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Noel Noa vs. Chris Prince: World’s Best Strikers in Blue Lock?

Noel Noa vs Chris Prince, this is yet another long-going debate in Blue Lock, since the start of the Neo-Egoist League. Both of them are the world’s number 1 and 2 strikers respectively, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference in their skills.

Even Jinpachi Ego introduced Chris Prince as someone closest to Noa, in terms of ability. And after their short little match which ended in 3 minutes, we can say that this is true.

Now, the question arises of who is the better player of the two. This might be a tougher question than expected, after looking at how similar both of them are.

But, in a duel of Noel Noa vs Chris Prince, we can expect Noel Noa to be the winner, given his years of experience in professional play, and the way he manages his team and coaches them.

This is just a small comparison of both of them. For a more detailed and accurate comparison of their strength and skills, let’s dive into this article on Noel Noa vs Chris Prince that we had prepared for this occasion.

Who is Noel Noa in Blue Lock? 

Noel Noa
Noel Noa in Blue Lock
Japanese Nameノエル・ノア
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorYellow
ArchetypeComplete Forward
PositionForward, Defensive Midfielder
TeamBasterd Munchen, France National Team


Noel Noa is the World’s Number One Striker and the owner of the German Team Basterd Munchen in the Neo-Egoist League. Noa also plays for the France National Team, which shows off his experience and talent.

A man known to be 100% rational at all times and known to produce the best results in all situations, this also reflects in his team. He does not care about emotions when on the soccer field.

His team is often known for its logical and rational plays. This is the ideal situation that Noa likes to maintain in the team. He also told Kaiser that he would not tolerate more of his illogical plays after getting obsessed with Isagi.

Noa’s techniques, skills, power, and strengths as a striker are considered to be the best in the world. He was only able to develop his skills to this level, due to two main reasons. His seriousness for Soccer and his rival who kept on pushing him, Jinpachi Ego.

Noel Noa’s Skills and Abilities

Noel Noa's Skills and Abilities
Noel Noa’s Skills and Abilities


It does need to be said that his skills and techniques are the best in the world as of now. There are many other great players all around the world, but it was Noa who ended up being superior to all of them.

Since he is also the best player, he is given the most freedom to play on the field. He can also play multiple roles in the team, and playing as a Forward, Defensive Midfielder is just a small part of what he can do. This also shows that he is a very versatile player who can play any role on the field.

  • Noel Noa’s best attribute is that he is Ambidextrous.
  • He can dribble, trap, pass, or receive the ball with either of his feet, without losing power or accuracy.
  • Noa also has an All-Powerful shot, which he can perform with either of his feet.
  • To maintain his nature, he has a very good Physique.
  • Due to this, he can make the most of his ambidextrous nature while making glamorous plays on the way.
  • He is also a Complete Forward, meaning that he has great technical ability, and finishing skills and can make any play on the field.


As of what we had seen so far, we do not know of any weakness of Noel Noa. This might be due to the reason that his attributes are all maxed out, given he is the World’s best Striker.

His thinking, rationality, and logic in all kinds of situations are commendable and are the reason why he is above Chris Prince. Even in his plays so far, we only ever saw flawless executions coming from his side.

Taking into account the level and skill of players in BM, he managed to link up his plays to theirs. Even during their match against Manshine City, he had successfully managed to mark Chris Prince for the whole time.

Who is Chris Prince in Blue Lock? 

Chris Prince in Blue Lock
Chris Prince in Blue Lock
Japanese Nameクリス・プリンス
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorN/A
ArchetypeTarget Man
TeamManshine City

Chris Prince is generally known as the World’s Number Two Striker and is the owner and coach of the England team Manshine City, in the Neo-Egoist League.

He is a very confident man and is known for being a bit obsessed with himself. Even then, Chris is a very straightforward man, who likes to speak the truth as it is.

This is also evident in how he is a bit egotistical. He is also known to hold grudges, looking at how he wanted to crush Isagi after the latter stopped his special shot.

All Chris cares about is winning the spotlight, wherever he plays. He even managed to use his special shot, after being marked continuously by Noel Noa in their match.

Chris Prince’s Skills and Abilities

Chris Prince's Skills and Abilities
Chris Prince’s Skills and Abilities

We can say that his techniques, skills, and abilities are on par with Noel Noa. Even Jinpachi Ego had addressed this, and we saw in the confrontation between Noel Noa vs Chris Prince, how close in terms of ability they are.

He is born with a tall body, which gives him a major advantage when he is holding the ball from defenders. Chris is also known for controlling the ball and creating more space for him and his team.

Even after being marked by Noa, he still had possession of the ball and managed to shoot with almost pinpoint accuracy.

  • Chris Prince has the perfect Physique in all of the players we have seen till now.
  • This is the main reason, he can control the ball and the field as he pleases.
  • And also due to the continuous strengthening of his body, he had reached max attributes for his body in everything.
  • His archetype, Target Men also works to utilize his skill and body best to create more scoring opportunities.


The only weakness of Chris Prince might be his obsession with himself. Unlike Noa, he also cannot maintain his calm everywhere, as we saw how angry he was with Isagi after the match.

Other than this, we have seen zero flaws in his playstyle or his decision-making. Chris Prince also correctly managed to lead his Team and train his members in the things they are best at.

Noel Noa vs. Chris Prince

The question finally boils down to who is the better player in a duel of Noel Noa vs Chris Prince. Based on what we know so far, we can that Noel Noa is better, given his experience, and his versatile nature.

Chris Prince is also a very strong player, but there are still only a limited number of things he can do. He still needs to gain a lot of experience, since he is not playing for any national team.

Noel Noa vs Chris Prince
Noel Noa vs. Chris Prince

Even if he is recognized as the World’s Number Two, he still should be fighting against other pros on the national level. We know nothing about Chris’s potential and his past at a national level of soccer.

Meanwhile, Noel Noa is already playing for France’s National Team, and we can see how it had a big impact on him. Even though he is 31 years, he easily manages to dominate every other player on the field.

1) Based on Power

This should be a win for Noel Noa, because of his physique and ambidextrous nature. He can shoot and pass from either of his legs without even losing a fraction of power.

Chris on the other hand, also has superior stats, but if his shoot path for his dominant leg is blocked, he can do nothing. He may not be able to do the same thing as Noa can do in a similar situation.

2) Based on Speed & Agility 

This should be a tie for both of them, based on what we saw so far. Both of them need to be very quick and agile on their feet if they need to maintain their title of the World’s best. And both the players, easily manage to achieve it, due to their superior skills and body.

3) Based on Reflexes

Noel Noa will probably win by a small margin. Given his experience in the professional football world, he is bound to have a better reflexive moment and thinking capacity compared to Chris.

Although Chris still showed that he could do all of this, he only lacks in the experience area. More experience means that the player will be able to move reflexively to situations they had already faced.

4) Ability to win 1v1

This also might be a tie for them, since both of them had completely dominated the field with this ability. Even if Chris was marked by Noa, he still managed to shoot the ball for the goal.

Likewise, Noa also boasts the same ability and skill, which is what we have seen so far. Chris Prince had also kept up with Kaiser and his player, after marking him in their game.

5) Based on Team Compatibility 

This should be a win for Noa, because of his versatile nature. He had already played two opposing roles in the two matches, and it won’t be a surprise if he plays another different role in the third match.

Chris Prince could also connect with his team and make good plays, but he cannot play multiple roles like Noa. This gives him a slight disadvantage if the team needs Chris to play a different role.

6) Based on the Overall Ability

On overall ability, it should be a tie, since both of their skills and abilities are almost the same. This was vouched for by many other people, and we also saw this in their duel in the match of BM vs Manshine City.

Although Chris still might be lacking in a few minute areas like rationality and logic, he is still considered to be on par with Noa, when it comes to his football skills.


Based on everything we saw so far, we can say that Noel Noa will dominate their duel. Chris Prince could still catch up to Noa, if he keeps crushing on other players, with his skills.

Noa’s experience, versatility, and thinking nature is the only gap between him and Chris Prince. Once the latter overcomes this, he might as well be crowned as the World’s Top Striker.

This should end our article on Noel Noa vs Chris Prince. We always come up with unique and new ideas like these for other series too, so make sure to check them out here.

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