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Sanji vs. Kizaru: Who Will Win?

The World Government is one of the major antagonists of One Piece, looming over the Straw Hat Pirates through the Marines ever since the beginning. While spread through several nations and controlling many factions, the Admirals are said to be the organization’s greatest offensive power. Thus, there have always been conjectures about which Straw Hat would fight which Admiral when the two forces finally collide. The general consensus of this is that Sanji would one day fight Admiral Kizaru. Here’s our take on Sanji vs. Kizaru and who will win the fight.

Sanji: Powers and Abilities

Sanji: Powers and Abilities

As one of the first five Straw Hats, Sanji hardly needs any introduction. He’s the chef of the Straw Hat Pirates and is believed to be its third strongest member, though never canonically stated. Sanji is also the third prince of Germa Kingdom and his real name is Vinsmoke Sanji.

Powers and Abilities

  • Sanji currently has the fourth-highest bounty and many believe him to be the third-strongest member of the crew.
  • Sanji’s signature fighting style is that he never uses his hands in fights and only uses his feet. This earned him the nickname “Black Leg Sanji.” His kick-based martial arts have defeated many strong opponents throughout the story.
  • Sanji can use Sky Walk and also run underwater. Sanji is one of the fastest members of the Straw Hat Pirates, his speed rivaling Gear 2 Luffy and Brook.
  • He is a modified human like his siblings, giving him supernatural prowess. After the Whole Cake Island Arc, he has a Raid Suit in his possession which can enhance his physical powers.
  • Sanji is a proficient user of Kenbunshoku and Busoshoku Haki.

Kizaru: Powers and Abilities

Kizaru: Powers and Abilities

Admiral Kizaru aka Borsalino is one of the three Admirals of the Marines and the only remaining Admiral of the previous batch after Sakazuki was promoted to the Fleet Admiral and Kuzan left the Marines. He plays a major antagonist in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, Marineford Arc, and Egghead Arc.

Powers and Abilities

  • Kizaru is one of the fastest men in the world, capable of moving at the speed of light. This is thanks to his Logia Devil Fruit, Pika Pika no Mi.
  • With his Devil Fruit power, he can shoot laser beams and incorporate the power of light in physical combat. He can also use light to blind his opponents and attack with lightspeed before his opponent can even react.
  • As an Admiral, Kizaru is a powerful Haki user. He can use both Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki with great proficiency.

Sanji vs. Kizaru: Who Will Win?

Sanji vs. Kizaru: Who Will Win

A great section of One Piece fandom believes that Sanji’s ultimate opponent in the World Government will be Admiral Kizaru. There are a lot of reasons to predict that. For once, they are both powerful characters who fight primarily through their legs. Both use kicks as their preferred style of combat. While Sanji has mastered his own Black Leg Style, Kizaru uses his light powers through his kicks.

Another reason is that they both share the gift of speed. Kizaru is assumingly the fastest man in the world, possessing the speed of light whereas Sanji is among the fastest in his crew and has the potential to become the fastest, thanks to his modified physiology.

The predicted Sanji vs. Kizaru came true faster than fans expected. In the Egghead Arc, Kizaru plays a major antagonist and is tasked with killing Vegapunk. While Kizaru is mostly fighting Luffy so far, Sanji clashes with him in a crucial moment. As Kizaru goes to attack Bonney and Vegapunk, Sanji stops his light-enhanced kick with a kick of his own, shocking the Admiral.

This scene proves that Sanji is strong enough to counter Kizaru. But if that fight is to go on, we believe Kizaru will ultimately defeat Sanji. The chef has the potential to defeat the Admiral someday. But currently, he’s too weak to defeat an Admiral. This is also backed by the fact that even Gear 5 Luffy hasn’t managed to completely defeat Kizaru after fighting several rounds.

In the following section, we’ll dig deeper into each aspect of the Sanji vs. Kizaru fight that proves that Kizaru will win the fight.

Based on Strength

When it comes to physical strength, both the pirate and the Admiral possess a superhuman amount. Both destroyed buildings and powerful opponents. Kizaru engaged opponents like Whitebeard and Rayleigh and even withstood Luffy in his Gear 4 Snakeman form. 

Sanji, on the other hand, showed his worth when he fought opponents like Queen and Doflamingo. However, their similar strength is most evident when Sanji counters Kizaru’s kick with equal strength. Thus, the strength round ends in a tie.

Based on Speed

Speed is a big factor in both Sanji and Kizaru’s powers. Sanji has always been fast and only gotten faster after the timeskip. His Sky Walk also helps a lot in the speed department. His modified physiology assures him of admirable strength. However, no matter how fast Sanji is, he doesn’t compare to a man capable of moving at the speed of light.

As the user of the Pika Pika no Mi, Kizaru can move and fight at the speed of light. No other character has demonstrated a similar speed so far. It’s widely believed that Kizaru is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, men in the world. So, in this round of Sanji vs. Kizaru, the Admiral wins.

Based on Abilities

Based on Abilities

When looking at abilities, the vast difference between Sanji and Kizaru becomes clear. Sanji is a man of many abilities, though when it comes to offense, he relies primarily on physical combat. He has his signature Black Leg style and can use some very powerful techniques like Diable Jumble and Ifrit Jambe. He can also Sky Walk and Blue Walk.

But all of those don’t compare to the range of abilities Kizaru possesses, thanks to Pika Pika to Mi. Being a Logia user, he can use a wide range of light-based attacks and even transform his body into intangible light when necessary. So, he’s the clear winner of this round of Sanji vs. Kizaru.

Based on Haki

While Haki is an ability every strong character has in the New World, few use it as their primary mode of offense. The same goes for Sanji and Kizaru. They are both powerful Haki users and can use Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki, though whether they can use the advanced forms is still unknown. Because of this, we’ll have to declare this round also a tie.

Based on Durability

Durability is an important, if often overlooked, part of a fight. Sanji and Kizaru both are extremely durable and this makes them such terrifying opponents. Kizaru’s durability is most explored in the current arc in which he fights Gear 5 Luffy and takes some very serious damage, yet still being able to fight.

But despite this, it falls short of the level of durability Sanji has shown in the Wano Country Arc when he fought Queen. A big thanks for this goes to Sanji’s modified physiology. Thus, Sanji wins this round.


We’ve reached the conclusion of our Sanji vs. Kizaru discussion. As we see, Sanji, despite having so much potential, still isn’t on Kizaru’s level. But it’s also pretty clear that by the end of One Piece, Sanji will not only be equal to Kizaru’s powers but will also best him in battle. Until then, Kizaru remains the winner of the Sanji vs. Kizaru fight.

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