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Top 15 Choujin X Main Characters Ranked, 2024

What do terrifying ghouls and devilish superhumans have in common? Their creator, of course!

Made by the genius mangaka Sui Ishida, Choujin X is a seinen horror-supernatural series currently ongoing in Weekly Young Jump. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Ishida-sensei is also the creator of the very famous Tokyo Ghoul.

When childhood friends Tokio and Azuma are attacked by a superhuman mutant, a “choujin,” they see a way out of their death by injecting themselves with a liquid that can turn them into choujins themselves.

Tokio, who has been in his talented best friend’s shadow for too long, finally has a way to shine. But having superhuman abilities isn’t all that when you have no idea how to control them. How will he master his powers, all the while hiding his true self from others?

If you know Ishida-sensei, you know how great he is at writing characters and giving them depth. Choujin X has no shortage of incredible characters that not only feel heroic but also real. Today, we will be ranking the top 15 main characters from Choujin X.

Since we will be adding characters from later chapters, a spoiler warning is in order before starting.

Top 15 Choujin X Main Characters Ranked

15. Chandra Hume

Chandra Hume

The first villain introduced in the series, Chandra Hume is the choujin who got Ely infected with her powers. He made his appearance at the very start of the series, planning to crash the plane Ely was in, but she saved everyone instead. Chandra is known as the Smoke Choujin.

Chandra has a weird sense of aesthetics and is always concerned with whether his actions are “beautiful” or not. After Ely totally absorbed his powers, he wasn’t able to use his smoke anymore and became a waiter at a ramen place.

14. Nari Tsumiji

Nari Tsumiji

Nari Tsumiji was one of the first lackeys hired by Batista to go after Tokio, even before he came to know about Yamato Mori. She is the White Snake Choujin.

Nari is rather strong and seems to like toying with her victims before devouring them. She was apprehended by Yamato Mori and questioned by Sato but later escaped and joined Batista in Zora’s mission.

13. Caribol 16

Caribol 16

Recently introduced, Caribol 16 is the guardian of Zora’s poppy fields in Daizo Island. He is a golem master and commands all the golems that take care of the fields. Zora holds his absolute loyalty.

Caribol 16 takes pride in the fact that his ancestors served Sora herself. Despite being constantly stuck in a state of chaos, he never stopped serving Zora and takes his work as a guardian really seriously. After being captured by Tokio and Ely, he is now under Yamato Mori.

12. Noh Mask/Batista Hoshi

Noh Mask

Noh Mask is a major antagonist in the series. A devoted follower of Zora, he was introduced as an entity shrouded in mystery who possessed a mysterious liquid that could induce someone to become a choujin. It was later revealed that he was formerly Batista Hoshi, Sandek’s younger brother.

Currently, Batista’s face is a weird amalgamation of different patches of skin stitched in all the wrong places, which may be why he keeps it covered with a Noh Mask. It’s unclear how he met Zora and switched paths from Yamato Mori, but he is dedicated to finding Zora the choujin she seeks.

11. Choujin X


Choujin X is not a single character but rather the name given to choujin, born in every generation with the power to destroy the entire world. If they are virtuous, they can be the beacon of hope for people, but if they are bad, not even god can save the people from their impending calamity.

Three choujin Xs have been mentioned in the series. Bill Morth, the Immortal Emperor, ruled over Morth 2000 years ago. He shared his blood with his people, which made them immortal. Palma inherited his power.

Quiem McMann was the Choujin president of Guelta. Although he had a brilliant mind, he was ruthless and evil, killing civilians recklessly. He was killed by Sora and Antitise.

Sora Siruha became the next Choujin X and was nicknamed the Divine Beast and Hero. Although she started out with good intentions, establishing Yamto Mori in the process, she became warped after seeing her prophecy of the dark calamity.

It is highly implied that Tokio or Azuma will be the next Choujin X.

10. Sora Siruha (Zora)

Sora Siruha

A former Yamato Mori leader, Sora Siruha is currently the main antagonist of the series. She is known as the Holy Mother Zora by all the other choujins who follow her and is responsible for Azuma’s and Tokio’s choujin powers.

Sora was the one who established Yamato Mori against the atrocities of Quiem in the past, but it seems that her sense of justice was warped after decades of delusions. She went as far as to kill her former comrade, Antitise, and has no qualms about causing destruction to prevent her prophecy of “dark calamity.”

9. Tsukiko Mado

Tsukiko Mado

Tsukiko Mado is the current director of Yamato Mori. She is known as the Nightmare Choujin.

Sora was once Tsukiko’s mentor, a fact Tsukiko was extremely proud of, but this quickly changed when Sora started wreaking havoc due to her delusions. Tsukiko, too, awakened powers of foresight. However, the future she saw was vastly different from Sora’s, which was when the other leaders at Yamato Mori cut off Sora. 

8. Ichiro Sato

Ichiro Sato

Hoshi Sandek’s top protege, Ichiro Sato, is a Yamato Mori keeper. His choujin ability, “Psycho Stare,” allows him to send any imagery he wants directly into others’ brains, which is why he often interrogates the choujins Yamato Mori apprehends.

Ichiro took in Tokio and trained him in Iwato for a year. He is pretty harsh on Tokio, but is the reason Tokio was able to develop so much in such little time. However, his character is difficult to interpret as sometimes, it almost seems he doesn’t care what happens to Tokio.

7. Simon Kagomura

Simon Kagomura

Simon Kagomura is a 17-year-old keeper. He is one of the first choujins that Ely and Tokio met at Yamato Mori. He is part of the Kagomura clan and is a special Sword Choujin.

Simon initially comes off as intimidating and cold, especially towards Azuma, but reveals his warm and friendly nature during the training at Beast Island. He helps Tokio learn how to fly and partially beastify.

6. Maiko Momoma

Maiko Momoma

Another 17-year-old keeper at Yamato Mori, Maiko Momoma, often works with Simon. She was the other choujin Ely and Tokio met in the beginning. Tokio seems to like her.

Maiko is a super-strength choujin and can exert at least 100 times the muscle strength of an ordinary human. She has quick presence of mind and knows how to manipulate a situation in her favor. Unlike the other choujins, she fully inherited her choujin powers from her father.

If it wasn’t for Momoma, Azuma and Tokio may not be able to resolve their conflict.

5. Hoshi Sandek

Hoshi Sandek

Hoshi Sandek is Yamato Prefecture’s Choujin protector and a top leader in Yamato Mori. He is kind and diligent and immediately took in Ely when he found him after she awakened her powers.

Hoshi is the picture of a strong wall for Yamato, but it seems like even he has his regrets, primarily his younger brother Batista, who now serves Zora. Despite that, he didn’t hesitate to fight him for even a second when they met in the tower.

4. Palma Shishinegura

Palma Shishinegura

Palm Shishinegura is a zombie maker choujin who was working in the old market of the Minami City. Her deep desire to bring the dead back to life after her destruction of her homeland is what awakened her choujin powers. Noh Mask took advantage of her convictions and was able to improve his XEMBER serum with her help.

After Tokio rescued her, Palma readily gave all the information to Yamato Mori. She also helped Tokio locate the poppy fields. It seems that she wants to work for Yamato Mori to thank Tokio.

3. Ely Otta

Ely Otta

The last three spots have to be taken by our main trio. Ely Otta is a teenage girl who came to Yamato to participate in a farm produce competition. After being infected by Chandra’s powers, she became the Smoke choujin.

Ely is a friendly, upbeat, and determined person. She quickly hit it off with Tokio and has been a great friend to him since they first met. She is also unique in that she can not only wield her smoke perfectly but can absorb and “harvest” other choujins’ powers.

After Tokio left for Iwato, she became closer to Azuma, and the two often pair for their missions.

2. Azuma Higashi

Azuma Higashi

Introduced as Tokio’s perfect best friend, Azuma Higashi is one of the protagonists in the series. Always excelling in everything, he was always Tokio’s hero figure. His desire to always be Tokio’s hero and insecurities developed into severe atychiphobia. Even his choujin form reflects this.

Azuma lacks self-control as a choujin, which is why he was personally trained by Hoshi. He tries his hardest but can sometimes let his impulses get the better of him. He held a grudge over Tokio running off to Iwato without telling them which was eventually resolved with a fistfight.

Azuma has a secret crush on Ely. Only Tokio knows about it right now.

1. Tokio Kurohara

Tokio Kurohara

Introduced as the scrawny kid always lagging behind in his best friend’s shadow, Tokio Kurahara is the main protagonist of the series. However, Tokio turned out to be way more than he was given credit for.

After the events of the first chapter, Tokio became the bestial choujin. His choujin takes the form of a vulture, probably due to the impact the bird had on him as a kid. He was meek and cowardly but decided to change after becoming a choujin. He may seem laid-back but is surprisingly strong on what he believes.

The training with Sato has made him incredibly strong, and he can now hold (or even surpass) Azuma in terms of power.

And that brings us to a wrap! Choujin X seems to be in its last arc right now, but knowing Ishida-sensei, one never knows what the future will bring.

If you haven’t checked out the series yet, do give it a try! It’s free on the Mangaplus Shueisha app!

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