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Conrad Leto vs. Julius Novachrono | Battle Between Wizard Kings in Black Clover

The new Black Clover movie introduced us to the past Wizard Kings of the Clover Kingdom. And out of all of them, Conrad Leto stood out the most, as he had many parallels with Asta.

Conrad had also battled with Julius in the past. Now, the question arises: who is the strongest Wizard King in a battle of Conrad Leto vs Julius Novachrono? The answer is that both of them are on almost the same level regarding their power.

We could say that Conrad is stronger, but that will only be due to his usage of the Imperial Sword. If not for it, he would probably be on the same power level as Julius only.

To know a more detailed comparison of both of these characters, make sure to read this article till the end. Without further ado, let us get to talking about Conrad Leto vs Julius Novachrono.

I. Conrad Leto

Conrad Leto

Conrad Leto was the 27th Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom. He was also the main antagonist of the Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King movie. Conrad Leto was sealed by Julius, because of Conrad’s dangerous ideals.

He also wanted to bring the same conclusion as Asta had wanted. To create a peaceful and happy place, where everyone is equally treated, despite their rank or position in society.

However, the method he chose was vastly different. Conrad’s rage and hate led him to choose this path of destruction. And finally, Conrad wanted to destroy all of Clover Kingdom, and only resurrect worthy souls.


Conrad Leto can be said as one of the most powerful Wizard Kings in all of Clover Kingdom’s history. This is all thanks to his magic affinity and his usage of the Imperial Sword.

  • His base magic is Key Magic, with which he can open to door to any magical rift.
  • Using this, he can store any Magic Spell, Grimoire, or even magic items, and summon them whenever required.
  • It is also mentioned in the movie, that his magic is extremely compatible with the Imperial Sword.
  • Conrad has almost endless mana power, and could also combine different spells and magic he obtained, to create something new entirely.
  • He is also a master swordsman, who even held on his own against multiple opponents.
  • Conrad is also a master at hand combat too, which was shown in the movie.
  • He possesses a three-leaf Grimoire, which consists of all his Key spells.
  • Conrad also has the sword of the first Wizard King, the Imperial Sword: Elsdocia.
  • This special sword can absorb, store, and release magic energy for any period.

II. Julius Novachrono

Julius Novachrono

Julius Novachrono is the 28th and the present Wizard King, who boasts some of the best skills and abilities in the Clover Kingdom. Although, after his resurrection, he had grown very weaker, his power is not to be taken lightly.

He is shown to be very childish and has an obsession with different kinds of magic. Despite his childish and happy-go-lucky personality, Julius knows when to be serious and when to be carefree.

Julius also had personally recruited William Vengeance and Yami Sukehiro, some of the strongest Captains and Magic Knights. He also showed that he greatly cared for Clover Kingdom and his subjects, when he used up all of his time in the grimoire, to protect them.


Julius undoubtedly has one of the most powerful magic attributes, as well as spells. Even his grimoire is pretty unique, as it changes its appearance, depending on the amount of time Julius had saved up.

  • His magic attribute is Time magic, and he also showed the ability to reverse time.
  • He can also use his magic to restrain and trap people.
  • Julius had also shown the ability to transform or disguise himself as a common civilian.
  • He is one of the fastest characters in the series, and he also dodged Light Magic on multiple occasions.
  • The reason behind Julius’s limitless magic power, is that he can steal time from his opponents.
  • He can reserve this power and can choose to use it in parts or all at once.
  • Julius’s Mana Zone gives him the ability to control all time, in a specific area or region.
  • Initially, he had a massive Grimoire which cover the whole of Clover Kingdom.
  • But, after his resurrection, it was reduced to only one page.

III. Conrad Leto vs. Julius Novachrono: Strongest Wizard King? 

Conrad Leto vs Julius Novachrono: Strongest Wizard King? 

Coming to the main question of the hour, who is the strongest character in a battle between Conrad Leto vs Julius Novachrono? We will first compare them on different parameters, and then finally provide a verdict on who is the strongest character.

1) Based on Magic

This might be a win for Conrad Leto. This is due to the broken ability of Conrad’s magic ability. He only needs to trap the opponent’s spells using his key magic, and he can use it anytime. And also, mixing in different spells also gives him access to a wide variety of spells.

Julius had shown an incredible amount of magic skills and capacity. From sealing people to slowing down time, speeding up time and even stopping time, Julius has done it all. But, Conrad can even create new spells, which might not even exist.

2) Based on Experience

This is looking like another win for Conrad Leto because Conrad Leto had shown his experience in the few times he battled. He went up against multiple opponents and Julius and still managed to overpower them.

Julius also does have a lot of experience in battles, but Conrad had laid waste to the Magic Knights one too many times. Even if he was sealed, he continued with his plan to collect mana with the Imperial sword.

3) Based on Strength & Durability 

This is also looking like a win for Conrad Leto. He even has the same catchphrase as Asta. He thinks that never giving up is his magic, which will never be tarnished. And, Conrad will also be able to shield or heal, using his wide array of spells.

Julius also has a great level of strength and durability, and he has shown this to us on multiple occasions. Even if he can steal his opponent’s time with his magic, Conrad can do a similar thing using his sword.

4) Based on Speed & Reflexes

This is an easy win for Julius, because of his Time magic. He can bend time to his will, and this might look like he is teleporting for a few characters. His speed and reflexes are the reason why he was able to seal Conrad.

Even if Conrad tried to keep up with Julius, he was no match for Julius in terms of speed and reflexes. Conrad’s reflexes were just a few milliseconds late, as he took more time to notice Julius, which led to him being sealed.

5) Based on Skills

This might be a tie for both of them because both of them have a lot of different skills and abilities they use in battle. Both of them showed very diverse magic, which will be hard to replicate by anyone.

IV. Who Will Win? 

Who Will Win? 
Conrad Leto vs. Julius Novachrono

Coming to our final verdict of Conrad Leto vs Julius Novachrono, we could safely say that both of them are almost on the same power level. Despite both of them showcasing inhuman feats, some of those might never be replicated again.

Even if Conrad Leto holds the key to a wide array of spells, some of them might not be possible without the Imperial sword. Likewise, if Julius has less reserves of time, most of his spells will be rendered useless.

This marks the end of our conclusion of the winner in the battle of Conrad Leto vs Julius Novachrono. For more similar and interesting content, make sure to check our other posts here.

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