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Top 20+ Hottest Female Characters in Demon Slayer (2023 Ranked)

Today we bring you the Top 20+ Hottest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked. This listing will include your favorite Demon Slayer hot characters. Naturally, we have only included age-appropriate characters in this list.

The Demon Slayer series has been gaining popularity since its Season 1 release in 2019. And with a movie and Season 2 already out and a third season in the works, fans have been drawn to its spectacular animation.

However, the beautifully illustrated characters are what make the entire series endearing, fun, and exciting. And, of course, all credits for character design go to Akira Matsushima.

And now, without further ado, let’s get into the Top 20+ Hottest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked.

Warning Spoilers Alert: Fans are requested to note that this article includes manga spoilers.

Top 20+ Hottest Female Characters in Demon Slayer

22) Akeno Tsugikuni

Akeno Tsugikuni


The first female character in this list is Akeno TsugikuniShe was the mother of Yoriichi and Michikatsu Tsugikuni. She was a very religious woman.

While the older of the twins, Michikatsu, was perfectly normal, Yoriichi was deaf and mute in his childhood. Because of this, she used to pray every day for Yoriichi to get better.

The hanafuda earring Yoriichi used to wear and which passed down the Kamado line, was originally made by Akeno as a charm for her son’s deafness.

Akeno’s face was never completely shown in the manga, but given how good-looking both her sons are, it’s easy to assume her as a beautiful woman. She had long black hair that cascaded down her back. After Akeno’s death, Yoriichi fled from home.

21) Rei



A lot of people might not remember Rei or know her name. That’s because she plays no role in the story and has no strong impact on any of the characters. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t hot.

Rei is Muzan Kibutsuji’s human wife when he is posing as a human man. The couple look amicable and even have a daughter together. But it is unknown if the daughter biologically belongs to Muzan or not.

Tanjiro comes across the couple in Tokyo by smelling Muzan’s demonic scent. When he finds Muzan with Rei and their daughter, he is horrified but cannot confront them. Rei and their daughter are soon either abandoned or killed by Muzan.

Like many women in that era, Rei’s clothing has a western touch to it. She’s a gorgeous woman and number 21 on this list of hottest female characters in Demon Slayer.

20) Uta


EyesObsidian black

Yoriichi Tsugikuni was the strongest man in the world, his powers even towering over those of Muzan Kibutsuji, yet his life was filled with tragedy.

Uta was Yoriichi’s wife whom he met in childhood after running away from home. Yoriichi found Uta in a field where she was standing still with a bucket full of tadpoles. She was an orphan and lonely, but Yoriichi agreed to live with her.

The children lived their lives side by side happily and eventually got married when they got older. They even conceived a child, but both Uta and her unborn child were killed by demons when Yoriichi was away, leaving the man completely broken.

Later in life, Yoriichi fondly remembered Uta, who had obsidian eyes and talked all the time. Her simplicity and beauty charmed both Yoriichi and us.

19) Shizu Shinazugawa

Shizu Shinazugawa


Next on the list is Shizu ShinazugawaShe was the mother of Sanemi, Genya, and five other children. Her husband was Kyogo, a nasty, abusive man who used to beat her and their children on a daily basis.

According to Sanemi, Shizu was a short woman. She had a round face with large eyes. The color of her eyes is unknown. Shizu also had black hair styled in a traditional style and a button nose.

Despite getting beaten herself, she would throw herself in front of her children to save them from her husband’s beating. This made Shizu a hero to her children.

After she was turned into a demon, she unknowingly killed five of her children and badly injured Genya before being killed by Sanemi.

Even though she has suffered all her life and unknowingly committed a grave sin, Shizu loved her children dearly. This makes her an incredibly precious character.

18) Susamaru


PowersHiasobi Temari
HairBlack and orange

Another demon who is one of the hottest female characters in Demon Slayer is SusamaruShe is an antagonist in the Asukusa Arc along with YahabaSusamaru’s aspiration and dream are to join the Twelve Kizuki of Muzan Kibutsuji.

For a demon, Susamaru is pretty hot. She has a toned body and pale skin. Her hair is black with orange tips, falling over her nape and reaching her shoulders. Their eyes are bright yellow, and she has sharp fangs.

As a demon, Susamaru has six arms. Her primary choice of weapon is Temari which is also associated with her Blood Demon Art, Hiasobi Temari. Because of this, she is known as Temari Demon.

Susamaru’s devotion to Muzan ultimately becomes her downfall. When questioned by Tamayo, she accidentally takes Muzan’s name, which activates his curse and destroys her in the process.

17) Kie Kamado

Kie Kamado

EyesDark purple and light purple

Nezuko certainly gets her pretty looks from her mother, Kie KamadoMother of six children, including Tanjiro and Nezuko, Kie was married to Tanjuro Kamado before he died. She’s a good mother who raised kind and hardworking children.

Kie was very pretty, with fair skin, dark hair, and beautifully colored eyes. She wore a modest purple and lavender kimono under a white full-sleeved apron. Kie wore a white cloth over her head when she was working. 

Her simplicity didn’t diminish her beauty, only added to it. And the beauty mark on her chin was just the cherry on top. 

It is Kie and her husband’s values that have raised good children such as Tanjiro and Nezuko. The emotions of the family Kie instilled in their kids make her such a beloved female character in Demon Slayer.

16) Suyako


EyesBlack and pink

Tanjiro’s ancestry has carried some mystery since the beginning. Though he isn’t directly related to Yoriichi Tsugikuni, his ancestors were good friends with the destined man. Those ancestors included Sumeyoshi and his wife, Suyako.

Suyako was a lighthearted, sweet woman who lived on the mountain with her husband. They had a girl called Sumire and other children. Sumeyoshi and Suyako became good friends with Yoriichi, who sometimes visited the couple.

Suyako’s looks were simple yet incredibly charming. She had long black hair, and her eyes were black and pink. Suyako wore simple, working-class clothes and tied a cloth around her hair. The brightness of her smile is enough to melt anyone’s heart.

15) Nakime


RankUpper Moon 4
PowersInfinity Castle
HairDark brown

Nakime became the Upper Moon 4 after Hantengu’s death. She was also known as the Biwa Demon. Even in the Demon form, she was also one of the hottest demons in the Demon Slayer series.

She was so loyal to Muzan, and her abilities were also very troublesome. She was very calm and straightforward in nature. We have ranked her at 15th position because, in correlation to the other Demon Slayer female characters, she was less lovable.

14) Amane Ubuyashiki

Amane Ubuyashiki


Amane Ubuyashiki is the wife of Kagaya Ubuyashiki, the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps, and has five children with him. She is a very attractive woman with startlingly contrasting features that make her one of the hottest female characters in Demon Slayer.

Amane has naturally white hair tied in an elegant style with a semi-middle parting. Her big eyes are swirling and dark, curtained with long lashes. She wears blush-colored eyeshadows that enhance her strange eyes more.

Amane always dresses elegantly in a traditional kimono and haori. She also wears red lipstick. Her looks aren’t the only great thing about her. She’s very caring and loyal, tending to her husband ever since their marriage.

She, along with her husband and two daughters, sacrificed themselves to trap Muzan Kibutsuji. Their sacrifice was honored when the demon slayers finally defeated the ultimate demon.

13) Mother Spider Demon

Mother Spider Demon


Black (original)

EyesLight blue and pale green

Yellow (original)

Demon Slayer has plenty of tragedies for its heroes, but even villains aren’t left out of their share of misery. Such an example is the Mother Spider DemonShe serves as a secondary antagonist in the Mount Natagumo Arc.

The mother Spider Demon was recruited by Rui to serve as the “mother” in his “family”. She was tasked to protect her “family” from the Demon Slayer Corps. Before that, she was a comparatively newly turned demon who hadn’t gotten over her loss of loved ones and her humanity.

Because of her emotions, the Father Spider Demon and Rui punish her. This causes fear inside her which prompts her to brutally fight the demon slayers. She ultimately finds peace when Tanjiro severs her head in a merciful act.

Though she was a demon, the mother Spider Demon was very sexy with pale skin, white hair, and beautiful eyes, the color of which goes from light blue to pale green.

12) Ruka Rengoku

Ruka Rengoku


Ruka is the mother of Senjuro and Kyojuro Rengoku. Although she appeared briefly in the Mugen Train Arc, her elegant personality and looks certainly stood out. 

She was no doubt one of the most poised and gentle characters with a strong set of values. Her most striking features were her deep red eyes. 

Other than this, she was also known for being a constant encouraging force for our favorite Flame Hashira. And her strong sense of morality and kind words definitely made her a fan favorite.

11) Koinatsu



Tanjiro meets Koinatsu during the Entertainment District Arc, where he disguises himself as a girl to go undercover. Koinatsu is the Oiran at Tokito House and the most popular courtesan in the whole Yoshiwara. Needless to say, she’s one of the hottest female characters in Demon Slayer.

Unlike many high-ranking oiran, Koinatsu isn’t arrogant or cruel. Instead, she is very kind and caring, always taking care of the younger girls.

Koinatsu is a sight of beauty with dark hair and bronze-colored eyes. She always wears makeup and wears expensive clothes as an oiran. Men often give her costly gifts to win her heart.

Unknown to everyone, Koinatsu has fallen in love with a man and plans to run away with him to marry him. Her sweet nature makes even our wish for her happiness.

10) Muzan Kibutsuji (Female Form)

Muzan Kibutsuji

PowersBiokinesis, immortality, demonic blood, biological absorption, super regeneration
Hair Black

Being a demon, Muzan Kibutsuji had the ability of shapeshifting and biokinesis. Thus he was able to shift his appearance from masculine to feminine. We witnessed his feminine form appear during the Lower Rank Demon meeting just before the Mugen Train Arc.

Although incredibly attractive, the feminine form of Muzan was still just as deadly when enraged. This is proved by the Lower Rank Demon slaughter that occurred because Muzan was displeased with them.

9) Kanae Kocho

Kanae Kocho

RankFlower Hashira
PowersFlower Breathing

Kanae Kocho is the late Flower Hashira and the older sister of the Insect Hashira. Before she passed away, she displayed a great amount of kindness and devotion to achieving her goals. 

Like most background characters, she too has very little screen time; however, she was surely considered to be an attractive fan favorite. Her most striking personality trait was her kindness, as she hoped to live in a world of peace between humans and demons.

8) Suma


PowersKunai wielding

This petite attractive woman is one of the wives of Tengen Uzui. Suma has a dramatic personality that is easily influenced by her companions. 

However, being a kunoichi, she is surely skilled and gets the work done. Her personality is peppered with a childlike dependence on others which certainly adds to her physical appeal.

7) Makio


PowersKunai wielding
HairBlack and yellow
EyesLight brown

Makio is an attractive headstrong kunoichi and one of Tengen Uzui’s wives. Her face is framed with short black hair and yellow bangs that set her apart from the rest. 

Although a little short-tempered, she is incredibly caring. Further, she is incredibly skilled in stealth and completely capable of working undercover, as seen in the Entertainment District Arc.

6) Hinatsuru


PowersWielding various weapons like normal kunai, Wisteria-laced kunai and crossbow

Hinatsuru is the third wife of the Tengen Uzui and definitely the most level-headed of the three wives. Being a kunoichi, she is incredibly dependable and smart, especially during dangerous situations. 

Further, she has an incredibly caring personality that only enhances her eye-catching appearance. This makes her one of Demon Slayer’s most attractive characters.

5) Kotoha Hashibira

Kotoha Hashibira

HairBlack and blue

Kotoha Hashibira, Inosuke’s mother, was one of the most beautiful female characters in the Demon Slayer series.

She was so appealing that even the Upper Moon 2, Douma fell in love with her and wanted to marry her. She also possessed a great talent in singing along with her loving nature.

No doubt we have ranked her at the fifth position. Also, subjectively speaking, she had the most beautiful eyes in the Demon Slayer world. 

4) Tamayo


PowersSpell Casting
HairDark brown
EyesLavender and purple

Tamayo was a skilled doctor and also one of the older demons converted by Muzan. Her appearance can be best described as soothing, which certainly reflects her calm and gentle demeanor.

In the series, she dedicated her life to demon research while extending her kindness to humans. Furthermore, she contributed greatly to the fall of MuzanAnd if that automatically doesn’t make her likable, she further dazzled us by always helping our favorites.

3) Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu Kocho

RankInsect Hashira
PowersInsect Breathing
HairBlack and violet

If you have watched the series, you know for sure that you would love to get an Ara Ara from the Insect Hashira. Although Shinobu Kocho displayed a fun, playful facade, she also loved teasing people.

And honestly, we wouldn’t even mind some attention from the borderline sadistic queen. Other than her clearly spectacular looks, she was also incredibly skilled in pharmaceuticals and had a great understanding of poisons.

2) Daki


RankUpper Moon 6
PowersObi Sash Manipulation
HairSilver and green

Silver (human)

Black (disguise)


Blue (human)

Orange and green (disguise)

Daki was the second holder of the Upper Rank 6 title that was shared with her brother Gyutaro. Her good looks have been carried on from her time as a human when she was considered extremely attractive. 

As a demon, her good looks only aged like fine wine. This is supported by the fact that she had held the position of oiran in the Red Light District. And if her pretty looks don’t do it for you, she was also known to be incredibly caring. Thus making her one of the hottest characters in Demon Slayer.

1) Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri Kanroji

RankLove Hashira
PowersLove Breathing
HairPink and green

Black (original)


And finally, at number 1, we have Mitsuri Kanroji. Mitsuri is no doubt one of the most attractive and obviously Demon Slayer hot characters. 

She was the Love Hashira and had an adorable, friendly demeanor. Her personality attracted anyone with a set of working eyes. And what’s even better is that she could do so while eliminating a demon. 

Further, she was also supportive, protective, and eager to show her love and care to everyone she met. Thus landing her at number one on Top 20+ Hottest Female Characters in Demon Slayer ranking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is the prettiest girl in Demon Slayer?

Ans – The prettiest Demon Slayer girl is Nezuko Kamado.

Q2. Who is the strongest Female Character in Demon Slayer?

Ans – The strongest female character in Demon Slayer is Mitsuri Kanroji, the Love Hashira.

Q3. Who is Tanjiro’s Wife?

Ans – Kanao Tsuyuri ends up becoming Tanjiro’s wife.

Q4. Does Zenitsu marry Nezuko?

Ans – Yes, Zenitsu and Nezuko eventually get married.

Q5. Does Aoi like Inosuke?

Ans – Aoi begins liking Inosuke after the final battle as they eventually get married.

With this, we conclude with our article on the Top 20+ Hottest Female Characters in Demon Slayer  Ranked. Fans can watch Demon Slayer Season 1 and 2 officially on Netflix. So as you await another article that includes your favorites, stay safe, stay tuned, and stay hyped.

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