence, he ranked 14.

13) Kaigaku


Japanese Name獪岳
Breathing Style / Blood Demon ArtThunder Breathing
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorTurquoise (human)

Turquoise irises with black sclera (demon)

Kaigaku was a former demon slayer turned demon who was also the senior of Zenitsu Agatsuma who both trained under the former Thunder Hashira.

As a former demon slayer, Kaigaku was definitely one of the strongest upper moons.

He could enhance his thunder breathing style and produce electricity using his demon blood art.

Even though he became a demon and enchanted his Thunder Breathing techniques, he was still defeated by Zenitsu. That is why we place him on rank 13 on the list.

12) Daki


Japanese Name堕姫
Age13 (human)

More than 126 (chronological)

Breathing Style / Blood Demon ArtSash Manipulation
Hair ColorSilver to lime green (demon)

Silver (human)

Black (oiran disguise)

Eye ColorLime green (demon)

Lapis Blue(human)

Terracotta orange to lime green (oiran disguise)

The other part of the Upper Moon Rank Six, Daki is the younger sister of Gyutaro. She, along with her brother, poses as the major antagonist of the Entertainment District Arc. Daki is a beautiful but cruel demon, obsessed with looks and preferring to eat only those with pleasant appearances.

Her Blood Demon Arc, Sash Manipulation, lets her use the sashes around her waist to manipulate at her will. The sashes are very versatile and can even be used as sharp weapons.

In spite of this power, she is considerably weaker than Gyutaro, which is why she’s at number 12 on this list of strongest demons in Demon Slayer.

11) Nakime


Japanese Name鳴女
AgeMore than 133 (chronological)
Breathing Style / Blood Demon ArtInfinity Castle
Hair ColorDark brown
Eye ColorPink

After Hantengu’s death, the mysterious Biwa Demon, or Nakime became the new Upper Moon 4 as seen in the Infinity Castle Arc. She was the dweller in the infinity castle who could manipulate and create rooms in the infinity castle by just playing her biwa.

Using her Blood Demon Art, she can manipulate space to a certain extent and also create portals in the form of doors and use them for assisting other demons and herself during battles.

She can also create and detach several eyeballs which can be used as a mode to spy on other people from a long distance. She was defeated by Muzan after Yushiro took control of Nakime’s vision.

Although she isn’t that strong as compared to the other Upper Moons in power and combat, she still managed to fend off two Hashira that is the reason we ranked her 11 on the list.

10) Tamayo


Japanese Name珠世
Age19 (physical)

More than 500 (chronological)

Breathing Style / Blood Demon ArtSpell Casting
Hair ColorDark brown
Eye ColorDark purple to pale lavender

Tamayo is unique in the way that apart from Nezuko, she’s the only demon who fought off Muzan’s control and plotted against him. She takes a liking to the Kamado Siblings and goes on to become one of their biggest allies.

Thanks to her Blood Demon Art, Tamayo can use her blood to charm or threaten her enemies. She’s also a genius and works on the anti-aging drug with Shinobu that ultimately goes on to become a reason for Muzan’s downfall.

9) Nezuko Kamado


Japanese Name竈門 禰豆子
Age12 (physically)

14 (chronologically)

Breathing Style / Blood Demon ArtPyrokinesis
Hair ColorBlack to flame orange (demon)

Black (human)

Eye ColorPale pink (demon)

Dark pink (human)

Nezuko is the sister of the main protagonist Tanjiro in the series who turned into a demon after Muzan attacked all the members of the Kamado family.

As a demon, Nezuko possessed enhanced physical strength and abilities, she can restore her power and also grow them without any training or consuming humans.

She also possessed immense regenerative abilities like that of an Upper Moon and could even alter her body size by shrinking. She also developed Blood Demon Art and had a pyrokinesis likeability which could deal a significant amount of damage to the Upper moons.

Nezuko is the first and only demon to have resistance to sunlight, that is the reason why she ranks 9 on the list.

8) Gyutaro


Japanese Name妓夫太郎
AgeMore than 13 (human)

More than 126 (chronological)

Breathing Style / Blood Demon ArtBlood Manipulation
Hair ColorBlack to lime green (demon)

Black (human)

Eye ColorRed with yellow sclera (right eye)

Lime green with yellow Sclera (left eye) 

Blue (human)

Gyutaro was one of the Upper Moons who was introduced in the Entertainment District Arc alongside his sister Daki. As one of the Upper Moons, Gyutaro has immense regenerative abilities, speed, and power.

By manipulating his own flesh he can turn them into sharp sickles and also detach his cells and merge with his sister to boost all of her powers.

His blood demon art allows him to manipulate his own blood creating sharp objects and controlling them at his own will and can also use it as a lethal poison to crush his target.

Nezuko could easily heal the lethal poison using her Blood Demon Art during the battle and so he ranks 8 on the list.

7) Gyokko


Japanese Name玉壼
AgeMore than 113 (chronological)
Height4’11” (normal)

5’7” (molted)

Breathing Style / Blood Demon ArtPorcelain Vases
Hair ColorNA
Eye ColorGold

Next on our list is the Upper Moon 5 Gyokko, who in fact is a disfigured humanoid and has only a torso with infant-like hands on his back and grows out of a porcelain pot and looks similar to that of a djinn.

This demon can be seen in the Swordsmith Village Arc where he fights Muichiro. Using his Blood Demon Art he can materialize pots out of thin air, manipulate water and transmute the objects into fish when he touches them.

He was defeated by Muichiro after awakening the Demon Slayer Mark and thus he ranks 7 on the list.

6) Hantengu


Japanese Name半天狗
AgeMore than 200 (chronological)
Breathing Style / Blood Demon ArtEmotion Manifestation
Hair ColorDark
Eye ColorNA

Hantengu is one of the Upper Moons and also the only demon who could split himself into 6 different demons possessing different abilities of their own.

He can manipulate lighting, wind, sound waves, wood, and also spear at his will. He can even combine his demons into a stronger demon giving him enchanted abilities and offensive power.

Hantengu was defeated by Tanjiro after  Nezuko sacrificed herself exposing both of them to sunlight, and so he is ranked 6 on the list. The Upper Moon Four is one of the strongest demons in Demon Slayer.

5) Akaza


Japanese Name猗窩座
Age18 (human)

More than 133 (chronological)

Breathing Style / Blood Demon ArtDestructive Death
Hair ColorPink (demon)

Black/blue (human)

Eye ColorYellow irises with blue sclera (demon)

Blue (human)

Akaza was one of the strongest demons in the series and also the only martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant demon among the Upper Moons.

He possesses great reflexes and speed and also physical strength allowing him to create shockwaves when using his fist or kicks.

Akaza uses Soryu style martial arts which in fact helped him create different techniques like the destructive death style and bell crusher.

Using his demon blood art, he can precisely track his opponent’s movements and hit the vitals points by deploying a blue snowflake-shaped compass needle.

He is also one of the 4  demons who can regenerate or recreate his own head back even after being cut off.

Akaza was defeated after he lost his will to fight while regaining his memories back, thus he is ranked as number 5  on the list.

4) Douma


Japanese Name童磨
Age20 (human)

More than 133 (chronological)

Breathing Style / Blood Demon ArtCryokinesis
Hair ColorSilver
Eye ColorRainbow

Douma was formerly an Upper Moon 6 and moved up his rank to Upper Moon 2. He had a nihilist personality and also was the leader of the cult called the Eternal Paradise.

Being an Upper Moon, Douma possessed great endurance and regenerative abilities. He uses two Gusen war fans as a means of weapon and could manipulate ice from his flesh and blood and control them at will.

His Blood Demon Art allows him to create powdered ice which can suck human blood causing the cells to slowly deteriorate resulting in death.

He died from Wisteria flower poison after devouring Shinobu, hence he is ranked number 4 on the list of strongest demons in Demon Slayer.

3) Kokushibo


Japanese Name継国 巌勝
Age17-24 (human)

More than 480 (chronological)

Breathing Style / Blood Demon ArtMoon Breathing
Hair ColorBlack to red
Eye ColorDark purple (human)

Yellow irises with red sclera (demon)

Kokushibo is arguably the strongest demon among the Upper Moons and also the second strongest demon slayer in skills after his brother Yoriichi Tsugikuni.

His breath of the Moon style got even more powerful and enhanced after he became a demon. He could manipulate blades from his flesh and also regenerate them back once they’re broken or destroyed.

His Blood Demon Art compliments his Moon Breathing style allowing him to create crescent moon-shaped air slashes from his blades. He is also one of the four demons who could regenerate his head back when being cut off.

He lost his will to fight after he realized that he has turned into a being he didn’t want to be, thus he ranks 3rd on the list.

2) Muzan Kibutsuji

Muzan Kibutsuji


Japanese Name鬼舞辻 無惨
Age20 (human)

10,000 (biological)

Blood Demon ArtBiokinesis
Hair ColorBlack

White (from aging drug)

Eye ColorPlum red

Muzan is the main antagonist of the series and also the first human to turn into a demon while trying to cure his terminal illness. As the leader of the 12 Moons, Muzan possessed great power and abilities.

He could shapeshift, absorb, manipulate cells, and even create several sharp tentacles from his flesh. By using his demonic blood, he could enhance other demons and make them submit to him.

Unlike others, Muzan possessed seven hearts and five brains which likely is the reason behind his abnormally powerful power.

He was defeated by the combined effort of the Demon Slayer corps and Tamayo after he was injected with the poison made by Tamayo.

It rapidly aged his cell, broke down his body and finally disintegrated by the sun. Since he is the antagonist and also the second of the strongest demons in Demon Slayer, he is ranked 2nd on the list.

1) Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro Kamado

Japanese Name竈門 炭治郎
Age15 – 16
Blood Demon ArtBiokinesis
Hair ColorBlack to red
Eye ColorDark red

Tanjiro Kamado is the main protagonist of the series, the successor of Yoriichi Tsugikuni also the brother Nezuko who are both the last members of the Kamado family.

In chapter 201 of the series, Muzan, while being disintegrated by the sun, gives all his remaining blood to Tanjiro turning him into a demon.

Just like Nezuko, Tanjiro was also immune to the sun, and with the infused blood of Muzan, Tanjiro arguably became the strongest demon in Demon Slayer. After becoming a demon and with the Demon Slayer Mark, Tanjiro could also use Sun Breathing.

His blood art technique enables him to use a powerful demonic blast from his mouth and also could grow several sharp tentacles from his flesh. He was defeated by the combined effort of the demon slayer corps by using the medicine that Tamayo made to turn Nezuko back to a human.

Since he was the second demon to conquer the sun after Nezuko and even possessed more power and abilities than Muzan, Tanjiro is notably the strongest demon. Thus he ranks number 1 on the list.

That concludes our ranking for the Top 25 Strongest Demons In Demon Slayer, the ranking was done based on research and the potential of each character and their growth as a demon. Meanwhile, fans can read the series from MANGA Plus by Shueisha.

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