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Michael Kaiser: The Game Changer in Blue Lock (Abilities, Weakness & Facts)

Michael Kaiser has been the talk of the town since he had his debut in the Neo-Egoist League. Being a Striker and that too recognized as one of the New Generation World 11 Talents, he showed what he was capable of.

Noa had also recognized his abilities, making the team revolve around him. Alexis Ness also always sticks with Kaiser to create goal-scoring opportunities for him.

But, we don’t know much about his past or some facts about him. That’s precisely why we are here, to keep track of all the information on Michael Kaiser in Blue Lock.

Without further ado, let us jump into this article, filled to the brim with information about Michael Kaiser in Blue Lock. Starting from small details to his strengths and abilities, we got it all covered.

Who is Michael Kaiser in Blue Lock?

Japanese Nameミヒャエル カイザー
Hair ColorBlond with Blue streaks
Eye ColorBlue
ArchetypeClinical Finisher
TeamBasterd Munchen


Who is Michael Kaiser in Blue Lock?

Michael Kaiser is the ace as well as the Main striker in the Basterd Munchen team. He is also in the New Generation World 11 Players, and his ability is considered on par with Sae Itoshi.

Even one of the other New Generation World 11 Players Don Lorenzo recognized his talents and kept marking him continuously. We also know that Kaiser’s worth is 300 million yen, which speaks of his talent on the soccer field.

He is also very arrogant and rude, given his position and his talent. Kaiser also immediately made an enemy of Isagi, as soon as the team’s first trials started.

Kaiser also completely dominated the field in the two matches that happened till now. He was able to constantly score goals, and make plays that would disrupt the opposition’s defense.

Known as a genius in the Soccer world and recognized for his talent worldwide, Kaiser still wants to defeat stronger players, to prove that he is superior.

Michael Kaiser’s Skills & Abilities 

Michael Kaiser's Skills and Abilities 

  • Kaiser Impact is his signature move, and the speed of the kick surpasses Noel Noa’s kick speed.
  • The ball travels so fast and precisely, that the ball won’t be visible until it’s in the goalpost.
  • His archetype Clinical Finisher means that he can score and make opportunities from anywhere on the field.
  • Kaiser also has a high intellect, reflexes, and amount of skill.
  • His Meta Vision lets him control the whole field and lets him create goal-scoring chances from any position.
  • This is also used so that he knows the position of each player and then predicts the plays they will make.
  • Meta Vision gives him a huge advantage and is one of the reasons he is considered the best.
  • Kaiser also has perfect off-the-ball movements, as he keeps evading defenders and is always ready for a pass.


Considering how Kaiser is one of the New Gen World 11 Players, there are little to zero flaws in his plays. The fact that is recognized by Noel Noa, the world’s best striker also makes it more believable.

His only weaknesses are his pride, ego, and his superiority complex. This made him pick a fight with Isagi, to show that he is the better player than Isagi.

Kaiser got too much obsessed with Isagi, to the point where he kept on ruining Isagi’s plays. This could have led to the whole team’s defeat in both the matches that happened till now.

Noa had also addressed this, that Kaiser was making illogical plays after getting obsessed with Isagi. This was also one of the reasons Kaiser had only scored 2 goals in the two matches.

Another weakness is also his team coordination, as he only wants to score and make a name for himself. This is almost a given, because of his attitude and his popularity.

These are probably the only weaknesses of Michael Kaiser in Blue Lock, till what was known about him so far. We might see more of his weaknesses or get even better, later in the series.

Comparison with Other Players

Comparison with Other Players

Michael Kaiser in Blue Lock is one of the best strikers we have seen till now. Compared to World’s top Strikers like Noel Noa and Chris Prince, puts him at a disadvantage, given both their experience and level of skill.

Comparing him to other New Generation World 11 Players, the order would probably be Don Lorenzo> Michael Kaiser = Sae Itoshi. We already witnessed how Lorenzo just casually shut down Kaiser’s attack like it was nothing in the present match in the manga.

So, Kaiser also avoided a confrontation with Lorenzo, for his next attack strategy. Even though Sae Itoshi is a midfielder, Kaiser might be on the same level as him.

Comparing him to some of the other Blue Lock peers, only Rin Itoshi, Ryusei Shido, and Isagi could come close to his level of play. Isagi is still a bit weaker when compared to Kaiser since he didn’t manage to crush Kaiser fully.

Rin Itoshi on the other hand, might be an apt comparison, given how he managed to catch up to Sae in terms of his plays. He is also the best player in Blue Lock, which was also confirmed by Jinpachi Ego.

Ryusei Shido might be a very unusual comparison with Kaiser, given how unpredictable and unorthodox Shido is. This is exactly why Shido might reach Kaiser’s level soon enough.

Future of Michael Kaiser in Blue Lock

Future of Michael Kaiser in Blue Lock

Michael Kaiser already has a great future ahead, given how he already has the tag of the best striker out of all the New generation Players. Earning 300 million in BM further adds to this, as he can easily obtain what he wants.

But, Kaiser is still gunning for the top position like every other striker, to earn himself the World’s Number One Striker tag. This might be possible for him if he continuously evolves in this Neo-Egoist League and showcases his talent and abilities.

Still, he aims to join a better team and showcase his abilities freely. He knows that BM is only centered around Noa, and is also fully under his control too.

That is the reason Kaiser came to Blue Lock. He thinks that he needs to get away from this Noa-obsessed team so that he can steal the spotlight and shine more.

Kaiser’s abilities will also keep developing, as long as he marks Isagi as his rival. We already saw how obsessed he was with Isagi, and this might prove to be a good thing for him to cut down on his weaknesses and increase his strengths.


Michael Kaiser in Blue Lock can be considered one of the best strikers in their generation. This becomes more evident as we see his plays, which would be hard for any normal player to perceive.

There also might be other New Generation World 11 Players, who might be on par or even better than him. For this sole reason, Kaiser must keep getting better, so that he can achieve his goals.

With this, we shall close off our article on Michael Kaiser. For more articles on other players and teams in Blue Lock, make sure to check some of our other posts here.

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