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Black Clover Chapter 360 Spoilers & Release Date (Yuno vs. Lucius)

Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 09:16 pm

Black Clover Chapter 360 should bring us some of the most hyped moments in the series so far. The scene shifts to Acier Silva and we see that she had defeated Nozel, and praised him for being strong.

Acier thinks that the Silver Eagles had disappointed her a bit, along with Solid and Nebra. They both are unable to hold off their own against Acier. Acier apologizes saying that it’s her fault she died.

Solid meanwhile is thinking about the past and how his pride made him weaker. Acier says that she still loves them and explains Lucius’s goals of making a peaceful world where everyone can be happy.

Noelle enters the battlefield and asks her siblings to be strong. Acier says that she was also similar to Noelle during her youth. She further says all of them could be together if they die here.

Even though Noelle had only met her mother’s spirit, she still understands that this isn’t her real mother. Noelle needs to defeat and surpass her right now, to prove her worth.

Nozel thinks it might be hard for Noelle now without Undine. We see a flashback of Noelle, where she is lamenting that she couldn’t do a single thing now that she can’t even use Undine anymore.

She knows that even if she struggles against Lucius, it will end up in vain. Even then, she isn’t willing to give up and protect this Kingdom for the sake of Asta when he returns.

Meanwhile, Kahono comes at the right time and asks for Noelle’s help in the Underwater Kingdom. She says that it’s about the crisis threatening the whole world, and talks about the Sea God.

As the legend says, the Sea God awakens when the world is about to be destroyed, to protect it. It is also looking for a partner for this reason. And coincidentally, it is also searching for a strong water mage.

We see that Noelle made a contract into it, and calls him Leviathan. Noelle uses her new spell, Valkyrie Armor Dragon Form, which completely changes how she looks.

Noelle also proclaims that she will surpass her mother right now. Acier is happy to see Noelle get this stronger, and the chapter ends here.

Black Clover Chapter 360 Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 360 Spoilers-Predictions


  • We see Noelle’s new upgraded Sea Dragon’s roar attack in this chapter.
  • The Sea Dragon appeared out of nowhere, which can deal devastating damage to Acier.
  • Lucius understood that Yuno had caught up to his speed using his Wind and Star magic.
  • He tries to finish off Yuno with his Soul Magic now.
  • Yuno still hadn’t lost against Lucius and uses a new spell to shield himself.
  • His new spell is called Wind Spirit Creation magic: Spirit of Notus.
  • And he increases his speed further and says that he will end this battle.
  • Lucius meanwhile is lost in his thoughts and is thinking about an alternate world.
  • In that world, Yuno grew in the Spade Kingdom, as the rebellion never happened.
  • Even in that case, his mastery over Star Magic is way less compared to the present Yuno.
  • Out of all the other realities, the Yuno who grew up in the Spade Kingdom was supposed to be his strongest version.
  • Still, the Yuno who grew up in the Clover Kingdom was way more powerful than what Lucius saw in his visions.
  • He goes on to say that about the others fighting in this battle too.
  • Lucius thinks that Noelle could have never become this powerful.
  • Morris should also have instantly been able to kill Mereoleona, and Fuegoleon was supposed to die long back.
  • In this scenario, all the Magic Knights should have been wiped out by now.
  • Lucius further says that every world has an order and a set of rules by which it abides.
  • But, he is unable to see the future of this world due to one flaw.
  • This one flaw who is a magicless being in a magical world, had changed the whole system as well as the people of this world.
  • Asta was the flaw in this world, who changed everything for Lucius and many others.
  • Lucius then says this Yuno and this world, was something he had never imagined nor seen in his visions.
  • In the midst of all this, we see that Yuno vs Lucius battle is continuing.
  • The last panel shows Yuno ferociously attacking Lucius, and slashing him the same way he did to Asta.
  • Yuno finally lands an attack on Lucius and proclaims that he will defeat anyone who is against him.


Now that we have seen Noelle’s new form, the next chapter should be an interesting battle of Acier vs Noelle. This might be focused on a bit more in the next chapter, compared to the other fights.

Besides this, there are also other battles happening in the background like Fuegoleon vs Morris, Yami vs Morgen, and Yuno vs Lucius. We might not be able to expect which battle would continue in the next chapter.

With these many battles, Asta and the Ryuzen 7 will not probably return for a bit more chapters. They might not return till the present battles are done.

Once we have seen the full strength of the present Clover Kingdom, there will be other allies coming to help. Although, the Black Bulls squadron might appear a bit faster than we expect.

They have been searching for Asta since but looks like there hasn’t been anything on their end so far. Also, Dorothy still seems to be absent from this fight as of now.

She might be helping the Clover Kingdom, by contacting the other Kingdoms, and other allies who might help them. Everyone knows that Lucius cannot be defeated by the Clover Kingdom alone, and they need more help.

Apart from this, we also had not seen Mimosa on the battlefield anywhere. It would be better to keep their healer safe, but had she been in Neverland, she would have been able to probably heal Jack the Ripper.

But it seems like she might not be present in the Clover Kingdom, and her whereabouts are unknown. She might be working with the Black Bulls members too, but we cannot be sure of that.

Black Clover Chapter 360 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 360 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 360 should release on 28th May. The official Viz website had already updated the release date of the next chapter accordingly, and we see that there are no breaks. The title of this chapter is The Invisible World.

So, the raw scans and full spoilers should release on Wednesday. We will be updating them in this article, once the full spoilers get released, so make sure to check this article again.

With this we we end our article on Black Clover Chapter 360 Spoilers-Predictions. For more content like this for other manga series too, make sure to check our articles here.

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