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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date(New Arc)

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101 will finally start a new arc, as we are now finished with this arc, which was focused on the incidents of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie.

The chapter continues the fight of Beast Gohan and Cell Max as they continue their deadly fight. Gohan unleashes the Light of Death move and pushes Cell Max back. Piccolo is trying his best to restrict Cell Max’s movement.

Just then, the fusion of Goten and Trunks is undone. With the help of Krillin, Gohan lands a direct hit on Cell Max’s weak point. Gohan’s beam hit the spot on, and everyone else is now worried that Cell Max will be blowing up.

All of them ran away and escaped the explosion radius, too. Dr Hedo and Gamma 1 are sad about Gamma 2’s death. Meanwhile, Gohan and Piccolo talk about how deadly this monster is.

Piccolo also asks for Gohan not to get rusty with his skills. Dr. Hedo says that he and Gamma 1 want to turn in to the police for all of their wrongdoings. But Krillin doesn’t feel like arresting them, and Piccolo says that Hedo and Gamma 1 are neither evil nor good.

So, Bulma hires both of them for her reasons. And finally, we see the continuation of the Goku and Vegeta fight. Both of them look very exhausted, but neither of them is willing to give up.

They decide to finish the match with one last punch, and Vegeta manages to win this match. Broly is left in tears after watching this conclusion.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101 Spoilers & Predictions

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101 Spoilers & Predictions

Canonically speaking, the incidents of the arc right now take place exactly before the finale of the Dragon Ball Z saga. All of these incidents took place right after Goku met Uub. 

According to popular theories, we can see the Peaceful World Saga or the events of the End of Z. It is assumed that we will see the End of Z events differently and then move on to the GT storyline. 

The Dragon Ball GT storyline wasn’t a memorable one for fans, and neither was it canon to the manga series. Fans are eagerly waiting for the continuation of the manga series so they can see some of the characters from GT in a different light. 

There could also be other arcs before we get to the End of Z and move on to a different story. Regardless, we will have to wait for the raw scans to see which route Akira Toriyama will take next.  

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101 will be released on January 18th, a few days earlier than we expected. Finally, we can see a new arc since the events of the movie are completed.

The raw scans and a few spoilers for the chapter should be released around the 15th or 16th of January. Check out this article again after we have updated the storyboards for the chapter.

These are all of the possible predictions regarding Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101. For more interesting content, make sure to check our articles down below.

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